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   Chapter 117 Do You Still Remember Baron

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The morning sun shone on Mika's face, and her red and swollen eyes were even more swollen. She slowly opened her eyes, and the bright sun pierced her eyes.

"Are you awake?"

Baron's voice suddenly came to Mika's mind. Looking at him, she was stunned. When did he come? Did he just go out for a while last night and come back soon? But she had already fallen asleep?

Thinking of this, Mika's mood suddenly lit up. She smiled at sweet and timidly rubbed her face. "Well, have you been with me all the time?"

Baron didn't answer Mika's question, but said lightly, "get up."

Mika nodded and got up obediently. Her figure was shown in front of Baron. Baron frowned and couldn't help but think of another face. She was always shy to show her figure in front of him.

"What's up, Baron?"

Baron was stunned and frowned more tightly. She seldom asked what would happen.


Mika didn't hear any response from Baron. She looked at him and found that he was staring at her. She was happy and smiled shyly, "Baron, I'll be embarrassed if you behave like this."

It was not until then that Baron realized his gaffe. He looked away and said, "I'll wait for you downstairs."

Baron leave in a hurry. Mika smiled and looked at him. And opened her arms and spun around happily.

Baron liked her. The reaction of his body was his real reaction!

Thinking of this, Mika swept away the haze of yesterday and was full of confidence. She knew that it was not easy to give up a relationship for a long time.

Back in the hall, Baron leaned against the sofa lazily, with his eyes down. No one knew what he was thinking. When his hand suddenly touched something hard in his pocket, his heart moved. Crystal Earrings!

Baron couldn't help biting his lips. He opened his eyes and saw that everything in the hall was still the same. Probably no woman would tolerate other women leaving so many marks in her house, especially in the place that belonged to her originally.

Perhaps he shouldn't have taken Yolande to settle down here. He should have left Mika a piece of land!


Mika's joyful voice came. Then she threw herself at Baron, looked up at him with admiration and asked, "What are you thinking about?"

He shook his head and held Mika tightly in his arms, trying to make up for her.

Mika was frightened by the sudden hug. She opened her eyes wide and rested her chin on Baron's shoulder. She was secretly pleased. This was what she had always dreamed of. Now she finally got it. Mika put her arms around his neck and nestled intimately at his neck. The two seemed to have returned to the past.

Baron didn't move. Mika held him like this. After a long time, Mika still didn't let go of him. He patted her gently and said, "Let go of me. We have something to do."

"For me, you are the most important thing." Mika said in a low voice as she ge

rature of the soybean milk, Mika` pursed her lips. She had indeed forgotten the taste of the soybean milk when she was abroad, and of course, she had almost forgotten her own habits. But the man in front of her still remembered?


"It's okay." Baron gently pushed the soybean milk in front of Mika, "it should be the temperature you want. Have a taste."

Mika looked at Baron and didn't care about the soybean milk. She stared at him and said, "We will always be like this, won't we?"

"No." Baron denied Mika without hesitation.

"Why?" Mika looked at Baron in surprise.

Baron got close to Mika and said, "We still have a lot of things to do. It's just a small thing."

Feeling the heat in Baron's eyes, Mika lowered her head and said, "What else do you want to do? We..."

"Keep it mysterious." Baron glanced at the soybean milk, "now, you have a more important task."

"What task?" Mika became interested and looked into his eyes.

"Drink the soybean milk." Baron leaned back and said, "It's cold if I don't drink it anymore. I don't want to drink cold soybean milk."

Mika suddenly burst into laughter, her eyes curving into the shape of a crescent moon. In the past, every time she couldn't drink up all the soybean milk, she would push it to Baron. He always stared at her and drank up the rest of the soybean milk.

"I will drink it up this time."

Holding the soybean milk, Mika's heart was filled with happiness. She looked at Baron with her sparkling eyes and laughed in her heart. In fact, it was not that she couldn't even drink up the soybean milk. She just wanted to enjoy the sweetness of drinking a cup of soybean milk for two people.

This time, Mika really drank up the soybean milk. She put down the cup and looked at Baron.

"Are you done?"

Looking at the empty soybean milk cup, Mika nodded hard, blinked her eyes and asked curiously, "where are we going?"

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