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   Chapter 30 Threat

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To comfort her father, Sara forced a smile on her face. "I know, Dad. Trust me too. I will find a way. "

Carlos nodded, "I still have to have a meeting. In order to solve the issue of profit contraction by Jacob, we have to make a plan. Otherwise, if the company's cost keeps driving up, it will be likely to disrupt the capital chain, causing the company to be in danger."

Sara nodded.

For the whole morning, Sara was absent-minded. At the beginning, she had to pretend to have a good relationship with Jacob. But now, her father found she divorced, however, she was not relieved, instead, she felt a heavy burden. Yes, this question was too heavy. It was undoubtedly a bolt Carlos, Sara, and for the company.

The difference was that Sara and her company had been struck by the thunderbolt for a long time, while Carlos had just been hit hard today. Needless to say, sadness was written all over Sara's face.

The divorce news was different from others. People were emotional animals. It was impossible for them not to be afraid of other people's various possibilities after knowing their privacy, especially their relatives.

Sara didn't know when Carlos would relieve. Looking at her father who was getting old, she had thought about keeping this secret forever and not letting him know, but in the end, it couldn't be kept secret. To her surprise, Carlos discover her secret by himself.

Sara felt that she was a loser. This sense of failure was magnified infinitely, as if it was about to explode in her mind. She had no choice but to continue sorting out her contract with Ethan. She tried to numb her nerves by working hard.

Before Sara had decided to cooperate with Ethan, she had some scruples before. After all, she knew that Ethan would occasionally show affection to her, but she just treated him as a common friend. But Ethan didn't make any unambiguous response. Sara could only hope that she had misunderstood her friend's kindness by thinking too much.

Sara was going to accept the offer of being a manager of the newly opened supermarket of Ethan's company. On the one hand, she could improve her ability; on the other hand, she wanted to expand new market for her company and evaded Jacob's control as soon as possible.

Now, Sara loved and hated Jacob, but at the same time, she missed and was afraid of him. But she didn't dare to express her feelings. What was the use of telling him? It was just that her self-esteem was continued to be trampled. Moreover, as a proud woman as Sara, how could she ple

ipped a beat.

"We will have a family meeting tomorrow and my father Michael asked you to attend. By the time we divorced, Daddy had already known it! " Jacob said sadly.

Looking at the expression on Jacob's face, Sara couldn't figure it out what he was thinking. So what was going on now! What did Jacob mean by sadness? Why did everyone know that he had divorced recently? How would she explain it? After all, only Jacob, Alice and herself knew that she and Jacob had made an agreement to marry. Was he going to announce the divorce? Was he determined to break this nominal relationship with her? Sara felt sad in her heart.

"How did Michael know?"

"As you know, Jonathan has always been unhappy with me. He wants to push me down from the CEO position and take control of the Shi Group by himself. This time, I must have been plotted by him. But I have my own way. I will make it up to you for wronging you!" Jonathan's long and narrow eyes were shining in the light.

"I don't understand what you mean." Sara guessed that what would happen tomorrow might be bad for her.

"You'll know it tomorrow. You go to the company with me at 9 o'clock tomorrow morning. You don't have to go to work. " Jacob didn't say anything more. He just announced the result. Just like when they divorced, she had no choice at all.

A bitter smile tugged at the corner of Sara's mouth. "Jacob, am I just a toy in your heart that you don't care about?" Sara stressed "toy", tears welling up in his eyes.

Jacob didn't expect that at this critical moment, Sara would be so emotional. She had always been cold and indifferent to him, hadn't she? Today, she was threatening him with something on him?

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