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   Chapter 51 The Beautiful Scenery of A Good Day Can't Be Missed

Love Cage: Fall Into CEO's Love Trick By Luo Chengfeng Characters: 9965

Updated: 2020-07-21 00:03

Baron took Yolande to the river in the Peach Blossom Town. On the way, Yolande was thinking about what he had said. They were a couple now, and they would be together in the future.

What did he mean by saying that? He didn't care about it now, but would it happen in the future?

Yolande doubted. Mika had appeared. Would they have a future?

However, there was no room for manoeuvre in Baron's words. In that case, was there a problem between them?

However, what kind of problem could there be between them? Did her family object?

From Yolande's point of view, she could think of this.

"Have you been here?" Baron's voice interrupted Yolande's 'thoughts.

Looking up at the river in front of her, Yolande couldn't help smiling and nodded slightly. "Of course I did. Aunt used to wash clothes here, and I would follow her every time."

Now, the side of the river had been changed. There was a guardrail on both sides of the river, and a decent bridge had been built. Now, Baron was pushing Yolande on the bridge. This kind of bluestone path was very romantic.

However, Yolande couldn't completely calm down and appreciate the beautiful scenery. "The matter of photographs is only temporarily solved. Let's come here, okay?"

For a long time, Yolande didn't receive any response. She pursed her lips and said, "it's not your style to give up halfway."

"You know me well."

This time, Baron quickly responded, and his voice was somewhat brisk.

"Then what should we do?" Yolande hesitated for a moment and finally asked.


All of a sudden, the wheelchair stopped and the figure of Baron appeared in front of Yolande. He looked down at her and said, "leave these problems to me. You just need to live up to the beautiful scenery in front of you."

Yolande raised her head and blinked her eyes. She felt warm in her heart, but then cold again. The reason why she felt warm was that she was well protected by this man, and the reason why she felt cold was that this man never treated her as his wife.

Hearing this, Yolande smiled and nodded, "I see. How can I let you down on such a good day?"

Baron pushed the wheelchair and continued to walk slowly. "Your ankle is broken. It's a good chance for you to come out for recuperation."

Hearing Baron's words, Yolande wondered if he was trying to explain? Then she smiled again. Whether he explained or not, their future would always be waiting not far away.

Since she couldn't control it and she wanted to get the Mu Mansion, then if they wanted to divorce, she had to have Baron put forward conditions. In the face of the beautiful scenery, why not enjoy it?

Yolande drew a deep breath. The setting sun caught her eye. It was so gorgeous that it stung her eyes and made her almost cry.

The sun was like an old man who had lost its vitality. It fell down one point one and walked towards its destined fate, just like its grandfather, who walked too suddenly.

Yolande lowered her

ps it was about the photos again?

Baron quickly came back to Yolande and looked at her, "let's go back tomorrow."

"Tomorrow?" Yolande didn't expect it to happen so soon. She bit her lips.

"We have to deal with the photographs," Baron didn't hide anything and looked into Yolande's eyes. "We can come here at any time."

Yolande nodded slightly. She was not an unreasonable woman. "Okay, I'll go back tomorrow."

"We'll leave early tomorrow morning," Baron stood up slowly. "Let's go back and have a rest."

Yolande pursed her lips. The two went back to their room. Yolande was in embarrassment. Baron took out a suitcase from nowhere, took out her pajamas, and then carried her to the bed.

"I can do it myself." Yolande spoke first and reached for the pajamas, her face turning red.

Baron nodded and went to the suitcase to take something. Knowing that she couldn't avoid it, Yolande quickly changed her pajamas when he turned around.

However, as soon as Yolande took off her dress, Baron turned around and took a look at him. Yolande immediately lowered her head and covered her pajamas on her chest.

"Put it on now."

Baron walked to Yolande, took her pajamas and put them on her. He said in a low voice, "don't seduce me."

However, Baron's body was stiff. The inadvertent touch of him made her tremble all over. It was so easy for her to get dressed.

Baron began to unbutton his shirt, which made Yolande's eyes wide open.

"You want to see it?" Baron looked at Yolande seductively.

"No, No."

Yolande denied repeatedly. She lowered her head and had a fever on her face, but she still saw Baron's figure from the corner of her eyes. It was a pity that he didn't want to be a model with such a figure.

"Go to bed. You have to get up early tomorrow." Baron helped Yolande lie down and covered her with a blanket.

However, Yolande looked at Baron eagerly and dared not ask him the question in her heart. How could he sleep on the same bed?

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