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   Chapter 48 Visiting, Abuse One Over The Shoulder Of Another

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Lawrence lowered his head and watched her fist around his lips. Before Christine could react, he kissed the back of her fair hand.

"Ah, you playboy!" With a scream, she rubbed the back of her hand hard on his expensive clothes. How disgusted she was.

It took them a while to stop. Because when they were filming before, everyone had already seen the conflict between Lawrence and Christine, so they were not surprised.

As soon as Christine and Lawrence finished an opponent play, the backstage of the crew caused a lot of commotion.

It seemed that some super stars had come. Many staff took a break to watch the fun.

When everyone was leaving, Christine took out her phone and hid in a corner to play the game.

At first, Lawrence wanted to follow up, but was stopped by Director Brian's assistant.

"Christine, let's go to see the fun together?" Now, Lawrence was more and more clinging to Christine, basically following her wherever she went.

"I'm not interested. Go by yourself!" Indeed, she was not interested in anything in the entertainment circle, which was sensed by Lawrence.

Christine didn't want to go, nor did Lawrence force her. He followed Director Brian's assistant to the back.

"Wait for me here. I'll be back soon." Lawrence was really worried about Christine, so he reminded Christine before leaving.

Speechless, Christine rolled her eyes and pouted. Then she lowered her head to play the game.

She looked normal, but in fact, she had been absent-minded for a long time. She thought of Darren.

If her memory was right, then that was also what Darren had told her.

But why did her heart beat so fast when Darren said that? Why didn't she feel anything now when Lawrence said that?

It was amazing!

"Christine, you are so naughty! I've been looking for you for a long time, but you are playing with your phone here alone."

Like a sister next door scolding her own

to deal with!

Fortunately, he didn't let her down! He did a good job!

Seeing that Lawrence was still abusing one over the shoulder of another, Christine quickly pulled him away.

"Christine, what do you think? Am I good enough?" Lawrence sat down on a lounge chair and took a glance at Amanda who was covered with dust and dirt in the distance. Then he smiled at Christine to ask for praise.

Following Lawrence's sight, Christine said heartlessly, "I don't think so!"

How shameless he was!

Although Christine was very satisfied with the handsome man's behavior, she didn't give a high score conservatively.

As for the reason! Of course, she was afraid of his pride! Well, she would never admit that she was sharp tongued!

Without receiving the praise of Christine, Lawrence's face immediately changed. He was sticking the wound on Christine's finger and pressed it hard for revenge. However, Christine rolled her eyes at him.

"Childish!" Christine had always been very generous when it came to defeating Lawrence!

"Christine, I'm so sad! Even you think I'm childish, so I'm going to cry to death in the bathroom."

As he patiently dealt with the wound for Christine, he pretended to be a pitiful resentful man, making Christine look like a tigress.

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