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   Chapter 41 Do You Know How Heavy It Is

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The two just sat there without saying a word. The atmosphere was so awkward that Sara wanted to escape.

About two minutes later, Alice suddenly said, "I've thought about it for a long time. Let's make up. You are no longer a threat to me. "

Sara didn't understand, "Miss Alice, what do you mean? I don't understand. "

Alice smiled innocently, but Sara knew what kind of vicious person was behind her smile.

Alice paused and said mysteriously, "You'll understand later. I don't need to tell you, you'll understand."

A chill crept over Sara. How could this be? She felt scared and had a bad feeling.

Sara sat up and said she was full. Sara was about leave, but Alice wouldn't give her such a chance.

Alice stood up and followed her closely. With a frown, Sara wondered what was going on.

When Sara was in hesitation, she saw that Alice pretended to fall toward her, Sara wanted to dodge instinctively as Jacob told her Alice was pregnant. So Sara decided not to dodge anymore and let Alice fall against her. Anyway, she had to hold Alice.

However, Sara didn't expect that she would lose her balance and fall backward hard. She only heard the sound of porcelain breaking, but Alice was safe and sound. Feeling a sharp pain in her palm, Sara raised her eyes and was in a cold sweat. The heirloom jade that Michael used as a decoration at home was broken by her!

She couldn't explain it clearly now as Alice didn't touch the jade at all. In despair, Sara closed her eyes, only to find that the smile on Alice's face was dazzling.

Astonishment was written all over Sara's face. She couldn't believe what had just happened. But a few meters away from her, Alice was covering her mouth with her hand exaggeratedly and her voice was unquestionable. "How can you break the heirloom jade of the Shi clan on purpose? Do you know the history of that jade? You are so bold. "

Looking at the broken jade on the ground, Sara felt like her heart was blocked by a big stone. She couldn't go up or down. She turned around and sat on the sofa.

It was hard for Sara to defend herself. She had been at home for so many years, but why didn't she know? The jade was passed down from the ancestors of the Shi clan. It was exquisite, perfect, and invaluable. When Jacob's grandf

It turned out that the longer they got along with each other, the more shortcomings they discovered on the other.

Sara wanted to explain, but it was useless. In Jacob's eyes, he would only think that she had evaded responsibility. "It's all broken. It's meaningless for you to ask these reasons."

Jacob frowned deeper. "What's your attitude? Don't you know your attitude when you did something wrong? Is this how your family taught you? Your father really taught a good daughter. "

Hearing this, Sara couldn't help but get angry. She could accept being scolded, but how could he blame her father? "Don't worry about my family education. Just take care of yourself."

Jacob took a step forward in anger, as if he was about to make a move. Alice hurried forward and pulled him. She didn't want Jacob to feel guilty for hitting others.

Jacob was stopped by Alice. "Let me tell you. Sara. Don't think that this was over. I will forgive you no matter what you did before. But I can't do it today. What you broke is the painstaking efforts of my ancestors. Do you think I can do nothing to you if you don't yield? From now on, move out of my house and never show up in front of me. I decide to withdraw capital from your father's company and cancel the order. Please get out of here right now. "

Jacob was extremely angry. He was fed up with Sara's arrogance. Why didn't she admit her mistake immediately when she did something wrong? She didn't even try to defend herself. This infuriated Jacob to the extreme.

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