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   Chapter 37 Let It Go

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The waitress stood aside respectfully, waiting for them to order. Sara ordered their chief: sour and Spicy seafood soup, coconut tender chicken soup, charcoal cooked shrimp, pig neck meat, curry crab.

When she came to her senses, she found that she had ordered too much. She smiled awkwardly.

Ethan looked up and smiled, "Please add two more coconut rice and vegetable salad, and fried chicken.

Sara was astounded that the two ordered so much food.

"It doesn't matter, Sara. I have told you that you are too thin and need nutrition. Don't make yourself sad if you can eat. " Ethan put on a typical smile.

With a smile at the corners of Sara mouth, she said, "Thank you, Ethan. I have a good appetite when I have dinner with you recently. "

Ethan laughed out loud. "You can tell me whatever you want to eat in the future. I'll take you there."

Sara nodded shyly.

In an unknown corner, a stranger took out his camera and pressed the shutter. It was about time, and he had almost finished recording.

The stranger left the restaurant quickly. However, both Sara and Ethan didn't discovered it.

Soon, all the dishes were served, and the table was bedecked with delicious food. The two enjoyed their meal. Even Sara had a good appetite. "By the way, Mr. Ethan. Is there anything wrong with that contract? "

"It's mainly about the profit allocation. It's not specifically set. I don't know if it's all the goods in the supermarket or just cooperating with you. So the price seems unreasonable. "

Hearing that, Sara was shocked. It turned out that Ethan had some skills to achieve today's result. She didn't find any loopholes in the contract.

"What do you think, Mr. Ethan?" After saying that, Sara lowered her head and ate a mouthful of coconut rice, which was sweet. Sara, who loved sweet food most, couldn't help but praise the restaurant in her heart.

"The rent, decoration and other labor fees of the supermarket are a huge expense. Therefore, if they cooperated with each other, the profit could be split into 3:7. If it's not part of the cooperation, I guess we can only strive for 9:1. Ethan said seriously, staring at Sara, who was picking up food.

Nodding, Sara said, "Just as I thought. It's ok.

Ethan didn't expect that Sara would be so forthright. He had thought about the extend he could give in if she didn't agree. He didn't expect that Sara would agree without hesitation! You are a real exceptional woman He appreciated Sara even more.

After the two glutted themselv


There were already several home-cooking dishes on the table. Winnie took another set of tableware as soon as she saw Sara.

Winnie always cared about her quietly, which made Sara feel warm in his heart.

"Where did you go today?" There was a hint of coldness in Jacob's tone.

"I'm in the company. I need to read the materials and talk about the contract." Sara said casually.

"The most important thing is to talk about the contract. You really have a crush on everyone. Sara, can't you wait to be like this?" Jacob's voice was full of anger. When Sara said that she didn't like this dish that much, he was furious. He didn't expect that Sara couldn't bear loneliness and went outside to seduce other man.

Alice didn't say anything. She just ate quietly and watched the drama.

"Well, Jacob, if you have anything to say, just say be frank. Don't be so sarcastic all the time." With a snort, Sara didn't know what was going on.

"You can check it yourself." Jacob handed over the picture on his phone. In the picture, Sara and Ethan were talking happily from an ambiguous angle.

"You! ! ! Are you spying on me? " Astonishment was written on Sara's face.

"Spy? Well, Sara, even if we have divorced, I have told you not to be so impatient to sell yourself out. Please behave yourself for the sake of the Shi clan. If you make any bad news, don't blame me for being unreasonable. " Jacob raised his eyebrows.

He couldn't stand Sara couldn't wait to flirt with other man. Particularly, that man was his friend, how could Jacob bear it? Should Sara be intimate with another man under Jacob's watch? Jacob couldn't do it, and he wouldn't let it happen.

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