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   Chapter 24 Eat Well And Eat Lightly

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When Darren drove back to the villa, all the servants in the house were preparing the lunch for Christine. Seeing that he came back at lunch time, they thought he came back for lunch!

Ignoring the strange eyes of the servants, Darren walked steadily towards his bedroom, completely ignoring them. He even ignored them when they bowed to greet him.

When Darren pushed the door open, he saw that Christine was reading a book on the bed! Her petite body curled up in the quilt, like a newborn baby. A thick book was covered on her face. Darren wondered if she had fallen asleep.

Darren coughed slightly in the air, which startled Christine who was absorbed in reading. And the big book covering her face jumped to the ground.

Speechless, Darren picked up the book for Christine and inadvertently glanced at the book cover. It was... a book named little black book?

Taking a deep breath, Darren raised his head and looked at Christine in disbelief. Why didn't he know that his little woman was so lustful and liked reading such books?

In fact, Mr. Darren was thinking too much. Most of the famous books were abridged, and some parts with some bad information had already been deleted.

"What's wrong? Why did you come back all of a sudden?" Being stared at by Darren, Christine was scared out of her wits.

With a mischievous smile at the corners of his mouth, Darren playfully put the book back into Christine's hand, and raised her chin slightly with the other hand, forcing her to look straight into his eyes. "Aren't you happy that I'm back?"

At this moment, he really wanted to open her head to see what was in it. Usually, when she saw him coming back, she would run to him happily and talk a lot to him! Why did she suddenly become so silent?

"Ha ha, of course I'm happy!" Holding the book named little black book in her arms, Christine giggled at Darren. Her little mouth was as sweet as usual.

With his dark eyes staring at the small mouth of Christine, Darren pressed his cold thin lips on the lips of Christine, which were even wetter than jelly, and tasted them carefully.

Well, it tastes so good! He was so addicted to her!

"Hmm... Darren?" Christine was stunned by the kiss. She stared at his handsome face with her big eyes and tried to call him.

Being mistreated in the Luo family for a long time, Christine lacked a sense of security, although sometimes she would treat people who had bullied her like a little hedgehog. However, she was still eager to find someone to rely on.

There was no doubt that she could rely on Darren now.

"What? What's wrong?" With a kind heart, Darren let go of her lips and continued to kiss her body, leaving a few hickeys on her white and tender skin.

"Dinner will be ready soon. Let's wait in the dining room downstairs! In case Uncle David would walk upstairs again." Christine pushed his thin body with her small hand, trying to keep a distance from the man in case something unexpected happened later.

"Don't worry. It's his duty. If he can't even handle such a small thing, how can he be a butler?" Instead of letting go of Christine, Darren

tightened his arms, which made her unable to breathe.

"But..." Christine was still unwilling to give up and tried to escape from the embrace of Darren, although she liked to be held by him in this way. However, her body had been severely overwhelmed, and she really could not withstand the embrace of Darren.

If it was just a hug, she would be very happy. The problem was that every time this man hugged her, he just wanted to have sex with her.

Since she entered this room, she had been squeezed into pieces by Darren every night. If she had to do this even in the daytime in the future, she would be exhausted.

Sometimes she really admired his physical strength. He didn't have any adverse reactions when he kept on exploiting her like this!

"Mr. Darren, Mrs. Christine, the lunch is ready. Are you going downstairs to eat now?" When Christine was at a loss, Uncle David's voice came through the door.

"Yes, we will go downstairs right away!" Hearing Uncle David's voice, every cell in Christine's body became active. She replied in a hurry.

Uncle David didn't hear Darren's retort. He took it as a tacit approval of Darren and went downstairs.

"Darren, are you hungry? I'm so hungry! Let's go downstairs to have lunch, shall we?"

This time, Christine didn't want to push Darren away. Instead, she nestled comfortably in his arms, holding her empty stomach with both hands, and acted like a spoiled child in front of him.

Being interrupted, Darren's face darkened. He pushed Christine away mercilessly and got out of bed.

Christine chuckled to herself in her heart. She lifted the quilt and got out of the bed, following Darren happily.

Seeing that they went downstairs one after another, a smile appeared on Uncle David's old face. It seemed that the relationship between Mr. Darren and Mrs. Christine was really good!

Moreover, Mr. Darren became more and more considerate and homesick! "If Christine heard this, she might roll her eyes! "

"Wow, what a hearty lunch! Thank you, Uncle David!" Ignoring the dark face of Darren, Christine started to eat.

"Mrs. Christine, if there is anything you want to eat, just tell me! Because you have never said what you like to eat. So we made it according to Mr. Darren's taste." As he spoke, Uncle David stole a glance at Darren, who was eating with his head down. Uncle David was wondering whether Mr. Darren would ask about Mrs. Christine's preferences.

Obviously, Uncle David was thinking too much. Darren didn't hear what they said at all.

"Okay, what Uncle David asks them to cook is my favorite food. Whatever Uncle David asks them to cook, I always like to eat." Since Christine entered the house of the Xi family, her flattering skills had improved to a higher level. Uncle David's heart was almost melted by her.

After flattering Uncle David, Christine began to focus on eating. However, as soon as she picked up the chopsticks, Mr. Darren threw the chopsticks away.

Christine raised her head in surprise and didn't know what was going on. This man had only eaten a few mouthfuls of food, but why did he put down his chopsticks?

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