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   Chapter 115 Bet On Darren

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"Wow, it's really as beautiful as the introduction!" Looking at the beautiful scenery in front of her, Christine couldn't help but exclaim.

Standing at the foot of the mountain, she looked up at the towering, feeling unreachable.

"Let's go. If we can't climb up today, we won't go back." He patted his chest valiantly and took the lead in climbing up the stone steps!

"OK, I agree with you!" Lawrence totally agreed with what Christine said. He crossed his middle finger and thumb and snapped his fingers.

"Oh, I'm so tired!" When Christine was halfway up the mountain, she finally couldn't stand it anymore!

"Pfft! Baby, weren't you very powerful before? We have agreed not to go back until we reach the top of the mountain." Staring at the coward in front of him, he burst into laughter and laughed at her just promise!

She was just tired and decided to stop and have a rest. Christine cast Lawrence an angry glance. How dare he laugh at her in such way!

Ignoring him, Christine took out a bottle of water from her backpack and took a few gulps. Then she turned to ask, "Hey, are you thirsty?"

Staring at the water bottle in her hand, Lawrence raised his eyebrows and showed a pitiful expression. He answered seriously, "yes, very thirsty!"

"You are deserve to be thirsty!" Although she looked fierce, she put her hand into her backpack and took out an unopened bottle of water.

"Here you are!" He handed the bottle of water to him and said in an unfriendly tone.

Lawrence curled his lips, took the water bottle from her and said unhappily, "baby, are you always so rude to your husband? Are you sure he can stand it?"

It's none of your business whether he can stand it or not? Drink your water! Drink water can't even cover your mouth!

Rolling her eyes, though she didn't want to mention the man, she couldn't help showing off th

e finish his words in one breath?

He was gasping for breath. She was in a hurry, ok?

"In addition to a month's lunch, you have to be responsible for my daily life, such as waking me up, feeding me, dressing me..."Lawrence spoke shamelessly and counted everything related to him into the bet!

Damn it! He thought he was still a kid! He even need to take care of his meals and sleep?

Even for this, she was going to risk everything! She will definitely lose this bet!

With this faith, Christine also demanded an exorbitant price, saying a lot of gambling contracts in a series!

"Have you finished? Is it my turn?" After waiting for a long time, Christine didn't see Lawrence continue, so she said proudly.

"Huh?" Lawrence smirked to show his acquiescence.

"OK, since you have so many requests, I have to return the favor!" With arms akimbo, Christine tried to win the opponent in momentum, but she looked more childish!

"Since you have said that our relationship is not suitable for raising money, you will be punished to do me a favor every month in the future. The condition is that you absolutely obey and don't resist!" The stake of Christine was much bigger than that of Lawrence and much more difficult than his!

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