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   Chapter 30 Threat

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To comfort her father, Sara forced a smile on her face. "I know, Dad. Trust me. I'll find a way."

Carlos nodded. "I still need to go to the meeting. We have to plan how we're going to address the issue of Jacob's profit contraction. If the company's costs keep driving up, it may disrupt the capital chain and put the company in grave danger."

Sara nodded.

That entire morning, she was lost in thought. She thought she had to pretend that everything was good between her and Jacob. However, her father had already found out about their divorce. Instead of being relieved, she felt as if the burden on her shoulders only grew heavier. This was undoubtedly a huge blow towards Carlos, Sara, and the company.

The difference was that Sara and her father's company had been experiencing the aftermath even before then while Carlos was just hit with the repercussions today. Sara was terribly worried.

People reacted differently to the news of divorce. It was huge news after all and it often had different effects on everyone.

Sara had no idea how Carlos would react. Since Carlos was already getting old, she considered keeping it a secret from him. In the end, he found out anyway. She thought she had hidden everything well but Carlos sensed something wrong by himself.

She felt like a loser as a sense of failure surged in her chest. Ultimately, she had to continue sorting out the materials for her cooperation with Ethan. She tried to calm herself down by focusing on her work.

Before she had decided to work with Ethan, she had her fair share of misgivings. She only saw Ethan as a friend but occasionally, he would show signs of wanting to be more than that. She wasn't entirely sure but she just banked on the possibility of her just misunderstanding Ethan's kindness towards her. She didn't want to think too much of it anymore.

She had chosen to accept the offer of being the manager of the newly opened supermarket of Ethan's company. This way, she could hone her abilities, expand to a new market for her company and eventually, free herself from Jacob's control.

Her feelings towards Jacob were mixed and complicated—she loved and hated him at the same time. Sometimes, she missed him having spent four years together. Other times, she found herself scared of him and what he might do. Even then, she didn't dare admit her true feelings. What was the use of telling him? If she did, he was only going to use that against her. She prided herself in her respect for herself. Jacob had wronged her and he didn't deserve anything from her.

After a long day of work, she drove home, extremely worn out. The city was still alive with cars and neon lights everywhere. As she observed the bustling of the city, she couldn't help but be disheartened. All these people had sacrificed their lives just so the city and country could prosper. They dedicated their lives to their hard work only to have the few people at the top benefit from it. How could they live in such an unfair world?

She shook her head, mocking herself for her own naivety. The world was unfair and that was a fact. Even as a child, her teachers had given her special treatment.

She turned the radio on—the radio DJ seemed to be recommending some songs from recently released movies.

"As the ship sinks into the sea, everyone becomes a mystery.

You'll never know.

Why does anyone leave?

The last thing he said was goodbye.

As the car drives off into the sunset, everyone becomes a mystery.

You don't know.

No one knows why anyone ever leaves.

Just like you don't know this is the end.

As the stars spread out like a blanket in the night sky.

I will say goodbye to myself.

Because I don't know

—I don't want to know either—

when the end will come."

It was a beautiful ballad that was sung elegantly—she couldn't help but be moved by the lyrics.

With this, she decided to watch a movie as she turned the car around.

The car sped along the road under the neon lights.

Drowning in melancholy, she desired to escape from her heartbreak but she couldn't—she could only try to forget about it.

When she arrived at the cinema, she saw that the show was about to begin in 10 minutes.

She then purchased her movie ticket. She also bought some popcorn and a fried chicken chop.

She used to be a health freak who refused to eat anything unhealthy such as fried food and snacks. She ended up perceiving eating as a mere chore as opposed to something that she could enjoy. Since she couldn't bring herself to stop eating desserts, she was able to find at least a little joy in eating them. It was rare to come by a person who lived by such principles yet she stood by what she believed in.

Even then, no matter how hard she tried to take care of her health, aging was inevitable. She might as well just enjoy life as she pleased. She should just eat and drink whatever she wanted.

As she watched the movie, a young man sitting near her kept trying to start a conversation with her. She couldn't help but be reminded of her youth. She was pleasantly surprised to find that she still came off as charming despite her age. She bit the bullet and began chatting with the young man too.

When the movie was finished, what stuck with Sara about the movie was that the three protagonists had traveled more than halfway across China in just their cars. She couldn't help but be astonished at the amount of freedom they had.

Such spontaneous road trips were quite popular nowadays despite it being hard to achieve. It was a way for people to get away from the things in their life that stressed them out whether it be time, money, love, studies, friends, work, and so on. How nice it must be to be able to do whatever you wanted.

When Sara and the young man parted ways, he asked for her name and phone number. In response, she merely flashed him a grin and turned around, disappearing in the crowd.

She knew she wasn't ready for any type of relationship yet.

The young man saw Sara get in her Porsche. As if in understanding, he shook his head and left.

She didn't see the need to reject anyone in such a public way.

When she and Jacob divorced, they did it quietly. Jacob too did not want to go public with it. He couldn't risk the interests of the company in exchange for some woman's happiness.

When Sara returned to the villa, it was already a quarter past ten in the evening. To her surprise, Jacob was still working in the living room almost as if he was waiting for her.

Trying to avoid any drama, she strode inside and headed upstairs wordlessly. Before, whenever Sara would come home late, Jacob would grill her and ask her where she went. Things were much different now. Men were impatient like that.

A wave of feelings surging in her chest, she stopped in her tracks as she made her way upstairs. She turned to look at Jacob only to find him looking back at her. At that moment, her heart skipped a beat.

"We're having a family meeting tomorrow. Father told me to bring you along. Looks like he already knows about the divorce," Jacob said, his tone laced with a hint of sadness.

The look on his face was unfathomable. She had no idea what was going on. What did Jacob mean? How come everyone seemed to know about the divorce? How would she explain it then? Supposedly, only her, Jacob, and Alice would know about the agreement. Was he going to announce the divorce already? Would he cut her off completely already? Sara couldn't help but be upset.

"How did Michael find out?"

"As you know, Jonathan's always been after me. He wants to take me down so he can take control of the Shi Group and be the CEO. He's probably behind this. Don't worry. I'll deal with this and I'll make it up for you." As Jacob spoke, his eyes gleamed.

"I don't understand what you mean." Sara already had a bad feeling about the family meeting tomorrow.

"You'll find out tomorrow. You're coming with me to work tomorrow. We have to be there at nine in the morning. You don't have to go to work." Jacob's words were conclusive and final. His tone left no room for negotiation—much like their divorce.

A bitter smile tugged at the corners of Sara's mouth. "Jacob, do you think I'm just a toy you can play around with?" Tears welled up in her eyes.

Jacob was taken aback by Sara's sudden emotional outburst. Until then, she'd always been cold and distant towards him. What happened?

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