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   Chapter 23 Investigation, Torture

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Glaring at the direction where Darren and Christine left, Amanda's beautiful and delicate face was full of unwillingness, and there was a faint killing intent hidden in her attractive eyes.

There was always something she didn't want. As long as she wanted, there was nothing she couldn't get.

'Christine, show off as much as you can! I want to see how you are abandoned by Mr. Darren in the end.'

"Ah Choo! Ah Choo!"

Sitting in the car happily, Christine sneezed two times in a row and muttered in a low voice, "It must be Amanda who is scolding me again."

Then, she turned around with a smile and stared at Darren with a bewitching look. She found a particularly suitable excuse and asked, "What's our address, Darren?"

Christine was smart now. She knew that Darren wouldn't speak easily, so before she spoke to him, she would always think of a way to accost him with questions, so that she could hear the pleasant voice of a handsome man!

Well, she was so smart!

"You can ask the driver to send you wherever you want to go." Do you mean that I won't tell you?

This man's way of refusing people was really unique, but could Christine take this as a disguised concern?

"Oh! What about you? Don't you need a driver?" Christine didn't believe that this man would always choose to drive by himself. Today was definitely an exception.

"There is another driver at home." Darren was impatient.

"Okay!" Christine replied sulkily and didn't say anything more, because she had sensed that Darren was in a bad mood. Although she didn't know why, she'd better not hit the muzzle.

There was silence all the way. It was not until the car stopped in front of the villa of the Xi family that Christine broke the silence. "I'll go in first. Be careful on the way and drive slowly."

Having been used to Darren's silence, Christine didn't expect that the man would answer her. She opened the door and got out of the car.

Darren didn't start the car until he saw Christine enter

dare to speak it out?

Even if his assistant didn't say anything, Darren could guess what he was thinking with his high IQ.

"Send some people to the Luo family. Since Nicholas doesn't know how to teach his daughter, you can help him teach her in front of him."

Originally, he wanted to do this in person, but he didn't find anything on Amanda, so he had to settle for second best.

If Darren wanted to find someone to vent his anger, he could easily find a small echelon of people. He might not have to make trouble for Amanda.

As a profiteer, Darren liked killing two birds with one stone the most. That was why he targeted at Amanda. He wanted to help Christine vent her anger.

That's right. How could his woman be bullied by other women?

The assistant walked out of the office as soon as he got the order. The first rule of the assistant was that he must absolutely obey the boss' order!

Darren picked up the investigation result that his assistant had put on the table and looked at it carefully from beginning to end. Then he picked up the car key and left.

His little woman surprised him so much. Of course he had to go back and torture her. Thinking of the smiling face of Christine, Darren became more charming.

Of course, the outsiders couldn't notice it. Only he knew if he was in a good mood!

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