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   Chapter 21 Play The Leading Role

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Having no idea what kind of surprise Miss Melisa had left for her, Christine sat opposite her uneasily, waiting for her to continue.

"Pfft! Why are you so calm? Don't you want to know what surprise I have for you?" Unfortunately, Miss Melisa didn't see Christine's excited look, but she was not unhappy.

Instead, she felt that the little girl in front of her was very naive, completely different from the selfishness, jealousy and vicious image that was exposed on the media.

After swallowing her saliva, Christine stared at Miss Melisa and didn't say anything. She was so nervous that her legs began to tremble.

"What surprise will Miss Melisa give me?" Did she want to free her and fire her because she hadn't come to class for a long time?

Tears welled up in Christine's eyes. If she was really fired by Miss Melisa, she would put on a play in this office, crying, shouting and hanging! Having made up her mind, Christine felt better.

"Have a guess!" Miss Melisa raised her eyebrows naughtily at the little girl in front of her. The more Christine wanted to know, the more Miss Melisa wanted to tease the little girl.

"Are you trying to fire me?" At this time, what Christine should do was to pretend to be ignorant, but Miss Melisa was so naughty that Christine could not deal with her at all.

According to the principle of "It's all about slash", Christine had completely stretched out her neck in front of Miss Melisa.

"Then tell me, why should I fire you?" Miss Melisa held back her laughter and pretended to be serious about what Christine said. She wanted to know what bad things this little girl had done.

"I shouldn't have skipped classes these days!" Lowering her head, Christine made an apology obediently. Her attitude was very good, like a docile kitten.

"You shouldn't have skipped classes these days? Do you mean that you can skip classes for no reason in the future?" Miss Melisa was addicted to it. She held back her laughter, but looked serious.

"No, no, No. I didn't mean that. I didn't skip classes for no reason. I had something to deal with at home these days." Waving her hands in panic, Christine was eager to explain for herself.

"Well, since there is a reason, I won't mind." Miss Melisa was also a playful person, and she was also a first-class master in this aspect. That was why Christine was tricked by her.

"What?" Christine was completely stunned. Was this over? Why did she feel that she confessed without torture?

"What's wrong? Do you really want me to fire you?" Miss Melisa folded her arms across her chest and stared at Christine. She was a soft and cute girl, but she had to show a manly demeanor.

"Hee hee! Of course not!" Knowing that she didn't make a big mistake, Christine's nervous mood was immediately swept away. She held her little face with a smile to please Miss Melisa.

Miss Melisa raised her slender eyebrows and stared at Christine in a good mood.

"Miss Melisa, is that over? Can I leave now?" Christine pointed at the door to show that she was willing to get out.

"What are you talking about? I haven't said what I want to say yet!" You want to escape? How could it be so easy? She was holding her braid now!

"What? Didn't you just say that you wouldn't fire me?" Then what else do you want to say? She didn't da

re to say that sentence.

"You said that by yourself just now. Did I ask you anything?" When Miss Melisa said this, she was like a sly fox!

"What?" Christine was totally in a mess. Was Miss Melisa too bored today that she casually found someone on the list to entertain herself?

"What! What sort of attitude is that? Listen to me, or I'll tell everyone that you skipped classes." Miss Melisa threatened Christine unethically.

Christine sat in her seat listlessly, like an eggplant in frost. She was a typical troublemaker. There was nothing wrong with her, and it was all her fault for her bitchy mouth.

How she wished she could slap herself. How could she spill the beans?

"Christine, I have something to tell you today. You have been selected by the top international director, Director Brian." Miss Melisa was amused by the frustrated look of Christine and immediately told her the purpose of her calling Christine over here.

"What? I was chosen by Director Brian? What did I get selected for?" At this moment, Christine was completely confused. Why was she suddenly chosen by Director Brian Xu? Why did Director Brian Xu choose her? Did he want her to play the supporting role of a vicious woman?

Christine was only half right. Director Brian Xu was indeed looking for her to act, but the role was not a vicious supporting actress, but a young and beautiful female lead!

A University's large-scale initial selection of campus beauties was exactly the foreshadowing for this.

Of course, it was said that the international top director was going to select a female lead in the campus, and many universities had put in a lot of efforts.

If the students in their schools were chosen, they could not only win honor for the school, but also enhance the reputation and competition of the school. The benefits would be great.

But Christine didn't know that!

Miss Melisa glanced at Christine with contempt. She really couldn't figure out how she got into the university with her intelligence. "What else can Director Brian do with you? Of course it's shooting!"

"What? Let me act in the movie?" Before this, Christine just criticized this in her heart casually. She didn't really think that Director Brian Xu would let her act in a TV play.

"Huh? And you'll be the leading actress!" Miss Melisa seemed to dislike that Christine was not shocked enough, and bombarded her one after another.

What the hell? Didn't Director Brian Xu ask her to act in a vicious supporting actress? Is she going to play the leading actress? Oh my God! Director Brian Xu must have never heard of her scandal, so he was wrong!

Christine was an honest and good girl. She must make Director Brian Xu know the fact.

At the thought of this, Christine thought about her detailed situation carefully and reported it to Miss Melisa. Including how bad her reputation was, and her talent for acting was terrible. Hearing that, Miss Melisa was speechless and her eyes were shining.

Christine said a lot, but was rejected by Miss Melisa's words. "We have already known what you said."

Thanks to Amanda, Christine had long been a black star in the entertainment industry. Although Christine had never stepped into the entertainment circle, she had always been well-known, even more hateful than Mammy Rong.

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