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   Chapter 49 The Banquet, The Princess' Castle

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After working for such a long time, the attitude of Christine towards him had changed a lot.

Because she found that this man was a playboy, but he was very loyal!

But she didn't intend to tell this to Lawrence, in case this arrogant man became proud.

It was because of the change between them that the two of them became more tacit in acting. It was simply not a big deal for them to go through it once!

The scene in the afternoon soon ended. As soon as Christine left the crew, the driver of the Xi family got out of the car and opened the door for her attentively before she could call the driver.

"Mrs. Christine, please get in the car." The driver opened the door for her with a smile and waited for her to get in respectfully.

Christine smiled at the driver and got into the car.

As soon as Christine got in the car, she took out her phone and began to play games. She didn't worry that she would be taken away by the driver at all.

About ten minutes later, the car stopped in front of the most luxurious shop in the city. The driver kindly reminded her, "Mrs. Christine, we have arrived."

"What? Oh!" Christine thought she had arrived at home so soon, so she pushed the door open and got out of the car without hesitation.

After getting out of the car, Christine found that this was not the villa of the Xi family, which was even bigger than the manor!

It was an extremely luxurious salon!

"Mrs. Christine, Assistant Mark is waiting for you inside!" The driver couldn't help getting out of the car and reminding Christine when he saw that she was standing at the door of the salon in a daze.

"Wait for me? Why?" Pointing at her nose with her little hand, Christine stared at the driver in front of her in disbelief.

The driver smiled mysteriously at Christine and didn't point out the mystery. He just kindly reminded her, "You'll know when you get in."

Seeing that the driver was so mysterious, Christine became more curious, but she didn't mean t

, sexy, pure and noble. At first glance, it seemed that they had entered a princess' castle.

'How much money will be lost here in such a short time?' She thought to herself!

"Mrs. Christine, which one do you like?" The make-up artists led her around and took out several dresses from time to time to check if they were suitable for her.

"You can choose one for me." Staring at a variety of luxurious dresses with a headache, Christine finally decided to believe in professional taste.

She didn't care about it at all!

The make-up artists found that Mrs. Christine didn't put on airs at all, so they liked her more. They picked two dresses that suited her best, and then selected the most beautiful one for her to wear.

Three hours later, it was getting dark. Christine walked out of the shop.

"Where are we going now? Did Darren tell you where to wait for us?" Christine didn't have any other advantages, but she was talkative.

As soon as she got into the car, she began to talk and asked the driver a lot!

The driver was a little helpless, but he dared not refuse to answer Mrs. Christine's questions.

"Mr. Darren is still in the company. You can set off when you arrive." The driver answered while driving.

"Hee hee, okay!" Then she took out her phone from her bag and continued to play games.

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