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   Chapter 27 Apparently Very Happy

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At 12:30 in the afternoon, Ethan's car stopped in front of the building of Sara's company. After fixing her make-up, Sara went downstairs and saw Ethan waiting for her. Wearing a light gray European style suit, Ethan looked more slender. His angular features shone brightly in the sun.

Sara smiled. The beautiful smile fell into Ethan's eyes. No wonder she was the exceedingly beautiful lady of the Shi Group. She was enchanting and beautiful, but not vulgar. She was mature and beautiful. Even if a person relied on clothes, not everyone could afford this backless short skirt.

"Sara, you look so amazing every time we meet. Ethan praised, with admiration in his eyes.

"I'm flattered, Mr. Ethan. "You're welcome.

For convenience, they found a restaurant nearby. After all, they made this appointment for business, not for dinning.

Ethan pulled out a chair for Sara like a gentleman.

"Mr. Ethan, we have two options now. The first is to order directly. We could order as per our needs. The second is, We will cooperate seamlessly with your supermarket. We produce and sell directly without considering the type of products." Sara was quick to the point, for she didn't like a roundabout way of talking.

"The plan of seamless connection sounds good. In this way, we won't have the pressure of the stocks, and we can also get the customer's needs in real time. "Ethan analyzed Sara's proposal carefully.

"But one thing is that I have to become a storekeeper so that I can track and investigate the market demand." Sara continued.

Ethan smiled ambiguously, "Well, that's good. "

Then the two discussed the related matters for a long time. They didn't depart until 3:15 in the afternoon. Then they went back to the company respectively to prepare for relevant matters. Before leaving, Ethan stretched out his hand to shake hands with Sara.

"Wish us a pleasant cooperation. "

"Me too. "

Sara returned to the company in a good mood. One day, she would help her father's company out of trouble with her own efforts. She didn't want to be reminded by Jacob all the time. Her life would be controlled by herself.

It was already 6:30 when Sara finished her work and came back home. Winnie had already prepared the di

ce said, "Jacob, you're not happy. Is it because I've spent much money to make you unhappy?"

Jacob closed his eyes. "No, I'm just too tired and want to have a rest."

Alice heaved a sigh of relief. Jacob shouldn't be unhappy to buy a car worth millions. In order not to make Jacob unhappy, she didn't even buy a car of tens of millions.

"Have a good rest. I'll call you when we get home." It was natural for her to call Jacob's villa home. Alice tittered and felt extremely happy when she heard the metal touch of the steering wheel.

Alice had to get the same thing Sara got from Jacob. Alice pinched the diamond ring on her left ring finger. Since last time, Jacob hadn't mentioned marriage or engagement. In fact, she didn't get legal status but lived with him. She could do nothing but piss off Sara and destroy her prestige. Alice sighed. She had a long way to go.

Outside the car window, there were many people coming and going. The hazy sunset glow had been scattered in the air. The four in one night scene made people feel warm and quiet. Jacob fell asleep unconsciously.

Alice parked the car at the gate of the villa and woke up Jacob who was sleeping.

Jacob opened his eyes and found it was already dark.

"Have we arrived?" He still seemed sleepy.

Alice nodded.

Jacob got out of the car and waited for Alice to park the car. Then the two entered the villa together.

Winnie was cooking in the kitchen, but there was no one in the hall on the first floor.

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