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   Chapter 115 Is The Child Really Dead

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In the spring of Hayden City, the sun had risen, but there was still a chill in the spring.

The sun fell on her plain dress. She sat quietly on the bench in the corridor of the hospital, her hands twisting together and gently pressing on her lower abdomen.

She could feel the eyes of those around her. Alone as she was, there was no escape from ridicule.

Let's have an abortion. Women nowadays really don't have self-respect!

Now that she was pregnant, she deserved it.


"I'm here."

Yolande quickly agreed. The nurse looked at her and then looked at her side. She frowned and asked, "are you alone?"

Yolande pursed her lips and nodded, "I can."

The nurse smiled, turned around and said coldly, "you'd better find someone to accompany you."

Yolande bit her lips and sighed slightly. She raised her face slightly. She was not like what they thought. She was not self conceited and met a bad man. She was pregnant in marriage, but now…… She has been divorced!

Yolande gently pressed her hands on her lower abdomen. When she looked at the B Ultrasound, the small black dot on the screen was her baby.

It was said that the child was a piece of flesh on her mother. This black dot had been with her for nearly nine weeks. The morning morning morning sickness made her really feel his existence.

Yolande had been procrastinating, but she seemed to be unable to have the baby. The doctor had said that the best time for the abortion was about fifty days, and she couldn't delay it any longer.

Yolande rubbed her phone and hesitated. Was she too selfish to kill his child? Should he tell him? After all, he was the father of the child and had the right to know?

But what could he do if he knew? Could he give up Mika? Obviously, she couldn't. She could only cause him trouble.

He must be with Mika now!

While she was thinking, a familiar figure came into view. Yolande frowned. Wasn't that Mika? The figure walked into the consulting room without anyone accompanying him.


The nurse's voice came again. Before Yolande could figure it out, she nodded at the nurse, struggled to stand up and walked towards the operating room.

After changing her clothes and lying on the operating table, Yolande stared at the ceiling blankly.

Tears welled up in her watery eyes. Her pale face was reflected in the white ceiling.

She really wanted to keep this child. It was her child.

However, they had divorced. He was destined to be born without father's love and a complete family. She owed him too much.

Her eyes closed slightly, and crystal tears welled up in her eyes. Her heart twitched, making Yolande almost unable to breathe.

Suddenly, she felt a sting in her hand. The nurse had put her on a drip.

The cold liquid penetrated into her body, went into her blood vessels and froze her whole body and her heart.

In the o

ssed the last chance and would never let him know that they had a child!

Jerry just held Yolande in his arms and didn't want to let her go. Yolande lowered her arms and her eyes were empty. The footsteps of Baron seemed to be imprinted in her mind, echoing over and over again.


Jerry finally let go of Yolande. Looking at her desperate face, he felt a pain in his heart and helped her sit down on the bench beside.

"How did you know?" Yolande's voice was vague.

Jerry didn't hide anything. "Alex told me. She called me while crying and said that you were in the hospital, so I came here in a hurry."

Yolande chuckled, "I should have known it earlier. I shouldn't have told Alex."

Jerry looked at her absent-minded appearance, "Yolande, will you blame me?"

"Why should I blame you?" Yolande looked into his eyes and said, "you shouldn't have appeared by accident to help me out?"

"I..." "Shouldn't I make him misunderstand that I am the father of the child?" Jerry stammered.

Yolande chuckled and raised her head. "You did a good job. At least you let me keep my last dignity. How could I blame you?"

Jerry said in a low voice, "I wanted to explain it to you. But when I saw him accompanying Mika, I changed my mind. I don't want him to think that you are not that kind of person to keep him with your child!"

Yolande smiled and said, "you seem to know me very well. You don't even know what kind of person I am..."

"Then I'll explain it to you now."

Jerry stood up and was about to leave, but was stopped by Yolande. She looked at him and shook her head gently. "You're quite right. I won't keep him with my child. I also don't want to compare the children with Mika. Besides..."

Jerry heard that Yolande's tone was not right, and suddenly became nervous again. "Yolande, besides…… Do you really have no children? "

Looking at Jerry, Yolande smiled and touched his belly.

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