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   Chapter 38 A Wise Move

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"We are just partners. As for other things, I didn't do anything wrong to the Shi clan. Sitting at the table, Sara hadn't had a chance to eat yet, so she didn't want to eat. Sure enough, it depended on people's appetite to eat.

"The media won't believe what you said, and even trifles will be exposed to the public. I say it again. You can't cooperate with Ethan. Understand?" Jacob looked domineering, as if he was announcing a trifle that had nothing to do with him.

"Jacob, if you don't announce our divorce all your life, I will be the shadow of your family in name all my life? Why? Why are you wasting my time? " The calmer her tone was, the less flustered she could be. What's the difference between Jacob and those fussy media?

"A lifetime? You are too naive. How could I not announce the divorce all my life? I'm just about to develop the new energy industry and it's on the listed stage. The announcement will have a great impact on the company. It's more appropriate to announce it after the company stabilized. " Jacob said indifferently, as if it didn't matter what happened to Sara.

With her chopsticks pounding heavily on the table, Sara looked askance at Jacob and said, "Jacob, remember how you treated me today. You will regret it one day."

Sara stood up and walked to the living room. She picked up her bag and went upstairs. A deep sense of powerlessness swept over her. Was Jacob really his nemesis? Why did he do this to her?

Putting her bag on the small table in the bedroom, Sara walked into the bathroom.

Not everyone had a reason and will to stand in their own position, so she should be stronger. But the tears were still dripping down along with the flowing water. It was hard to tell whether they were tears or water spurting from the shower head. Sara helplessly let the water slowly flow through her body to comfort her injured heart.

Jacob looked embarrassed. 'Did I really go too far?' He wondered. No, compared with what Sara had done to hook up with man outside, what Jacob had done was nothing. He just wanted to stop her from going astray. He did nothing wrong.

He couldn't believe that Sara would be so excited. Since she came back, Jacob felt that his understanding of Sara was changing every day. A

, I will be the boss of the Shi clan sooner or later. You must have such a taste, don't you? " Jonathan looked at his prey with a sly smile.

A feeling of nausea surged in Sara's heart, but she didn't lose her temper. She had to smile apologetically. "Thank you for your kindness, brother." She didn't want to say anything more.

Sara called Jonathan brother seemed worked. He nodded and glanced at Sara. Then he walked into the crowd.

In the distance, Thompson came over with a goblet of whisky in it. The wine gave off a charming fragrance.

"Long time no see, Sara."

Sara clinked glasses with Thompson, "Long time no see, Thompson."

"Are you still unhappy recently?" Thompson had grown up abroad and didn't like to beat around the bush. Besides, he had just seen from a distance that Jonathan was drooling over her, which made him sick. Of course, it made Sara in a bad mood.

Thompson still had some impression of Jonathan who only indulged himself in dissipation and flirting with women. He was incapable, but he had a bad temper and coveted the position of CEO of the Shi Group. Anyone with a discerning eye could see that the Shi Group would go bankrupt in less than two years if it was taken over to Jonathan.

It was easy to start up business, but difficult to maintain it. Everyone knew this truth.

Shaking her head, Sara answered, "I'm not unhappy. I'm just not feeling well."

Thompson stopped asking. Sometimes it was not a wise move to get to the bottom of the matter.

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