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   Chapter 43 Never Freak Out

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Sara was not in a hurry to go home, so she went to a supermarket. She hadn't cooked well for a long time. Although she didn't know much about cooking, she learned secretly when she saw Winnie cooking. It was her first day back home. She decided to cook by herself and wait for her father to come back for dinner.

After buying some food, Sara went straight home. Along the way, she had been adjusting her mood cause she couldn't let her father see that she was very sad and she couldn't collapse. She had to face the following things with her father.

The most terrible thing in life is not something unknown, but something that is known and irreversible. For example, a condemned prisoner had already known the term of imprisonment, and a cancer patient had known the time of death. The most terrible thing was that you knew in advance what was going to happen, but you could do nothing but wait patiently. Maybe fate was always so cruel and merciless.

It was only two o'clock in the afternoon when Sara came back home. She didn't have lunch, but she didn't feel hungry. When she was not in the mood to eat, she always didn't feel hungry.

Sara's father's residence was not far away from her father's company, which was three blocks away.

Sara took out the key to her house. She didn't expect that the lock hadn't changed after so many years. But she felt she was so unfilial. After she married Jacob, she had been Jacob's wife. She had been busy for 4 years and only came back here two times, and she just had a meal before leaving. Although her father always said that it was nothing and she could live alone, she didn't understand her father's feeling of living alone.

The furnishings in the room were almost unchanged. After putting the dishes in the kitchen, she went back to her own room, which was almost unchanged and spotless. It seemed that she had cleaned it a lot. Tears welled up in Sara's eyes. People are always like this. We always like to ignore our closest people, but to please those who don't like us.

She took her luggage back to her room. From today on, she might have to live here for a long time. Should she thank Jacob? Without him, she probably wouldn't have much time to go home and live in this life.

After putting down her luggage, Sara sent a message to her father, telling him to go home early for dinner.

When she walked out of the bedroom, she saw a photograph of her family on the wall. Sara really couldn't love her mother in the photo.

In her memory

didn't feel angry with her mother now. She neither loved or hated her mother. She just knew she had such a mother.

Those who abandon me cannot stay yesterday, those who disturb my mind will be more worried about what happened today.

Sara seldom cooked, but she knew how to cook. After her mother left, her father often worked overtime in his company. Every time her father asked her to order takeout, she would cook by herself. But after she went to college and married Jacob, she had little chance to cook.

Sara washed the vegetables carefully. Even though she was not skillful, she did it very carefully. For so many years, she had never cooked a meal for her father. Sara felt guilty that her father was so lonely.

It was already 5:30 when Carlos returned home with a smile. He felt that it was a festival day. His daughter hadn't gone home for dinner for a long time. He didn't expect that she would specially go home to cook today.

Carlos opened the door happily and smelled the cooking aroma from the kitchen. Then he left. Standing in the kitchen, Sara was cooking in an apron. Several dishes had been prepared on the table, looking delicious.

When her father came back, Sara turned around and shouted, "Dad, go wash your hands first. The dinner will be ready soon. I'll make some fresh soup."

Carlos grinned and replied, "Okay, okay."

In fact, he had never experienced such a warm scene before. But today, he seemed to be reviewing.

After washing his hands, Carlos sat on the table, picked up the chopsticks and took the shredded pork with green pepper in front of him. "Wow, it's tasty. Sara, I never expected you are good at cooking!"

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