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   Chapter 27 Giddy With Excitement

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Around noon, Ethan's car pulled over in front of the building of Sara's company. Sara fixed her make-up before heading downstairs. By the time she did, Ethan was already waiting for her. He looked sophisticated in his gray-colored European style suit. His chiseled features shone brightly under the afternoon sun.

Sara beamed upon seeing him. Ethan couldn't help but be mesmerized—she lived up to the identity of being the hostess of the Shi Group. She was enchantingly beautiful and she looked mature in the most graceful way. The dress she wore was obviously expensive and it suited her very well.

"Sara, you always look amazing every time we meet," Ethan praised, admiration written all over his face.

"I'm flattered, Mr. Ethan," Sara replied gracefully.

They chose a nearby restaurant for convenience. After all, they were going to talk about business.

Upon arrival, Ethan pulled out a chair for Sara like a true gentleman.

"Mr. Ethan, we have two options now. Our first option is for you to place your orders directly. You can place orders as your needs dictate. Our second option is to cooperate seamlessly with your supermarket. We produce and sell directly without considering the type of products." Sara was quick to the point as she was not one to beat around the bush.

"The second option sounds good. That way we won't have to be pressured with the stock and we can also gauge the customer's needs in real time." Ethan analyzed Sara's proposal carefully.

"If we go with that, I'd have to be the store manager so that I can track and investigate the market demand," Sara continued.

Ethan smiled meaningfully. "Sounds like a good idea."

They continued their discussion and only separated ways at around three in the afternoon. Their meeting went on for about three hours. They went back to their respective companies to resume work. Before leaving, Ethan stretched out his hand for a handshake.

He said, "I wish us a pleasant cooperation."

Sara responded with a smile, "Likewise."

Sara returned to the company in a good mood. One day, she would be able to help her father's company out of trouble with her own hard work. She just wanted to move on from Jacob already. From then on, she wanted to take control of her own life.

Around 6:30 in the evening, she finished her work and headed home. Winnie had already prepared dinner and opted to take Dora out for a walk around the corner after Sara's return.

As Sara ate her dinner alone, she scanned the enormous room. It felt empty and sad. She rarely ate alone. The silence was deafening that only the sound of her chewing filled the entire room.

Once she had finished eating, she took a shower. She lay on her bed and began reading 'Abnormal Psychology.' She felt it was necessary for her to study psychology.

Meanwhile, Jacob and Alice were out buying a car. When he glanced at his Rolex watch, he found that it was already late. To be precise, it was already 6:15 in the evening. They had been out for about an hour.

Alice was still choosing a car. She rarely needed to drive by herself but she insisted that she needed to go out on her own sometimes. It was more convenient if she had her own car so Jacob was buying her one.

Eileen Chang once said that a man spending money for a woman didn't necessarily mean that he loved her. But if he was unwilling to spend money for her then that meant he didn't love her.

Alice knew this very well. So when Jacob agreed to buy her a car, she was overjoyed so much that she planted a sweet kiss on his cheek.

At that moment, Alice was listening to the staff introducing all kinds of famous cars to them.

As she looked at all the cars on display, she walked up to a red BMW.

"Miss, this is the new BMW i8. This model is known for its low fuel consumption. It's also equipped with B

luetooth. The key point of this design is the run-flat tire so that all your drives will be worry-free. It can also detect real-time tire pressure and its paddle shift design ensures your safety. The exterior of this car has a streamlined design. Its refined angle makes it look even more stylish. The red color makes it look more elegant too. Driving this car will make you look classy."

Alice narrowed her eyes as she said calmly, "But I don't like the price."

"Well, this model is currently on sale. If you purchase this car, we'll add in lots of freebies like customized pillows, memberships, and other items. The price is definitely worth it. You don't have to worry," the staff explained.

"Uh. I think you misunderstood me. I meant it's too cheap." The smug look on Alice's face left a bad taste in the staff's mouth. This was the first time that she had met a client who was blatantly showing off her wealth.

Nonetheless, the staff continued to show Alice around enthusiastically. A red Ferrari then caught Alice's attention.

"Miss, you have excellent taste. This is a classic Ferrari. This car has a large capacity but it doesn't compromise in its performance. It can handle any terrain in absolute ease. This car can also monitor its tire pressure in real time. Its shift plate design is very practical. Its key point is its intelligent brake assist. It has a unique technology that lets you feel the pleasure of accelerating. The rearview mirror is equipped with heating technology and it has a 7-gear double clutch. It's an excellent choice."

Alice nodded as she opened the door and sat on the driver's seat. Feeling the firm grip of the steering wheel, she nodded in satisfaction.

"Jacob, I want to buy this one," Alice said happily.

Jacob nodded. He didn't have any issues as long as she liked the car she chose. Jacob then handed a Centurion Card to the staff. "Please wait a moment, sir." Then she left with the card. A few minutes later, the staff came back and returned the card to him.

Alice wanted to test out her new car so Jacob instructed his assistant to drive his car back first.

As she drove, she seemed thrilled with her new car.

Meanwhile, Jacob sat in the passenger seat with his eyes closed, looking exhausted.

Alice glanced at him from the corner of her eye. "Jacob, what's wrong? Are you upset because you spent so much money?"

Jacob kept his eyes shut. "No, I'm just tired and I want to rest already."

Alice heaved a sigh of relief. Jacob shouldn't be upset for buying her a car that was only worth millions. She purposely chose a car that wasn't worth tens of millions.

"Just rest first. I'll wake you up when we get home." She considered Jacob's villa her own home already. She was giddy with excitement as she relished the driving experience of her new car.

As far as Alice was concerned, she had to get all the same things that Sara did from Jacob. She glanced at the diamond ring that lived on her ring finger. Jacob still hadn't mentioned anything about marriage or engagement. She was living with him but they still weren't legally together. All she could do now was piss Sara off and spoil her mood. She sighed. She still had a long way to go.

As the sun began to set that day, people were bustling in the city, all trying to get home. The twilight brought warmth and stillness. Before Jacob knew it, he fell fast asleep.

As Alice parked the car at the gate of the villa, she woke Jacob up who was still sound asleep.

Jacob opened his eyes only to find that it had already gotten dark.

"Are we here already?" He still seemed sleepy.

Alice nodded.

Jacob got out of the car and waited for Alice to park the car. Then the two entered the villa together.

Winnie was cooking in the kitchen alone. No one else could be sighted on the first floor.

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