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   Chapter 47 Let Go Of The Luo Family

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Darren nodded, motioning for Christine to go on. In fact, he had already guessed that the purpose of this little woman following him was not pure.

"Did you really destroy my father's company?" After thinking for a while, she didn't say it directly.

"Yes." He had always been a man of integrity, even when his wife questioned him!

"Is it because Amanda bullied me?" When she asked this question, her little face flushed and it was somewhat difficult to say it.

"Yes." Responded Darren.

At first, he thought that this little woman would talk a lot later, but she suddenly fell silent.

Turning his head to glance at the woman with her head down, he asked indifferently, "Are you angry?"

"No, I'm not angry." Hearing that, Christine raised her little head. Her bright eyes were covered with a mist. She pouted and refuted.

He frowned slightly. He hated women crying in front of him the most.

But for some reason, he didn't feel annoyed at all when he saw that, and a faint pain arose in his heart.

Feeling sorry for her? Would he feel sorry for others?

A sneer curled the corners of his mouth. He was getting more and more disgusted with himself. It seemed that he had changed a lot during this period of time.

"If you are not angry, then what is it?" He wanted to reach out his hand to wipe the tears for her, but she didn't give him the chance.

He always thought that a woman would cry as long as her eyes were red. However, she was different from other women.

Although her eyes were as red as rabbit's, she didn't shed tears.

Well, such an interesting woman was just what he wanted.

"You are so kind to me. Of course I am moved! How could I be angry?" With a smile on her face, she pursed her lips and drew a long arc in the face. She told Darren happily

ach and burst into laughter.

With a helpless pout, she couldn't figure out why he laughed. She continued to walk towards the crew.

"Christine, I was just kidding with you!" With a smile on his face, he explained to her stiffly.

Well, although his Chinese was very good, there were times when he couldn't control his mouth.

Christine didn't understand what he meant, so she just ignored him.

"Christine, are you angry? Do you want me to give you a kiss to ask for your forgiveness?" With a bright smile on his face, he followed the little girl in front of him and tried to please her.

Who would have thought that such a shameless man would be the heir of the largest financial group in Korea?

What the audience could remember was always the handsome and intelligent man standing on the screen. They could only see his bright appearance, but no one really knew how powerful his identity and background was!

Of course, Christine didn't know either!

"Lawrence, I want to interview you here. How many women have you kissed except talking and eating?" Christine clenched her little white hand into a fist and raised it high under his thin lips, as if she wanted to interview.

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