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   Chapter 52 Being Humiliated

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"It doesn't matter! It's the same if I go back and take it back when I have time!" Unable to break free from Darren's grip, she could only smile at her father and comfort him.

At first, Nicholas wanted to talk more with Christine. But with the presence of Darren, Stella and Amanda, he couldn't say much.

Some old men who wanted to cotton up to Darren before saw that Nicholas seemed to be familiar with the Mrs. Christine of the Xi family, so they also took the opportunity to talk to Nicholas in this way.

"Dad, you guys talk first. We're going there." Seeing that Nicholas was surrounded, Christine roughly knew the purpose of this group of people.

"Well, you can go there!" With a wave of his hand, Nicholas gestured for Christine to leave.

With a smile on her face, Christine also waved at Nicholas. Meanwhile, she secretly poked the palm of Darren with the other hand that was held by his palm.

Darren knew what Christine meant without thinking.

"Dad, we are leaving now." Darren nodded at Nicholas indifferently and left with Christine as if no one was around.

Being surrounded by some friends, Nicholas could only watch his daughter and son-in-law leave.

In fact, he also knew that the reason why Darren could call him dad in front of everyone was definitely because of Christine.

But no matter what the reason was, they all respected Nicholas very much when they heard Darren call him dad.

Since Stella and Amanda appeared in front of Christine, they had been completely ignored by her. Now they wanted to rush up and bite her to death.

"Dad, mom, I'll go there too." Glaring at Christine's back, a trace of unnoticeable hatred flashed across Amanda's pretty face.

Without paying attention to Amanda, Nicholas continued to chat with his friends. Anyone with eyes could see that he didn't agree to let her go there.

"Amanda, let's go there together." Not everyone had e

elp reaching out her hand to hit Christine.

Although the people in the hall did not deliberately pay attention to the noise on this side, they would still pay attention to it. Seeing that Amanda raised her hand and was about to hit Christine, they couldn't help but sigh.

Is she still the noble lady of the Luo family?

"How dare you?" Without being threatened by Amanda at all, Christine slowly glanced around.

"You..." Amanda was so angry that her face turned blue. But considering her reputation, she withdrew her hand reluctantly.

She was a famous star. There were so many celebrities here. Maybe there were only a few paparazzi hiding in the room!

She couldn't ruin her future for this little bitch!

"I don't want you to judge me. You'd better take care of yourself!" After saying that, Christine turned around and left elegantly with everyone's attention.

After what had happened just now, Amanda might not be able to keep her good image as a sister.

In Christine's opinion, the place with the most gossip was this upper class circle, which boasted of its nobility.

That was how she had got through!

After humiliating Amanda, Christine went upstairs to look for Darren happily. It was such a good news. She must share it with her husband.

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