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   Chapter 28 Be Easily Infected

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Since Christine had missed today's class perfectly, it was meaningless to go to school again.

She got up from the bed, went to the bathroom to wash her face and brush her teeth, and then went downstairs to have lunch. These were the procedures that Christine had to complete every day.

After eating and drinking enough, she stood up and went upstairs to her bedroom. When she was halfway up the stairs, she was stopped by Uncle David. "Mrs. Christine, there is a phone call."

It was unbelievable. Who on earth called her by the telephone instead of her smart phone?

With a lot of doubts in her heart, she answered the phone, "Hello! I'm Christine!"

"Christine, I'm your father! I'm calling to ask when you and Mr. Darren will come back, so that we can get ready." Till now, Nicholas didn't dare to call out the name of Darren. He respected his son-in-law more than his father.

"Who said I was going back?" Since Nicholas forced Christine to marry Darren, Christine no longer treated Nicholas as her father. Now she was not as polite as before when she talked to Nicholas.

There was indeed a well-known custom in A City. Three days after a girl got married, she had to go back to her home to visit her parents. As for what this custom were used, Christine didn't know.

"Christine, how can you not come back? The Xi family was a big family, and for the time being, Mr. Darren was ranked top one in the world for a long time. When your father-in-law was in charge of the company, the position of one could be compared with that of the Luo family. In the face of such a rich family, if a girl doesn't have the support of her own family, she will have to suffer in her mother-in-law's family!"

As long as Nicholas seized the opportunity, he would try his best to persuade Christine. As for the purpose! Of course, he would try his best to get some benefits for himself!

Being a selfless and dedicated father was never the style of Nicholas. In his eyes, there was never the so-called the relationship between father and daughter, or the relationship between husband and wife, but only interests.

Of course, this was an exception for Stella and Amanda of the Luo family.

"Thank you for your kindness, but I don't need it. Because Darren and all the members of his family treat me very well, at least much better than the Luo family!"

After saying that, Christine was about to hang up the phone. She had no time and energy to care about her father's business.

"No matter how good they are to you, can they be better than your mother to you? Now that you are rich and become the first lady, don't you want me and your mother? Christine, you can deny me, but you can't deny your mother! Your mother is still worried about you at the last moment..."

Nicholas was really a cunning old fox. Seeing that Christine didn't listen to him, he took out his last trump card and mentioned her mother, as if Christine was sorry for her mother if she didn't go back.

"I will discuss with Darren tonight and see when he can spare time. Is ther

e anything else?" What bothered her most was that Nicholas kept nagging at her like a Buddhist!

If he was good to Christine, no matter what ridiculous thing he said, she would listen to him obediently.

However, Christine really didn't have the patience to forgive anyone who tried to set her up.

After hanging up the phone, Christine went upstairs. Perhaps it was because Nicholas mentioned her mother that she felt depressed the whole afternoon.

Her biggest dream was to let her mother see her put on the wedding dress and walk into the hall of marriage happily one day.

For the time being, both of her two dreams were missed. It was impossible for the Xi family to give her a wedding, and her mother could not see her get married happily.

"What's wrong?" As soon as Darren came back, he saw Christine, who had been sitting on the bed and sighing.

He was quite surprised and curious about what was going on that made it difficult for Christine, who had always been optimistic.

Hearing Darren's voice, Christine immediately calmed herself down and put on a thick smile again. "You're back, Darren!"

Darren found that his self-control had become very poor recently. He could always be affected by the smile of Christine unconsciously!

He didn't know whether this change was good or not! He had to admit that his life was not so dull since he had this little woman at home!

"What happened just now? Huh?" Darren pulled his tie casually and walked to the front of Christine, staring at Christine with his shining black eyes.

"My father called me at noon. He asked when we would go back."

In front of her family, Christine was always undisguised. She lived like a transparent person. Therefore, no matter what Darren asked her, she would answer him!

A gleam flashed across Darren's eyes, which were even brighter than obsidian's. It seemed that he had underestimated Nicholas and Amanda of the Luo family. Wasn't the warning given to them enough? If that was the case, he didn't mind being more ruthless!

"Then what did you say to them? Has the time been fixed?" Smart as Darren was, he didn't ask what Nicholas had told Christine. Instead, he changed the subject.

"I said I would wait for you to come back and discuss with you. I don't know if you have time or not." Not only did Christine not know if Darren had time, but with the cold demeanor of Mr. Darren, he would not even bother to go!

"Then let's go tomorrow!" No wonder Darren was the CEO of top one in the world. No matter what decision he made, he was so decisive, not sloppy at all. He was so handsome!

"Christine, why are you so stingy?" When Darren went upstairs with Christine, he mocked her in disgust.

"Why did you say that? I just called my father with the landline phone! We are a couple. Yours is mine, mine is yours! Why do you care so much?"

Christine kept chattering. Unfortunately, she was carried back to the bedroom by a werewolf. Then he kissed her again and again, then had a sex with her! In the end, Christine was so exhausted!

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