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   Chapter 116 Protection, Sweet And Romantic

Kiss Me Tonight And Forever By Guo Er Characters: 7650

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One favor for every month? Can't resist?

Although surprised, Lawrence agreed reluctantly.

Although he didn't think he would lose, there was an "in case" in everything? What if he lost?

"OK, that's it!" Seeing Lawrence nodded his head and Christine made a firm decision on this affair.

The two of them spent the rest of their time climbing the mountain. Neither of them said anything more.

When the two of them climbed up the top of the mountain, it was completely dark. In front of her was the sound of the big bell, and behind her was the starlight in the hands of tourists.

This scene was indescribable warm and romantic!

"What? Are you envious of the young couple?" Lawrence looked down along the direction of Christine's gaze. It was difficult to accurately tell the gender of the person in the crowd in flickering lights.

"You are the one who should be envious! I'm already married. Why should I envy?" After rolling her eyes at him, she turned around and was about to go down.

No matter how beautiful the scenery was, it couldn't cure her hunger. After climbing the mountain for the whole afternoon, she was already very hungry!

If she didn't go downstairs to find something to eat. She is going to starve to death!

"Hey, where are you going?" He quickly grabbed her arm and dragged her up the stairs.

Staring at him angrily, Christine shouted at him, "what are you doing?"

"There is a hotel not far from here, and there is a cable car nearby. Are you sure you want to walk down step by step?" Lawrence pointed at the light not far away and said. His words hit the heart of Christine.

She was hungry and tired. It was good enough that there was a place to eat, and the cable car could send her down. That would be even better!

After pretending to think for a while, Christine quickly pulled Lawrence to the place where the light gathered. "Since you are hungry, let's go to fill our stomach first!"

How could he not know what was on Christine's mind? He just didn't bear to expose her. "Thank you for your understanding, Baby!"

"You're welcome!" Christine walked forward with a smile, feeling very happy.

All of a sudden, she found that it was much better to play with Lawrence than with Darren and Terrell!

Just as Lawrence said, t

all the time. We'd better stay close to her!" The leading man in black said in a neither humble nor pushy tone. Perhaps he had stayed with that bastard for a long time, and there was something called arrogance in his tone.

Although Lawrence could recognize these people in front of him, it didn't mean that Christine could also recognize them. Hearing the conversation between him and the other party, Christine took it for granted that Lawrence knew the boss of these men.

"Let's go!" Obviously, he had overestimated Christine's intelligence. He thought that if he asked, she would be able to guess the identity of the other party!

He didn't expected that Christine asked him, "Hey, why are these people following you?"

Even if he knew the boss of these men, there was no need for him to protect Lawrence!

Without saying anything more, Lawrence opened the door and push Christine in. Then he got in the car and explained, "these people are not following me, but you!"

"What?" With her mouth wide open in horror, the fear in her heart spread at this moment, and she trembled with disappointment.

"They have been with you for a long time. Don't you know?" At first, Lawrence thought it was arranged by Christine herself, but when he saw the expression on her face just now, he knew that it must be arranged by Darren hiding from her.

"Why did they follow me? Do they still want to set me up?" Without thinking about her husband, she only felt that it might be Stella and Amanda became uneasiness again!

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