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   Chapter 22 Challenge And Warn Amanda

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"You all know that?" Christine swallowed. She didn't expect that she was so famous that even Miss Melisa knew her.

However, Miss Melisa had heard of her, but it didn't mean that Director Brian also knew her! Director Brian would be shocked if he knew what kind of person she was!

"Huh?" Miss Melisa thought that in fact, Christine was quite cute. It seemed that the rumor was really untrustworthy.

"Does Director Brian know about it?" Christine asked again, which made Miss Melisa roll her eyes.

"Yes, we all know." Miss Melisa rolled her eyes and replied to Christine speechlessly.

"Alright." Lowering her head, Christine didn't know whether she should be happy or feel sad for herself.

"Three days later, go find Director Brian for audition and the school bus will pick you up. Go back and prepare yourself. This is a good opportunity to prove your innocence." Miss Melisa reminded Christine in a responsible manner.

"Can I refuse it? I don't want to go find Director Brian. I don't like acting. I don't like the entertainment circle." In the past few years, Christine had been discredited by the media for a long time, so she had no good impression of the entertainment circle.

"Why? This is a good opportunity, and..." Miss Melisa was the main person in charge of the initial exam. She had an absolute responsibility to guide the selected students, so she couldn't help saying a few more words to Christine.

"Miss Melisa, I know this initial exam is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for me, but this opportunity is not what I want."

It was the first time that Christine had expressed her attitude in such a serious manner. It could be seen that she was really tired of entering the entertainment circle.

"Christine, this is really a good opportunity. I hope you can go back and think about it carefully. Don't be too impulsive."

Miss Melisa sighed helplessly. If possible, she really didn't want to force the little girl in front of her.

"Okay, bye, Miss Melisa!" Before the last moment, Christine couldn't say anything too harsh, so she had to answer obediently.

"Okay, just go to class! Wait for your answer at any time. Come to my office if you have made up your mind." Miss Melisa smiled kindly at Christine and watched her out of the office.

When Christine came out of Miss Melisa's office, she felt a little empty and a little sad.

Christine took out her phone and looked at the time. A class had passed. She slowly let out a sigh of relief, went back to the classroom, put her backpack on her back, and slowly walked out of the school gate.

After walking out of the school gate, Christine found a big problem. She didn't know how to go back to the Xi family!

After hesitating for a while, she finally dialed the number of Darren.

"What's the matter?" Soon, the voice of Darren came through the phone, which also sent a signal to Christine. This man was not very busy now!

"I want to ask you the address of the Xi family. I'm going back now, but I don't know how to go back." Lowering her head, Christine stared at the ground. Anyone with eyes could feel that she was unhappy.

"Wait there. I'll pick you up." Darren's voi

ce was still indifferent, and his words were extremely domineering. But when it came to Christine's ears, it was full of warmth.

"Okay, drive safely. Don't be in a hurry." Christine didn't know what was wrong with her. As soon as she heard the voice of Darren, her heart was filled with sweetness.

"Okay." Then Darren hung up the phone, leaving no chance for Christine to say goodbye.

Without paying much attention to it, Christine put the phone in her chest shyly. The phone was swayed by the violent heartbeat, fully revealing how nervous the little woman was just now.

"Hey, my good sister? Why are you standing here alone? Did you get dumped again?"

With a mean face, Amanda appeared in front of Christine. She was still domineering, like an arrogant princess.

Christine didn't say anything. After all, she was the wife of Mr. Darren. In terms of identity and background, she was not inferior to Amanda at all. Why should she swallow insult and humiliation?

"Tut, tut, it's different to be the wife of Mr. Darren! When you were in the Luo family, you were as submissive as a white mouse all day long. Now you become the wife of Mr. Darren, then you become arrogant?"

Amanda was really annoying. Wherever Christine went, she would meet this short-lived enemy. She would inevitably sneer at Christine.

"Of course it's different. At least after being the wife of Mr. Darren, I don't have to depend on others anymore. How can I not be happy?" Well, since Amanda had already provoked her like this, Christine didn't want to be a coward.

"Ouch!" The pure black limited edition sports car stopped at the gate of A University. Then what came into view was Darren falling from the sky.

Even though she had been watching Darren for several days, Christine was still attracted by his handsome face, let alone Amanda.

When Amanda saw Darren, she was like a fly seeing a shit. She wished she could fly to Darren right away and take a big bite.

But why couldn't this perfect man see her?

Amanda's eyes, which were full of cunning, were fixed on the man. Her heart was filled with infinite desire for Darren.

"Why are you here so soon? Aren't you busy?" Seeing that Darren drove the car himself, a warm current coursed through Christine's heart. Christine ran up to Darren and held his arm intimately.

She didn't do this to show off to Amanda. She just felt warm for what Darren did.

If possible, Christine would rather hide her handsome husband than let him show up every time, which would attract a group of crazy women.

Without saying a word, Darren glanced at Amanda secretly and then pulled Christine into the car.

That was the way Darren was. For people and things he didn't care about, he always kept himself out of the matter. It was already a generous behavior to take a glance at Amanda.

Since Darren appeared, Amanda's eyes had never moved away from him. Naturally, she would not miss his quick glance.

As soon as Amanda caught sight of the look in Darren's eyes, a big smile immediately appeared on her face. However, before the smile could be widened, it froze on her face, because Darren had already left without hesitation.

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