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   Chapter 29 You Are A Good Girl

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Sara thought of all the good Jacob had done for her in the past four years as if she were writing an eulogy for him. Everything seemed so ironic. Sara knew it was hard to control one's feelings. You couldn't wake someone who was only pretending to sleep. Likewise, you couldn't make someone fall in love with you when they weren't interested.

As soon as Sara got into the car, she turned on the radio, just like she always did.

"Recently, the CEO of the Shi Group has partnered with a multinational company. They have achieved a mutually beneficial agreement, and will soon be developing a new energy source. We are proud to say that their research work is already in process. We are honored to have the current CEO of the Shi Group of companies, Mr. Jacob, in our studio today.

Good morning, Mr. Jacob. What is your opinion on the existing domestic energy source developers?" The interviewer's voice came through the speakers.

"The current domestic energy source development is at the preliminary stage of market growth. Our studies suggest that there are still many shortcomings in terms of the energy source's actual performance. We all know that traditional energy sources have been by far the best selling in the Chinese markets. However, these energy sources can't sustain much longer, as their availability is gradually decreasing due to the exploitation of these resources. That's why there's a demand for new energy sources. They have a lot more advantages than the traditional sources. Not only are they renewable, they're also clean and eco-friendly. I'm confident that the new energy program will attract a lot of attention from the public. Having said that, the new energy technology in our country is presently under development. Hence, we've partnered with another multinational company, which also develops advanced energy. Our goal is to incorporate their recent discoveries into our research and collectively introduce the new energy to the Chinese markets."

Sara listened to Jacob's confident voice on the radio. She then turned off the radio before the interviewer started speaking again.

She felt really pathetic for having to listen to updates about Jacob on the radio. As a couple who had spent days and nights together for the past four years, she found it hard to believe that this was the state of her relationship now.

Nevertheless, Sara tried to cheer up, because she knew there was no point in being distressed about it. Women valued love and family above all, but they also had to endure the pain, if they had to suffer the loss of either one of those.

In 'The Prince In Distress, ' every time the prince heard the tragic experience of others, he lamented that similar misfortune befalling him would kill him. In the end, his country was defeated and his home lost, his father was killed, and his mother was humiliated. He survived it all, though.

Everyone had to bear all the disasters in the world until they died. As for death, it was even easier.

It was that whatever couldn't kill you would make you stronger.

After parking her car near the entrance, Sara walked into the office building of her father's company, wearing red high-heeled shoes. She thought of the past and regretted depending on Jacob so much, but then, she was also determined to never let that happen again.

Ever since Sara returned to her father's company, she hadn't had the chance to tell her father the truth about her marriage. She was worried that her father might not take it very well if he knew. For almost a few weeks now, Sara had been hiding the company's falling profits from her father. Except for him, all the other members of their senior partners knew of the company's current situation. Now that Bess had helped her with transferring her father's business to the W Group, Sara had managed to keep her father's company running.

However, things seemed different today. As soon as she walked into the office building, something didn't seem quite right to her. All the employees seemed to be in low spirits and, strangely enough, her assistant was standing next to the door to her office, and even winked at her.

Perplexed, Sara entered her office. She saw her father, Carlos, sitting on her chair. In his hands were the profit data document, which he was reading with a frown.

Although she was shocked, Sara pretended to be calm. She quietly walked up to Carlos and asked, "Dad, why are you here? There's no need to look into those files. They're unimportant." There was a subtle hint of anxiousness in her voice.

Carlos turned and looked at Sara. He then signaled her assistant to close the door.

"Sara, what the hell is going on here?" Carlos

asked, raising his eyebrows at her. He placed his finger over the area which showed that Jacob had cut profits off his company. His business was at a loss! The profit margin was originally quite low, and now, it had reduced by 3%. Her father's company wasn't making any direct profit.

"Dad, please listen to me, I have this under control. Since you're planning on leaving the business to me, you should try to have more trust in me," she replied, desperately attempting to comfort him. However, the more she tried to cheer him up, the more unsettled he seemed.

"Sara, ever since you started working here, I felt that something bad was going to happen. But when I read the file, I can see that it's much worse than what I expected. What has happened?" he asked in a concerned voice. Carlos's eyes were full of concern, and his gray temples became more and more creased in worry as time went by.

Sara glanced at her dad and said something that she never thought she would. "Dad, I'm fine, really. I made a deal with Jacob. Even without his help, I can make the company gradually develop."

"Sara, tell me the truth, what is it that you're still hiding from me?" Carlos took out a green notebook from her drawer. The bright green color of the book glared under the sunlight.

"Dad..." Sara was about to break down crying.

"What's happened to you, Sara?" he asked.

Choking back her tears, Sara replied, "Jacob's first girlfriend returned, and he asked for a divorce. A lot has happened in the past few weeks and Jacob thought I was causing him trouble, so he cut down our company's profits by 3%. Dad, I'm so sorry." A teardrop rolled down her cheek as she said that.

"Sara, I'm so sorry, I have been so hard on you. I had no idea so much had happened. Jacob can't do this to you. Even if it means that we'll lose our money, I can't stop myself from asking him for an explanation for all this," Carlos roared. Just when he was about to get up from the seat, Sara stopped him.

"Dad! Dad, please, listen to me. I need you to calm down. The Shi's are a highly influential family. It won't do us any good if you confront Jacob now. Besides, that woman is already living in the villa. It's only a matter of time before he makes our divorce public. You are playing with fire here. If you act recklessly, who knows what he'll do!" Sara frantically tried to explain.

Carlos was stunned to see his daughter get so worked up about the company's affairs. In fact, it was unbelievable for him that she'd put herself through hell for the sake of their business. He had no idea Sara was enduring such bitterness. What bothered him the most was that all her pain was kept hidden from him.

He was a man who never shed tears no matter what came, but seeing his daughter like that, a tear fell from the corner of his eye.

"I'm so sorry, Sara. This has all been my fault. Your mother passed away when you were just a child and I failed to take care of you," Carlos said. He felt guilty for putting his daughter through such suffering. If he had given up his pride and left his business, his daughter wouldn't have had to take the blow.

When Sara saw her father in tears, she couldn't control her emotions any longer. She burst into tears and said, "Dad, please, none of this is your fault. I don't blame you for this. It was my choice. I can make this work. You don't have to worry about me. I can take responsibility for this, trust me. You take good care of our company, and all will be okay. I am going to get our company out of Jacob's control. Even if the worst happens and our company goes bankrupt, you can rest assured that I will support our family. You can at least retire in peace. Your life is more important than everything else." Sara tried to muster up all the courage left in her and explained her plans. Sooner or later, she would have to tell her dad anyway, so she decided to come clean that very moment. If she didn't prove her strength and will, who would believe in her?

Her words brought more sorrow to Carlos than joy. At the same time, he felt grateful. He had been too stubborn and wanted her to marry Jacob for the sole purpose of helping her find a prestigious position at his company. The corporate world was like a battlefield, and Carlos knew that better than anyone else.

But now after all these years, when he saw how strong his daughter had become, Carlos felt proud. A person could live without anything but determination and courage.

"Sara, you are such a good girl. I still believe that God will lead you to a better life," he said. Carlos didn't want to damage her confidence. He then lifted his hand to her face and gently wiped her tears away.

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