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   Chapter 30 Pretending To Be Pure

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In the hall of the Luo family, when Christine was still in a dilemma because of the aggressive attitude of Darren towards Nicholas, Amanda had already returned from upstairs!

Not knowing whether Amanda did it on purpose or not, after coming downstairs, she went straight to the sofa next to Darren and sat down. Then she gave the gift to Christine in front of him.

"Christine, this gift was picked up for you by Emily and me! I believe you will like it very much!"

In Christine's memory, since Stella and Amanda came to the Luo family, they had always called her "little bitch". She couldn't stand it when they suddenly called her "Christine" so intimately!

Sure enough, a good sister was acting!

Christine forced a smile at Amanda. With so many people present, it was not appropriate for her to embarrass Amanda, was it?

"Thank you!" Unhappy, Christine expressed her thanks to Amanda, just in order not to let other women's hands stay in front of her husband.

"Christine, why are you so formal with me? I used to give you lots of gifts! I've never seen you so polite!" The implication was that the reason why Christine did so was to put on a show in front of Darren.

Speechless, Christine rolled her eyes. Amanda had never given her gifts.

"Open it and see what gift it is." It seemed that Darren deliberately avoided Amanda's approach. He moved his body secretly and then held his little woman in his arms.

"Okay." If Christine guessed right, the gift from Amanda must not be something good. Maybe Amanda wanted to humiliate her.

Since Amanda had been unkind to her, there was no need for her to be polite to Amanda! She didn't mind showing Amanda's real face to Darren at this "warm" moment.

"No!" With a scream, Amanda's pretty face turned pale. She reached out her hand and wanted to grab the beautiful gift box from Christine's hand.

Of course Amanda knew what she had given Christine! If Darren saw that the gift she gave to Christine was a box of messy photos, where should she put her noble image?

"What's wrong?" Christine's big watery eyes blinked innocently at Amanda!

Well, it's just pretending to be pure!

She could do it too!

"Nothing, nothing. I suddenly feel that this gift is not suitable for you. How about I change a gift for you?" With an embarrassed smile, Amanda stretched out her hands to take the small gift box from Christine.

"It doesn't matter! As long as it's from my sister, it's what I like! No need to change!" With a sweet smile on Christine's face, she seemed to have knocked over a candy jar.

It was not until this moment that Nicholas realized how good Christine was.

He glanced at Amanda with his turbid eyes, and the expression on his face was no longer the image of a loving father as before! It seemed that he was really wrong in the past.

But that was not what Darren thought! Why did he feel that in fact, Christine's mouth was not so sweet?

In particular, he had heard several versions of the last sentence!

Christine wasn't as calculating as them. She had suffered a lot in the Luo family for so many

years. Now that she had left the Luo family, Amanda still had to try every means to bully her. She swore that she would get even with Amanda today!

If I don't get angry, does she really think I'm a doll?

Christine quickly opened the box in her hand and saw a small stack of sexy photos of men and women lying ironically in the box, which made Christine feel cold again. Her face was burning as if she had been slapped!

All of a sudden, Christine regretted her prank. Asked her to use other people's sexy photos to blame Amanda. She really couldn't do it!

In particular, these nude photos weren't others'. They were from Christine's ex-boyfriend, Albert, and Christine's best friend, Emily!

No wonder Amanda said that this gift was specially chosen for her by her and Emily!

"What's wrong?" Taking the small box from the hand of Christine, Darren took out the photos from the box with his big white hand. He looked at them one by one carefully from beginning to end, and then stared at the face of Amanda.

"Are these your so-called gifts? It must have taken you a lot of effort to find the nude photos of Christine's ex-boyfriend, right?" With a click, Darren threw the photos on the tea table. His cold eyes fell on Amanda's face, which made her feel cold all over and her legs tremble.

This man was so powerful!

"No, I might have taken it wrong! This is not the gift I want to give. I don't know why it has changed!" Amanda tried her best to defend herself! No wonder she was the best actress!

"So you mean I've changed your gift? Do you want to search me to see if there is anything you want to give me?"

At first, it was okay for Amanda to get a glass of water, but now she had to play some tricks and get herself into trouble! She couldn't blame anyone but herself for underestimating the man named Darren.

How could Darren allow others to bully his woman at will? Wasn't this a challenge to his male self-esteem?

Even though Christine was not liked by Darren, she was still his second face in front of outsiders!

Christine didn't mean to make trouble for Amanda, but she just couldn't stand such a woman making fun of her again and again!

"I don't think it's a good idea." Seeing that Christine wanted to let her frisk Christine, Amanda pretended to be in a dilemma. However, everyone could see that she wanted to search!

"It's not a big deal. A clean hand wants no washing. Since you suspect me, I have to prove my innocence, right? It doesn't feel good to be slandered all the time!"

Christine had made up her mind. If Amanda admitted her mistake in public, she would show her mercy! At least, she wouldn't make it difficult for Nicholas!

However, if Amanda insisted on setting her up, Christine would not be a coward!

She didn't believe that she would suffer any loss with Darren sitting here.

Since Christine had said so, Amanda naturally had to use all her strength. Her boneless body moved closer to Darren. She was really going to frisk Christine!

Darren was a neat freak. Before meeting with Christine, he hated women's touch the most!

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