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   Chapter 40 Being Lonely Till Death

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At this time, the door was opened. Jacob and Alice came back. The two followed each other like shadows. Without raising her head to look at the door, Sara played with Dora.

Seeing Jacob come back, Dora suddenly became much quieter. Was it afraid of Jacob? Sara was speechless. It turned out that Dora was also afraid of Jacob. 'Harmless to people and animals is really a derogatory term, ' Sara thought.

Seeing that Sara was quietly teasing Dora, completely ignoring him. Jacob felt a little unhappy. But it was the time to lose her temper. It was not good for everyone.

Seeing that Sara was in the living room, Alice didn't want to go there. After all, it was right for enemies to be jealous when they met. Seeing Jacob walking towards the table, Alice stopped.

Jacob went to the kitchen and told Winnie not to cook too much. He and Alice had already had dinner outside. Alice smiled complacently. However, as if she had turned a deaf ear to them, she couldn't wait to have dinner alone without them around.

Sara continued to tease Dora happily, and the latter was no longer vigilant.

Jacob said to Winnie and walked out. He looked up at Alice and then turned to look at Sara. At this time, Sara looked extraordinarily beautiful, less defensive and more natural. Jacob had a complicated expression on his face. Was this what he was unwilling to admit in his heart? Obviously, Jacob couldn't abandon Sara, but he didn't dare to admit it.

Because admitting meant admitting defeat. In the emotional world, the one who admitted first would admit defeat? What's more, Jacob now had Alice.

"Go upstairs." Jacob said to Alice. He didn't want to see the two women fight against each other again. He had seen too much. If they kept fighting like this, he wouldn't feel good.

Amicable parting wasn't easy. Jacob walked towards the wooden stairs slowly, firmly and without hesitation. Alice followed him closely.

Without raising her head, Sara asked, "Winnie, is dinner ready? I'm hungry."

"Almost done." Winnie laughed softly like a loving mother.

Jacob was also shocked. Since the divorce, he had no appetite and he had lost a lot of weight. Now Sara's appetite had become better. Had she got out of the haze of divorce?

Jacob didn't know whether Sara should be happy or sad for himself. It turned out that all the pain would be healed. Without looking back, Jacob went upstairs to his bedroom. He had never found that life was so embarrassing. Th

why someone had made such a choice. Now, she realized that the most terrible thing was not that she had to live alone for the rest of her life, but that she still felt lonely when she was with the people around her. She had to live like this forever.

One was to choose by herself, and the other was choiceless. Sara felt it was ironic. An unspeakable irony.

Alice didn't go to the office today. Even if she stayed with Jacob as closely as his shadow, it was impossible for her not to have a rest. Moreover, she didn't have much work to do in the company, so she might as well have a rest at home. As soon as she walked out of the bedroom, she saw Sara having breakfast alone at the dining table downstairs.

Alice thought enemies were bound to meet in a narrow alley.

Sensing someone was looking at her, Sara couldn't help but look back. She saw that Alice was standing beside the handrail at the door of the bedroom on the second floor in pajamas and staring at her.

Sara didn't say anything. She didn't expect that Alice was also here. Every time the two got along alone, something bad would happen. Sara thought. There was indeed nothing good. Sara had thought that Alice would go back to her bedroom, but she didn't expect Alice to go straight downstairs. The footsteps were approaching. Hearing this, Sara felt a little scared.

This crazy woman wouldn't kill her to keep her mouth shut! This was Sara's first instinct, but on second thought, it was impossible. But she was still inexplicably nervous. She even slowed down her pace to have breakfast.

Alice went to the table, sat down and picked up a piece of bread to eat.

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