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   Chapter 29 Feel Sorry, A Good Father-in-law In China

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On the early morning of the second day, the warm sun in the morning, went into the luxurious room through the thick curtain. On the white face of Christine, there was a faint golden color, which was like the sleeping beauty in fairy tales.

"Well, what time is it?" Christine turned over to the prince who was wearing a tie in front of the mirror and began to sleep again with a groan. Darren didn't know if she was talking in a dream.

"It's over seven o'clock. Get up! Pack up and go to the Luo family!" Taking a glance at the sleeping beauty on the bed, Darren reminded her kindly.

"Well, it's all your fault. You tortured me so late yesterday and we have to get up so early today. It's killing me!"

Christine rolled two circles on the bed unhappily, and her red lips grumbled early in the morning, which made Darren want to laugh!

"Come on, don't be naughty. Get up quickly. Otherwise, I will go to work." The implication was that if you didn't get up, I wouldn't go back to your mother's house with you!

"No, I'll get up right away!" Hearing that Darren wouldn't go back with her, Christine was anxious. She rolled over from the bed and rushed into the bathroom! Hearing that, Darren raised the corners of his mouth towards the door of the bathroom. He didn't expect that this little woman was so easy to be fooled.

Christine was afraid that Darren would leave her alone and her speed of washing was much faster than usual.

After washing up, they had breakfast together. After breakfast, they went straight to the Luo family's house, and the driver was Mr. Darren.

The car stopped at the gate of the Luo family. In the early morning, Nicholas, who had been waiting for them at the gate, immediately went to the back seat to open the door for them, but failed. Both of them got off the car in front.

"Mr. Darren, Christine, it's cold outside. Come in." Embarrassed, Nicholas wiped his sweat and greeted them warmly.

"Are you cold?" It seemed that Darren had heard what Nicholas said. He took off his suit jacket and draped it over Christine's little shoulder without looking at Nicholas.

"I'm not cold." Christine took off his suit jacket and wanted to give it back to Darren. However, she was stopped by Darren.

"Good girl, put it on." Like coaxing a disobedient little daughter, Darren patiently coaxed Christine. They showed affection in public in front of the Luo family.

"Okay, let's go inside." Christine couldn't compete with Darren, so she had to put on his coat again. Then, she took him to the hall of the Luo family.

Indeed, Christine was dissatisfied with her father. But when she saw her father being ignored by Darren like this, she still felt uncomfortable. After all, they were family! Even if the bone was broken, there were still tendons connected!

When they entered the hall, the hostess of the Luo family, Stella, was leaning against the sofa lazily, looking like a noblewoman. Next to her was the nominal Miss Amanda of the Luo family, a famous star in the entertainment industry.

Seeing that they walked in hand in hand, Amanda was so angry that she gritted her teeth. But she dared not act recklessly in front of Darren. She could only sit there motionlessly, pretending to be a noble lady.

Her mother once said that men liked challenging

women. And she was absolutely qualified to be challenged by men.

"Stella, Amanda, didn't you see Mr. Darren and Christine come back? Go and get them two cups of hot water to warm their bodies."

Nicholas was afraid that the two of them would offend Mr. Darren of the Xi family!

"Dad, I heard that Christine would come back, so I specially prepared a gift for her. Could you ask the servant to pour water for Mr. Darren? I'll go get the gift for Christine!"

With an apologetic smile, Amanda cleverly pushed the matter of pouring water for Christine away!

What a joke! Let her pour water for that little bitch. Dream on!

"Okay! Stella, go to the kitchen and get them two cups of hot water!" Nicholas' face turned pale. He was not as obedient to Stella and Amanda as he used to be!

"Nicholas, I think you are really stupid. Ask the elder to pour water for them who came back, which means that they are uneducated, aren't they?"

Deep in her heart, Christine couldn't help but admire Stella for her resourcefulness. The people trained by the great Japanese Empire were really cunning!

There were so many dirty words!

If the look on Nicholas' face was not good before, then it was completely dark now!

Without any comments on the internal contradictions of the Luo family, Darren pulled Christine to sit down and watched the silent war among the other members of the Luo family.

"Mr. Darren, I'm sorry. It's all my fault. I didn't teach them well. I'm sorry!" With a old look on his face, Nicholas apologized humbly in front of Darren. People who didn't know the truth might have reversed the identities of these two people!

Giving Nicholas a cold look, Darren asked in a flat tone, "Did you treat Christine like this before?"

Hearing that, Christine felt sad for no reason.

Nicholas looked at his daughter apologetically. There was a look of regret on his hale and hearty face, but it was hard to tell whether it was true or not.

"I didn't teach my family well. It's all my fault. I made Christine suffer!" Nicholas had never been so humble to Christine like this before. Even when Nicholas forced Christine to marry Darren, he was still confident!

Nicholas was so humble, which made Christine's heart ache! No matter what, Nicholas was her biological father!

"Well, today is the day we come back. Why do we talk about these unhappy topics? You can talk here first. I'll go to the kitchen and get you hot water!"

Without being seen by others, Christine hooked a corner of Darren's garment with her little finger, indicating him not to make things difficult for Nicholas anymore!

At the same time, Darren wrapped Christine's little hand in his palm and stopped her in silence. "I'm not thirsty. Just sit and wait for a while!"

What he meant was that they didn't have the right to let you get the water!

A simple minded person like Christine might not understand what he meant, but Nicholas must have known it!

"Then let Christine have a good rest! Didn't Christine always like to sleep? You must be not used to getting up so early today!"

As long as it was what Darren said, Nicholas would agree with him ten thousand percent. Darren didn't want Christine to get some water, Nicholas would be in favor of him!

What a good Chinese father-in-law!

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