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   Chapter 113 Hide Your Man Well

Love Cage: Fall Into CEO's Love Trick By Luo Chengfeng Characters: 9256

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In the consulting room of the gynecology department of the PA Hospital, Bertram sat on the bench in the corridor of the hospital uneasily and looked at the consulting room eagerly.

As a man, he had never been to such a place. Even if he had taken Cathy away in a hurry last time, it was a torture for him to wait here.

However, Bertram gritted his teeth and thought that he had to endure the fact that Yolande went into the examination room.

Just as she was embarrassed, she heard someone shouting, "who is the family member of Yolande?"

"I..." Bertram stood up immediately, "I am."

The nurse glanced at Bertram and said, "Follow me."

Bertram followed the nurse to the consulting room mechanically and saw Yolande sitting opposite the doctor. He quickly walked to her and asked, "Yolande, are you okay?"

"I..." Yolande looked at Bertram, biting his lip, as if it was difficult to speak.

"She is pregnant."

Yolande couldn't speak it out, but the doctor was used to it, simple and clear.


Bertram opened his eyes wide and could say nothing.

'God, is he making fun of me on purpose?'?

Last time, when he saw that Cathy was pregnant, he was overjoyed. However, he was just chosen to be a father, which not only made him happy, but also gave up the best opportunity to be with Yolande.

This time, he knew clearly that if he followed his thought, he would be a father again!

"What are you thinking about? Do you dare to do it or not?" Seeing that Bertram was in a daze, the doctor became a little angry. "When you enjoy it, you should know the consequences. You are an adult now. Make a decision as soon as possible!"

Bertram's face turned green. When did he enjoy it? Not only did she not enjoy it, but she was also criticized now?

Yolande looked at Bertram innocently, blinked his eyes and pursed his lips. "Doctor, can you give me some time to think about it?"

"It's your own business whether you want it or not." The doctor glanced at Bertram with disdain, but looked at Yolande sympathetically. "You don't have much time left. The best time for abortion is about fifty days. Now the baby is six weeks old."

"Thank you, doctor. I see." Yolande agreed.

"I have to remind you one more thing," the doctor rolled his eyes at Bertram, "girl, think more about yourself. Don't be deceived by the ungrateful man."

Bertram widened his eyes and looked at the doctor. Did he refer to the mulberry as a locust and call himself an ungrateful wolf? Who on earth did I offend?

Glancing at Bertram's expression, Yolande lowered her head to hide her smile. She thanked the doctor again and pulled Bertram out of the consulting room.

As soon as went out of the clinic, he wanted to get rid of Yolande, but he had to e

d stood beside her.

"That's what you said. I know you won't behave yourself, but..." said Cathy, biting her lips.

After taking a look at Bertram, Bertram pursed his lips and dared not speak.

Yolande smiled, lowered her eyes and looked straight at Bertram again. Bertram's heart trembled. "Don't worry, I won't meet Bertram again!"

"I'm not interested. Why would he go to the hospital with you?"

"Why did he go to the hospital with me?" Yolande glanced at Bertram and said, "I think it's better for you to go back and interrogate him slowly."

"Yolande," Bertram looked at her with a bitter face, "you can't do this to me? It's you who called me and asked me to do you a favor to accompany you to the hospital. "

Yolande chuckled and then nodded, "I see. Bertram, your shamelessness really broadened my horizon."

Bertram was about to cry. He looked at Yolande and said, "Yolande, if you go on talking, I'm afraid I don't have to go back and commit suicide to prove my innocence."

"Are you going to commit suicide to prove your innocence?" Yolande widened her eyes and looked at Bertram curiously. "I'm really interested in seeing if you will commit suicide for your innocence."

"Well..." Hearing what Yolande said, Bertram felt a little embarrassed. He looked at her for help and asked, "Cathy, do you really want me to commit suicide to believe me?"

Biting her lips, she glared at her and smiled at Yolanda, "my fiance, I believe you want him to commit suicide. I think you are jealous of him."

Yolande didn't get angry. She looked at Bertram and Cathy and smiled, "you've found your man. Go back and hide him, in case you lose him and find my door again."

"You!" Trembling with anger.

"Cathy..." Bertram pulled her away immediately.

"Fuck off!"

With a snort, she pushed Bertram away and walked away.

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