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   Chapter 28 Loveless

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Jacob had the urge to ask where Sara was, but Alice was just standing right next to him. Despite wanting to do so, he couldn't ask that kind of question directly. No matter how unruly he was, he always knew his limits when it came to proper speech etiquette. He wasn't going to do anything to insult either side.

Alice then sat on the table and took a spoonful of the egg custard and pursed her lips together. "Why is this so bland?"

Winnie hurried forward and said, "That's impossible. I added salt in it."

"I don't think so. Have a taste, Jacob."

Alice then took another spoonful of egg custard for Jacob. After tasting it, he said, "It tastes just right."

She then clarified and said, "Perhaps I just have a preference for saltier food."

Winnie hurriedly explained, "These dishes are made according to the flavor profile of Mr. Jacob and Mrs. Sara. They typically don't want a lot of salt in their dishes because it's not good for their health. That's why I normally add only half the salt that is needed in the dishes."

Alice jarringly hit her bowl on the table and said, "I don't want to eat this anymore. I can't eat any more of these tasteless dishes."

Winnie stood still and froze from embarrassment. Jacob politely intercepted and said, "Winnie, please cook two more dishes with a little more salt."

Alice was pleased about this and smiled happily as she picked up some more food for Jacob. What bothered her earlier was the fact that Winnie mentioned 'Mrs. Sara.'

Sara was already in the past. As a servant in their household, it was outrageous that Winnie was unable to distinguish the current situation clearly.

In a sullen manner, Winnie stood up and went to the kitchen to cook more food. This was highly unusual for her, as Jacob had never treated her this way in the past. It seemed that this woman was working really hard to coax the young master. She could only imagine how wronged Sara must have felt by now. Winnie sighed to herself as she cooked two more dishes for Alice.

After eating two bites from her meal, Alice stopped eating and complained that she would only gain weight if she ate too much at this hour.

Without uttering a single word, Winnie cleaned up after them. All she could think about was how the woman in front of her was so whiny.

After dinner, Alice was holding onto Jacob's hand as if she was clung right onto his body. She whispered into his ear, "I'm going to take a shower first. See you later."

Jacob nodded plainly as he grabbed his laptop and started to work on the sofa. His gaze was fixed on the screen while his fingers were typing on his keyboard, but his mind was drifting into annoyance. His mind was filled with thoughts of Sara. Her bedroom lights were turned on and it seemed as if she hadn't left her room all night.

Suddenly shifting his glance at Sara's room upstairs, Jacob felt like it was so close, yet so far away. But, the distance between their hearts was miles further away than their physical distance at the moment.

He couldn't get it out of his mind that Sara wasn't taking him seriously at all. It was as if all the unhappiness that they experienced in the past just disappeared in an instant. He wondered if this was the final conclusion of the love triangle between the three of them. On the other hand, he couldn't make sense as to why he hadn't been inclined to announce their divorce to the public. No matter how insinuating Alice was about getting married, he never seemed to be particularly moved.

There are some things in this world that would only be found interesting if one took the initiative. Life would be so mundane if he played a passive role. Sure enough, Jacob was the kind of man who liked to conquer, not to save.

When Alice came out of the bathroom, her hair was still wet, so it was dripping down her shoulders. She wasn't wearing anything but a bathrobe.

An intimate atmosphere suddenly filled the room, and Alice said, "Go and take a shower. I'll wait for you in our bedroom."

By the time Jacob finished taking a shower Alice had already dried her hair. She even sprayed a light perfume on her body. Alice looked at him with dreamy eyes, as if gazing straight into his soul. She held Jacob in her arms with an enchanting glow. When Jacob saw this, he couldn't resist but carry her and throw her onto the bed. There was only one wall separating Sara's room and theirs. On one side of the wall was a lonely woman, while a blistering sex scene was played out on the other side. For a moment, Alice felt she could clearly distinguish whether he loved her or not. The villa had thick walls that insulated sound very well. Of course, Sara was completely oblivious about what was happening in the room next to hers, neither did she want to think about it.

She found it inconceivable that Jacob would still not let her go, even to the point of degrading her like this. He even brought home another woman so blatantly. He would go through such lengths to make the three of them live under the same roof. The only reason he would do such a thing was to humiliate Sara.

To be shamed so openly was much more indignant than if it was done in private. Even though Jacob hadn't even said a word about it, the moment he brought Alice to the villa, Sara was left disillusioned and their whole relationship was left in shatters. This time, she couldn't let him pass for this kind of insulting behavior.

These days, Sara could only find a small sense of comfort from her work. It was the only thing that was keeping her from gradually crumbling self-esteem.

The rest of the clan would find out sooner or later that

Jacob had brought a woman to their villa so blatantly. There was no way that the clan would ignore such a serious problem. It was only a matter of time until she moved out. She didn't want to be susceptible to this kind of environment any longer.

Only one of two outcomes could occur. It could end up that Jacob would eventually admit that he had an affair during their marriage, leaving Sara with a sum of money to get her to leave their family in silence. The other possibility was that all the problems would eventually be attributed with Sara. After all, the Shi Group would do anything to protect Jacob, as they had a reputation to uphold. However, no matter what the result would be, Sara would end up getting hurt either way.

As Sara laid on her bed, she released a deep sigh. She closed the book that she held in her hands, 'Abnormal Psychology', dimmed the lights and tried to go to sleep. However, she found it difficult to drift into sleep and found herself tossing and turning for a long time. It took her almost two hours before she fell asleep.

Sara ended up having a strange dream. In her dream, she had a son with Jacob. However, the two of them were kicked out of their home by Jacob and were left homeless. She had no choice but to depart and rent a small house for the two of them. It didn't take long for his son to grow up to look just like his father. That was the moment that Sara suddenly woke up.

When the sun rose the next day, it ignited warm rays of sunshine. Sara was startled when she woke up, so she immediately got up and drank a glass of warm water. It was only a dream, after all. She must have been thinking too much about her problems all day long, so her abandonment issues were resurfacing in her dreams.

After she washed her face and brushed her teeth, Sara went downstairs to get herself some breakfast. Two people were already seated on the table, making Sara feel a little embarrassed. Of course, Alice was quite different. The more that Jacob favored her, the more she wanted to gloat. It seemed as though she would have this flaunting mentality for the rest of eternity.

"Jacob, come here and have a poached egg," Alice said playfully with a smile as she handed over a small dish with a perfectly poached egg.

Even if her words weren't particularly boastful, Sara was still unable to sit still. Sara always thought that the loneliest feeling was having to eat dinner all alone. What she didn't expect was that seeing her rival in love with her ex-husband was so much worse—to the point that it was just plain disgusting.

Looking into the white and tender poached egg, Sara suddenly felt a surge of blood hissing straight to her stomach, as if she was so close to losing control. She suddenly stood up, ran into the bathroom and started vomiting. Her body was just reacting from what she had seen, which was indeed disturbing.

Alice didn't expect that Sara would have such an intense reaction. So she whined to Jacob and said, "Jacob, did you see that?"

"Forget it. Go straight to work after eating breakfast." The last thing Jacob wanted was to see a quarrel between the two women. Even though he found Sara's behavior to be a bit too much, Jacob wasn't bothered by it at all. He couldn't be too bothered by a simple trifle. Unless what happened was actually a big deal, Sara couldn't afford to anger Jacob anymore.

Jacob was aware that Sara was going to be upset when he brought Alice to the villa. All he wanted to do was to anger her, but he didn't want to truly make her feel miserable. He had no prior intention of causing her any health issues.

When Sara came out of the bathroom, her face was ghastly pale.

"What happened to you?" Jacob asked. He spoke with indifference, with no trace of emotion from his voice.

"Nothing. I'm sorry for bothering your meal." After she wiped her lips with a piece of tissue, Sara walked out towards the living room.

Every time Sara even had the slightest smell of oil, she would always feel so much worse. She really didn't want to be around greasy food these days. So, she figured that she should get a check-up from the hospital one of these days when she had some free time.

Before she reached the living room, she heard Alice's affectionate voice. "Jacob, if you're not busy with work, let's go shopping and watch a movie together. Let's do what we used to do back in the day when we were still going to college. I've been feeling nostalgic about those days lately."

Without saying a word, Jacob gave her a simple nod.

When Sara heard this the more she felt her heart shatter into a disarray of pieces. 'College days? Might as well hold a party to commemorate your lost youth!'

Even Sara was startled from her own thoughts. She was never such a resentful woman in the past. Was Jacob such an excellent man? She was supposed to just forget him after being hurt so much. Despite that knowledge, she couldn't help but feel agonizing pain in her heart when she heard Alice boasting in front of her.

Without taking a look back, Sara walked out of the house. Surprisingly, she came across a brand new red Ferrari.

Sara shook her head from the absurdity and thought, 'Jacob is so wealthy that without hesitation, he bought a brand new car to make Alice happy.' On the other hand, he was constantly threatening her that he could make her father's company go bankrupt at any given time. Sure enough, if a man didn't love a woman, they were completely ruthless.

After shaking her head from disappointment, she started to feel a little dizzy. By now, Jacob had completely stripped her away from any sense of dignity.

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