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   Chapter 33 Irrefutable Evidence

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Who was impatient? Who didn't care about his identity? Who was the one insisted on divorcing and still domineeringly tied herself up? It turned out that this was the so-called sacrifice. He had abandoned her and still controlled her. How ridiculous!

Sara smiled, as if she was laughing at herself for being too stupid. Just like playing chess, she was wrong from the beginning and couldn't go back at all. She took a wrong gambit, and lose everything.

She should have foreseen this result in the way she chose. She didn't expect that this would really happen. It was so hurtful.

Sara didn't know how she went downstairs. Now Jacob could kick her off at any time. He didn't love her, if she insisted on asking him the reason, wasn't she asking for it?

Jacob continued, "Since I haven't announced this to the public, you can still live here. I will raise the profit of your father's company by 1%, what do you think? As long as you cooperate with me, your father's company will be fine. Otherwise, you'll know the consequence."

1% more of the profit! 'Isn't it really an excuse to send away the beggar? Huh. Sara was furious.

"Thank you for your kindness. Mr. Jacob. I see. I will cooperate with you. " Raising her head, Sara's eyes were cold and deep. Since she couldn't resist, she had to face it bravely. If she escaped, it was a coward's behavior.

Jacob's heart sank. Sara's response made him feel headache. Right, it was a headache. She accepted his arrangement directly without arguing. He had thought that she would reject, and it was smooth as if it was beyond his expectation. As expected, she even disdained to break up with him.

It was a heartbroken place for Sara to stay here. Others didn't know that she had been abandoned. She might not dare to face it when she thought about it in the future.

As soon as she left the company, Sara's suppressed feelings erupted. She wanted to talk to nobody. Although she was arrogant and cold, It was useless. They were broken into pieces. She drove the car between the traffic, tears streaming down uncontrollably. Why did she cry? Because she felt wronged, tired, and sad!

The car was only a few hundred meters away, and Sara could no longer see the road in front of her. She had to pull over to the roadside. Unfortunately, a traffic policeman came to her.

A policeman in a short sleeved police uniform knocked on the window, but Sara didn't want to open the door at all. The

fter all, Sara was in a good mood because of him.

"If you don't mind, you can call me when you are in a bad mood. I'll tell you my jokes." It was hard for her to reject Ethan's sincerity.

"Okay, Mr. Ethan, " Sara nodded, Thank you. " She always kept a strict distance from him. She didn't directly reject or accept him.

Ethan nodded. The two then talked about the contract. One venue Ethan had chosen was still under application of the property right certificate, so they couldn't decorate it yet. Naturally, the contract needed to be carefully reviewed.

When Alice came to the south to buy coffee for Jacob, she happened to see Sara and Ethan were chatting happily. Alice took out her phone and took a few photos. Because of dislocation and shift, Ethan and Sara looked very intimate. Especially on such an occasion today, how could Sara be so impatient to date with the other man as soon as the family meeting was over?

Alice smiled imperceptibly and said, "Miss, I need to two cappuccinos takeaway. Please hurry up. Thank you."

Alice couldn't wait to show Jacob the pictures.

On second thought, would she give it to him today or in the future? She'd better to pay more attention on her. If she didn't get the crux, she would be hated by Jacob.

After thinking for a while, Alice decided to put it off for the time being. She couldn't prove that Sara was hooking up with another man just for one time, but if it happened again and again, the evidence would be conclusive.

Now the Shi clan had known that Sara and Jacob had divorced. As long as they drove Sara out of the house, she would become Jacob's wife.

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