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   Chapter 36 Acting

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When she opened the door, Sara looked up at the living room and saw that Alice was sitting on the leather sofa, as if she was waiting for her. Winnie might have gone to bed. After all, it was so late. Raising her eyebrows, Sara thought something bad was going to happen. She didn't want to talk to Alice, so she went straight to the second floor.

As soon as she was about to take the first step to upstairs. She heard Alice's voice, "Miss Sara, thank you so much for your understanding today. You didn't say anything to hurt Jacob."

Alice's tone seem to express her thanks at all, which only made people feel complacent.

Turning around, Sara looked up at her and said, "Even if I'm in dire straits. I won't do anything unscrupulous like you."

Alice frowned and said in a slightly angry voice, "Don't pretend. You are so down-hearted and out. How can you be so proud? Do you know what's going on with you? Don't you understand 'find shelter under other's roof'?"

Hearing that, Sara was stunned. There was an indescribable indifference in her eyes. "Well, we are the same. Don't you live under other people's roof? Do you think you are smarter?"

The anger on Alice's face was more obvious. "The same as you? Don't be so naive. You will never be able to compare with me cause Jacob loves me."

Sara's heart ached as if it had been stabbed by a needle. She could not help but lean her right body against the solid wood on the stairs. Alice changed a comfortable sitting position and continued to sit on the sofa.

"You are right, but what I want to tell you is that my ex-husband is like a dish. No matter how you kiss him now and show off how delicious this 'dish' is, for me, it's ok. Because I have eaten that dish and I don't like it so much. " Sara exerted all her strength. Without looking back, she went back to the bedroom and closed the door.

Alice was infuriated, "You! ! !"

Jacob came out of the bathroom and heard what Sara said. He felt stinging pain in his heart. It turned out that Sara didn't like him so much... So did she fall in love with someone else? Why would he feel sad when he heard these words? He didn't love her, but why did he want her caring about herself.

Four years was not a blink of an eye. Every day was full of meaning. When Jacob and Sara married, they have expectations each day. When Alice left him, Jacob was heartbroken. But when she came back, he didn't feel the tantamount happiness as his heartbroken. Not for any other reason, when you lose something, you will feel a

rt result was a little bad.

Sara waved her hand, signaling her assistant to go back to work. Then she began to study the report carefully. It turned out that the company really couldn't leave the help of Jacob.

But from now on, Jacob would no longer help her. With the instigation of Alice, Sara couldn't imagine what would happen in the future.

After reading the sheets carefully for the whole morning, Sara couldn't help stretching herself. She took out her phone and viewed the moments of her WeChat. She found that Bess didn't post much recently. Although Bess didn't like to update her moments.

Maybe aloof people didn't like to post on wechat moments, thought Sara.

Her phone rang and it was from Ethan.

Sara pressed the answer button, "Hello, Mr. Ethan."

"Sara, are you free this noon. We should have a good talk about the contract. I found that there are some problems with the contract that we need to discuss. "

Sara cheered up, "Okay, Mr. Ethan. Send me the meeting place. I'll drive here. "

Ethan told her the name of a Thai restaurant. Through GPS navigation, Sara found the restaurant successfully. Ethan was waiting for her at the door.

After parking the car, Sara walked to Ethan. The two walked into the restaurant side by side. A stranger held a camera and pressed the shutter to take photos. Then he followed them into the restaurant.

Thailand's food was actually very delicious. It was famous for its color, aroma, and the first feature was sour and spicy. The chef of Thailand liked to use a variety of ingredients such as garlic, pepper, sour orange, fish dew, shrimp paste to seasoning and cooked a pot of sour and spicy Thai dishes.

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