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   Chapter 39 Incomparably Important

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Jacob looked embarrassed. This was not the Sara he knew.

"Sara." It had been a long time since Jacob called her Sara.

Sara's heart was throbbing. The dangerous man was so terrible that she could be moved by his one word.

Raising her head, Sara had a charming face. She was expecting what Jacob would say next.

"As long as you behave well and don't cause me any trouble, I will give you a large sum of compensation after our divorce is announced." Jacob looked gentle, but his words were chilling.

Compensation! It turned out that no matter what, their relation was a deal. There was no need to pretend.

"Okay, I understand." The stubborn look on Sara's face made people feel neither humble nor pushy.

Jacob's heart twitched for no reason. Did Sara really have no attachment to him from beginning to end? Even if he showed a little bit of attachment, their ending today would not be different.

When Sara walked into the crowd, only the upper echelons of the Shi family knew that they had divorced, and most of the people here today didn't know the truth.

In the crowd, everyone greeted Sara. They praised her beauty, wit and reason.

A wry smile appeared on Sara's face. Sure enough, there is something in life, not because of who you are, but because of who you represent.

Ethan stood on the balcony for a while. He finally decided to leave without saying goodbye.

Some things didn't just pretend not to care about them.

But what had happened would never go back in time no matter how hard he tried.

Ethan adjusted his mood and silently glanced at Sara in the crowd. Such a dazzling woman, unfortunately, the first person she met was Jacob. The order of appearance in life was very important, whether it was friendship or love. If someone was well acquainted with the other and had a firm relationship, his show-up was destined to be just supporting roles.

After the meeting, Sara waited for Jacob to go back to the villa. The two fell into silence.

Alice sat on the sofa in the living room quietly, as if she had just cried. There was an awkward atmosphere in the air. Sara pouted, but in the end, she didn't say a word. Yes, she didn't want to talk to Alice at all. In the end, she was so tired that she almost fell to the ground. Sara slowly walked along the wooden staircases, took

married. Her father was always alone, so he had to pay more attention to the company's development.

It turned out that this was how the circle of causality happened. Getting something was bound to be accompanied by losing, and pain naturally nurtured vitality.

It was early in the morning when Sara came back home. Jacob and Alice didn't return yet. Winnie was playing with Dora in the living room. Seeing Sara opened the door, Dora rushed over excitedly and looked very intimate. Half squatting, Sara rubbed Dora's head. Dora had grown up and gained some weight. It could be seen that Winnie was taking good care of it.

Winnie looked at Sara with concern and said, "Hi, Sara." Winnie didn't know what to say to comfort her. Some people's heart was broken and words couldn't comfort them.

Sara nodded, "Winnie, what do you want to cook later? I'm hungry."

"I bought crabs and crayfish. I'll cook them right now." Winnie replied happily. As long as Sara still wanted to eat, she would be fine.

Nodding, Sara walked to the sofa in the living room and put down her handbag. She sat on the sofa and began to tease Dora.

The biggest advantage of pets was that they could not give people a sense of security, because there was only one person in the world of pets, and the owner was their own lifetime.

Thinking of this, Sara gently touched Dora's head, who danced happily. The corners of Sara's mouth lifted into a smirk.

It was a right decision to buy Dora back. While thinking, Sara touched Dora's soft body from time to time.

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