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   Chapter 42 You Can Hold Me Tightly If You Are Afraid

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"Mr. Darren, I still can't get through to Mrs. Christine!" The atmosphere in the office was suffocating. The assistant beside Darren was reporting to him in a low voice.

"Keep investigating." Darren glanced at his assistant coldly.

"Yes, Mr. Darren." As soon as Darren finished his words, the assistant fled from his office.

Mr. Darren's authority couldn't be doubted. If they didn't find Mrs. Christine today, or if something bad happened to Mrs. Christine, they would end up with a much more miserable ending than quitting and leaving!

At the thought of this, the assistant couldn't help but complain about the driver.

'Doesn't he usually go out with his brain? As the exclusive driver of Mrs. Christine, why didn't he take care of her all the time?

This time, he was careless. He went to pick up Mrs. Christine a few minutes late, then he missed her. The boss was worried about her, and the whole company had to be nervous!'

Thinking of the horrible expression on his boss' face, the assistant couldn't help shivering and went to do something serious!

Having no idea of this, Christine was having fun with Lawrence in the amusement park!

"Ah! It's so exciting!"

"Ah! I'm scared to death! Boo... Hoo..."

The screams came one after another. A group of tough women were roaring at the sky.

The weaker girl held her companion's hand tightly, so scared that she didn't even dare to open her eyes. Some of them were even wiping their tears in a low voice.

"If you are afraid, hold me tight. I don't mind being your boyfriend for the time being!" With a playful look on his face, Lawrence teased Christine next to him, who looked like a ruffian.

"But I don't want to cuckold my husband!" After casting a scornful glance at Lawrence, Christine retorted without hesitation.

She was convinced by this man. They were just sitting on a big swing, not asking her to go up the mountain and down the frying pan. She really didn't know what to

Stop acting. Send me back quickly!" She pretended to be fierce, with her hands on her waist.

It seemed that she had nothing to do with a lady and was not cute at all!

"Yes, Christine!" With a mischievous smile, he saluted and ushered her into the car.

He hummed the wedding march happily in his heart!

After they got into the car one after another, Lawrence fastened the seat belt for Christine diligently and then slowly drove into the traffic.

Christine smiled at him, thinking that he was actually a nice and considerate gentleman!

It was just that sometimes his mouth was a little bit dirty, and sometimes his behavior was a little frivolous.

"What? Are you falling in love with me?" In fact, one characteristic of Lawrence was similar to that of Christine. That was, he was talkative.

With them around, the atmosphere would never feel awkward. But it was strange that when two people who talked a lot at the same time bumped into each other, there would always be one who didn't give face.

For example, the current Christine!

Now, Christine began to make a self-reflection. She was much more talkative than Lawrence. She really didn't know how Darren put up with her!

Would he also feel annoyed as she did to Lawrence?

Thinking of this, she felt inexplicably disappointed!

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