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   Chapter 2 Take Off Your Clothes

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Although the man was handsome, he appeared cold and detached. The indifferent aura he emitted distanced himself from others.

"Have you taken it all in?"

he asked, rolling his eyes.

What a shallow woman!

Christine was still speechless, enamored by him.

She, indeed, had never encountered anyone else as beautiful as him.

Christine studied every inch of his face, his body...

Pity he was too cold!

If he were more open, he'd be perfect.

"What's your name?" "Ch-Christine," she said, trying to hold back her heavy breathing.

She was still in shock with what was happening.

It was amazing!

"Cut the crap. Take off your clothes!" Darren Xi frowned, interrupting her thoughts.

Christine was taken aback.

Darren Xi's loud voice shook her to her core and she felt her heart rate rise up rapidly.

She had never been nervous before. Amanda and Stella were merely annoyances. However, this man made her palms sweat and her chest tighten.

This man intimidated her.

Darren Xi gave her a cold glare, appraising her.

Christine began to get annoyed.

This was her home. How dare he barge in on her and act like this?

"Who do you think you are? You ran into my room in the middle of the night. What makes you think you have the right to be here?"

Christine yelled.

"Oh? Really?" A strange smile appeared on Darren Xi's lips.

Christine didn't know what the hell was going on in the man's mind. She shivered slightly, thinking of what he might do next.

She remembered the murders she had heard about in the news the past few nights. Suddenly, she felt fear stab her heart.

'Why am I so unlucky?' she thought. She just wanted to be alone that night. Why did the universe hate her so?

Was this karma for going up against Amanda and Stella?

But they deserved that!

Why couldn't she fight back?

Christine was lost in her thoughts. She did not notice Darren Xi sneaking up towards her on the bed.

He pinched her delicate chin and raised it slightly, forcing her to look at him.

Christine's heart began to beat faster. A deep blush appeared on her cheeks.

"What are you doing here?"

It took all of Christine's

energy to finish that sentence.

However, she couldn't tear her eyes away from his body.

"I'll tell you what I'm here for. I came here to make love to you."

With a sly smile, Darren tore off her nightclothes. Christine was taken by surprise.

"Ah! You, you, you..."

Christine was frightened. She stared at him with wide eyes.

"Amanda, stop acting! You're good, but it's time to stop!"

He kissed her forcefully.

'She tastes so good,' he thought.

This woman had used everything she could to marry into the Xi family, but maybe she wasn't as much of a bother as he thought.

This was Christine's first kiss. She did not know how to react!

However, she heard what the man had said clearly.

Amanda? He thought that she was Amanda! Did this mean that this man was the legendary young master of the Xi family? The CEO of the number one company in the world?

"Focus!" Dissatisfied with her absent-minded behavior, he bit her lips.

"Ouch... That hurts!" Christine felt helpless.

It seemed that Darren hadn't realize that he had gone to the wrong place!

"You... You've got the wrong person!" Out of breath, Christine tried to push the man away.

Although she hated Amanda,

she could not bring herself to steal Amanda's future husband.

She pushed him even harder.

"Oh?" With a faint smile in his face, Darren seized up the girl in his arms.

"You've really got the wrong person. I'm not Amanda!" Christine tried to bury her face in the quilt and cover her nakedness, but Darren stopped her.

Every fiber of his body longed for this woman. He let go of all his inhibitions.

He pinned her to the bed and kissed her neck. With a growl, he entered her. Christine gave a small yelp. Soon, the room was filled with the sound of passionate lovemaking.

Christine heard a knock on the door the next morning.

"Miss Christine, wake up! Mr. Nicholas is waiting for you in the study! If you don't go, he will scold you again!"

"Okay, Aunt Lucy! Tell him I'll be right there!" Christine was so tired. Her body felt sore, as if it had been ripped apart from the inside.

Suddenly, she remembered last night. She sat up with a start.

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