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   Chapter 35 If You Were A Man, I Would Marry You

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They had never revealed their feelings to each other, but they knew each other well. This was probably the most precious part of kinship.

"Dad. It's not your fault. You can't think so. It's all my choice. No one forced me. I volunteered to do everything. It's my fault that I didn't choose the right person. It's not your fault. " Sara said firmly.

Sara's happiness was Jacob. Even Jacob didn't love her. Did her happiness change? If you can't get it, it will exist. Love won't disappear.

Carlos clenched her fists and looked miserable. People's pain always came from the anger of their incompetence.

He waved her hand, indicating beckoning Sara to go out.

For Sara, the pain in his life was direct, but such ending was an indirect pain to Carlos. Besides, the pain didn't come all of a sudden. It was just that she didn't want to go on a blind date.

Sara went back to her office. She couldn't fall down for her father's sake.

In the afternoon, Sara had been concentrating on studying the cooperation contract between her and Ethan, which required both parties to see clearly the terms of the contract. Even if the cooperation was successful, Jacob was still an important partner of Carlos's group. He could only take it step by step and gradually let the company run independently.

If she didn't cooperate with Jacob, her father's company wouldn't go bankrupt immediately, but it would come to a deadlock and be on the verge of bankruptcy. If Jacob still wanted to suppress his company, she would have to go bankrupt. Sara couldn't let her father's lifelong efforts go in vain. Besides, she had sacrificed so much.

At 6 o'clock in the afternoon, it was time to get off work. Sara turned on her phone and checked the WeChat.

Bess sent a message, "How are you doing these two days, Sara?"

"The situation is worse than before. Both of our parents have known that we have divorced and they knew Emily's existence. Alice is pregnant. "

After editing the message, Sara sent it. She stood up and thought it was time to go home.

As soon as she put the phone in her bag, it rang.

Noticing it was from Bess, Sara answered, "Hello, Bess."

"Sara, are you in the company? Have you had dinner yet? Let's meet and talk. I'll pick you up. " Bess said anxiously.

"Well, okay. I have planned to go home just now." Sara had no choice but to stay in the office to wait her.

20 minutes later, Be

I know him? I just want you to know that you should love yourself well. Only when you are good, can I be happy. If you are not good, I will not be happy either. People were always like this. If they didn't get along well with each other, they can break up and find their own happiness. Do you understand? " With a glass of wine in her hand, Bess looked determined.

"I understand, Bess. Thank you for being with me all the time. Please give me some more time and I will adjust myself. Don't worry. " With a goblet in her hand, Sara looked at the red wine in the glass, which was shining with a beautiful color. She said it to Bess, or likely to himself.

"Okay. Eat the steak quickly. Don't think about these troubles. Everything will be fine. " In fact, Bess was not good at comforting people, but when she saw the depressed look on Sara's face, she had to be calm and speak out her innermost thoughts.

Moved, Sara cut a piece of steak and handed it to Bess.

After having steaks, Bess insisted on driving Sara home in person. When Sara got out of the car, she teased Bess, "Why aren't you a man? If you are, I will definitely marry you."

Bess smiled, "My dear Miss, don't be ridiculous. If I were a man, I must be a perfect man. At that time, there were many people competing with you. Maybe you will not be the one marry me."

Sara rolled his eyes at Bess and said, "Look at you. Are you puffing up with pride when I praise you?"

Bess laughed like a silver bell, "Go back, my lady. I have to go home now. Bye-bye. Call me whenever you need me."

Waving her hand, Sara walked into the villa.

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