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   Chapter 28 No Love

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Jacob wanted to ask where Sara had gone, but Alice was by his side. He couldn't ask directly. No matter how unruly he was, he had proper limits for speech. He didn't want to offend both sides.

On the table, Alice had some egg custard and curled her lips. "Why is there no salt?"

Winnie hurried forward and said, "It's impossible. I put salt in it."

"I don't think so. Have a taste, Jacob."

Then she scooped up a spoonful of egg custard for Jacob. Jacob tasted it and said, "It tastes salty."

Alice explained, "Maybe I prefer salty food."

Winnie hurriedly said, "These dishes are made according to the tastes of Mr. Jacob and Mrs. Sara. She said more salt in fried vegetables is not good for health. So I didn't add too much salt. "

Alice suddenly put down the bowl and said, "I don't want eat anymore, it's tasteless. I can't eat any more. "

Embarrassed, Winnie stood still. Jacob said politely, "Winnie, please cook two more dishes. Add more salt."

Alice smiled happily and picked up some food for Jacob. She just didn't like Winnie calling Mrs. Sara.

Sara was a past tense. As a servant, how could she can't tell the situation clearly?

Winnie stood up and went into the kitchen, depressed. Mr. Jacob had never treated her like this. Why did this woman flatter him into a good temper? She could imagine how wronged Sara felt Winnie sighed, and then cooked two dishes for Alice.

After two bites, Alice stopped eating and said that she would gain weight if she ate too much at night.

Winnie cleaned up the table and said nothing. She only felt that the woman in front of her was extremely noisy.

After dinner, Alice held Jacob's hand and whispered in his ear as if she was hanging on his body, "I'm going to take a shower first. See you later."

Jacob nodded and began to work with his computer on the sofa. His hands were typing on the keyboard, but he was very annoyed. The light in Sara's room was on in the upstairs, but he didn't see her come out from the beginning to the end.

Jacob looked at the lighted in Sara's room upstairs. It was so close, but so far away. The distance between their hearts was many times greater than the actual distance.

A feeling of not being taken seriously by Sara lingered in Jacob's mind. All the unhappiness that had happened in the past seemed to disappear in an instant. Was this the final end of the three? But why? Jacob had never thought of announcing the divorce

en he took Alice back to the villa. He just wanted to make Sara angry, but if he really made her miserable, that wasn't what Jacob expected.

When Sara came out of the bathroom, her face turned deathly pale

"What's wrong with you?" Jacob asked. There was no emotion in her voice.

"Nothing. I'm sorry to bother you two dining." After wiping her mouth with a tissue, Sara stood up and walked towards the living room.

The more Sara smelled the oil, the worse she felt. She didn't want to have greasy food. Sara thought she would go to the hospital to have a check-up when she wasn't busy.

Before she reached the living room, she heard Alice said. "Jacob, if you have time, go shopping with me and watch a movie. Let's review the time of our school days. I miss it very much."

Jacob nodded without saying anything.

Hearing this, Sara felt more and more heart wrenching 'School days? Well, you'd better hold a party to miss your lost youth!'

Sara was startled when did she become such a resentful woman? Jacob was really a capable man. In this case, Sara still couldn't forget him! Or did it hurt her when she heard Alice's showing off.

Without looking back, Sara walked out of the house and saw a red Ferrari. It was obviously a new car.

Shaking her head, Sara thought, 'Jacob is really rich. He probably bought it without hesitation to make Alice happy. But when she married him, he always threatened her to let her father's company go bankrupt at any time. No love was the most ruthless thing.

Shaking her head, Sara felt dizzy. All her pride was nothing in front of Jacob. It was shattered into pieces.

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