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   Chapter 31 Broke Up The Couple

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"I think you know that we just took what we needed before! I didn't say that I would love you, and I didn't ask you to love me either. I hope you can calm down and think about the overall situation! " Jacob frowned slightly. He didn't Sara was to hard to please. No, when did Jacob please Sara before? He was just used to giving orders to Sara.

Sara tried to say something, but in the end, she didn't make any sound. Didn't Jacob sacrifice her at the critical moment in order to get the so-called love of Alice? What else could he not do?

An unspeakable sadness enveloped Sara. With difficulty, she turned around and said nothing more.

Jacob lowered his head, as if he had felt the sadness of Sara. His heart tightened. It turned out that he would still feel sorry for her, but he had to sacrifice her. Jacob didn't know what the family meeting tomorrow meant to Sara. He only knew that tomorrow was the day he would justify himself.

After the family gathering last time, Jonathan accidentally heard what Sara said, so he secretly asked someone to monitor Jacob and Sara's every move. He discovered that Sara often had meals and traveled with other men. And unknown women appeared beside Jacob. The two people who seemed to love each other appeared united outwardly but divided at heart.

In particular, recently, Jacob had kept a high profile. He had openly taken that woman to live in the villa. He had thought that Sara would make a scene, but he didn't expect that she had been quiet all the time.

Jonathan couldn't wait to investigate, although there was no exact progress. But according the photos, Jacob went shopping with a strange woman, bought a car and went back to the villa with her. Jonathan was confident that these were enough to attract the attention of Michael and the family.

As Jonathan had expected. When Michael saw the pictures, his face turned blue. It could be seen that Michael was very angry.

How could Jacob live such a dissolute life regardless of his family's reputation. If the photos were leaked out, it would have a great impact on the Shi Group. Jacob should have known it.

At first, Michael wanted to have a talk with Jacob. But Jonathan stopped Michael and said that for the sake of the family's future, they should hold a family meeting to discuss the specific details and treatment. He suggested a family meeting and asked Jacob to give everyone an explanation.

What explanation? Naturally, he asked Jacob to tell them about his private messed life. Then under the watchful eyes of the public, Jonathan would let J

comfortable. Jacob was also eating quietly. When Sara sat at the table, Jacob didn't even raise his head.

Well, maybe Jacob knew that he was guilty.

Jacob raised his head during the meal. The atmosphere was so weird. It was like a showdown, but hadn't he straightened things out with her? Then why did she still have such a strange feeling.

Jacob caught a glimpse of Sara's face, which looked much haggard than he had seen yesterday. Jacob's heart twitched. Obviously, he didn't love her, but he still felt heartbroken.

Even if he didn't say anything, he could still feel Sara's grievance. Yes, she didn't say anything to show how aggrieved she was.

In the past few years, Sara had been obedient to him. She had become a good wife. But since when did it become bad? Did Alice's return irritate her or was it because she had hidden herself too well? He didn't find it. Why did the once kind-hearted Sara always give him a feeling that he couldn't figure it out now?

Jacob picked up a glass of milk, as if he was giving an order to Sara, or as a promise to Alice. "Remember it later. No matter what family members ask you, don't say anything. "

He didn't even call her name. He didn't respect her to such an extent. Sara's hands holding the knife and fork almost stopped in an instant, but only two seconds later, she regained her composure. She didn't say anything and just took it as her acquiescence.

Alice, who was watching Sara secretly, didn't say anything. If Sara said something at the family meeting that would do harm to Jacob and her, they would be in a passive position. At that time, Michael would definitely not accept her, and it would be possible for him to break up the couple.

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