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   Chapter 44 Were You All Right

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Hearing her father's words, Sara felt a little sad. "If you like it, I'll cook for you from now on."

"Are you moving back?" Carlos asked.

"Dad. I'm sorry. It's my fault. I made trouble again. I accidentally broke a heirloom jade of the Shi clan. Jacob was so angry that he drove me out, so I had to move back home. Jacob also wanted to discontinue the cooperation with us. It's my fault, Dad. I'm sorry. It's all my fault. " Sara felt deeply guilty.

Carlos was shocked, "It doesn't matter, sweetie. It's good that you come back. Remember, no matter what happens, this is always your home. It's not your fault. You have tried your best. If my company goes bankrupt, I will retire ahead of my schedule. Don't worry. I have two other houses that we can rent out. We don't have to worry about our livelihood. "

Sara knew that her father was consoling her. Even if he had two houses, once the company went bankrupt and into liquidation, he had to pay off his debts. If he failed, he had to sell them at an auction, and he wouldn't have much money later.

"Dad, don't worry. I won't let the company go bankrupt. Jacob doesn't want to cooperate with us anymore. Let's find someone other partners." Sara comforted her father. In fact, she wasn't sure either. Anyway, she wouldn't let her father's company go bankrupt.

Putting some food into his father's bowl, Sara said, "Dad, don't worry too much. Everything will work out in the end. Don't worry. You still have me."

Tears welled up in Carlos's eyes. If his wife had thought the same way, he wouldn't be so afraid of failure now. But life was always a live broadcast, and there was no chance to restart.

After taking a bite of the food, Carlos couldn't help praising Sara's cooking skills. Then, Sara picked up some more food for her father and said, "Eat more if you like!"

Carlos picked up a piece of meat for Sara and said, "You should eat more. You look so thin."

While they were eating, Sara couldn't help but sigh that she could still feel warm at home. No matter how good other places were, they were all other people's home, not hers.

After dinner, Sara went for a walk with Carlos in the park. Most often, Carlos was too busy to hang around. The most ideal job in one's life w

t turn to Ethan. She should have thought of this when she rejected his love. Besides, Jacob had repeatedly objected to her cooperation with Ethan. If Jacob knew it, she didn't know what he would do to her.

Sara's relationship network was simple. After marrying Jacob, she had few close friends, except Bess.

While she was thinking, her phone in her hand rang.

It was from Bess. Hearing that, Sara was nervous. Did Bess already know the news that she moved out from the Shi clan?

"Hello, Bess. What's up?" Sara's voice sounded a little nervous.

"Sara, in fact, I have something to ask you for a long time, but I am too busy to remember it."

"What's the matter, Bess?" Sara asked in confusion.

"Well, Sara. Have you ever vomited since last time? Is there anything wrong with your?" Bess asked cautiously.

"It seems that my period is late for a long time. Recently, I have a good appetite and eat much every day." Sara recalled it carefully.

"Are you..." Bess didn't go on.

Sara was too busy and sad to think about it.

"Bess, are you free later? Go to the hospital with me. Let's have a check. "

"Okay, I'll pick you up right away." After hanging up the phone, Bess went downstairs. She had to see Sara right away.

While Sara thought of the changes she had in the past few months. She was really careless. But if she really had a child, it must be a gift from God. Sara touched her belly, which seemed to bulge a little, but she had thought she had gained some weight.

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