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   Chapter 25 Vague, Let's Have A Try

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"Why don't you eat more, Darren?" As his wife, Christine knew how to care about her husband.

However, the man was so uninterested that he broke the warm scene.

"There are so many flatteries on the table. Do you think I can still eat them?" Putting down his chopsticks, Darren sat on the chair of the head of the Xi family and squinted at the woman who cared about him.

"Darren, you..." Christine glared at him angrily and then lowered her head to start eating. She swore that she would never pay attention to this man again.

Sitting still in his seat, a smile slowly climbed up the corners of Darren's mouth. If Christine saw his charming smile, she would be convinced by him.

Christine vented all her anger on the delicious food and kept eating. She didn't look like a lady at all.

If it weren't for the fact that Darren had investigated her background, he might have thought that she was a homeless girl!

"Ah! It's delicious!" After finishing the last bite of rice on the plate, Christine drank up the soup in the bowl and sighed with satisfaction.

"Finished?" Darren had been waiting impatiently for a long time. It was crazy for him to wait for a woman at the table for such a long time.

"Hee hee! I'm so full! What about you? Would you like some more?" With a contented look on her face, Christine touched her round belly and giggled at Darren. She had already forgotten her promise before lunch.

Ignoring what Christine had said, Darren looked at the belly touched by her little hand, and his cold eyes darkened a little.

After lunch, he was about to take her upstairs. It must be a trap to make him wait for such a long time.

The old saying was right. "If you don't have anything to beg somebody, but you please somebody, you must have a desire for sex or steal." The CEO of the top-one in the world would definitely not steal! Well, everyon

shiny silver thread hanging at the corner of her mouth. Well, to put it bluntly, it was just saliva.

The big book covering her little face was hanging on the edge of the bed, swaying.

Annoyed, Darren grabbed the book hanging on the edge of the bed and read it.

He had read this book when he was very young. At that time, the cover of the book was much more classical than it was now. The content of it was about the story unfolded by taking advantage of the story of a man killing his sister-in-law in the Water Margin.

In this book, two persons had an affair, so a lot of details about it were implanted in the book. Some details even made people feel obscene.

It never occurred to Darren that Christine would like to read this kind of book, with keen interest.

However, what made him angry was not what kind of book she liked to read. Instead, she pretended to be pure, making him feel that he had been deceived by this woman.

He opened the catalogue of the book and looked at it from top to bottom. To his surprise, he found that the catalogue of these sections seemed to have been changed.

Children had a good memory. They could remember a lot of things they had read when they grew up, especially for a prodigy like Darren.

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