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   Chapter 50 I'm Her Husband

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"Welcome, welcome."

As soon as Baron and Yolande walked in, a middle-aged couple came over. The moment they saw Yolande, the two looked at each other with a smile on their faces, and the woman looked at her carefully.


"My lady, what are you looking at? It's too impolite to look at the guests like this. " Noticing that his wife's expression was not right, the man hastened to mediate, "Don't be offended. She..."

"Don't interrupt me." While the man was talking, the woman interrupted him. She stared at Yolande and asked, "have you been here before?"

"Aunt?" Seeing that the woman was looking at her, Yolande was a little excited. "Is that you?"

The woman glanced at the man, and then came to her senses. She continued to look at Yolande with an apologetic smile, "you know me. It seems that you have indeed been here, but I'm old and can't remember who you are."

"Aunt, I'm Yolande. I remember clearly that your name is Reese Shen, "said Yolande softly. She turned to look at the man and said," this is Ethan, Ethan Lu."

"Yolande?" The woman repeated Yolande's name. The man next to her scratched his head, recalling Yolande's face. Finally, the woman remembered, "you are Yolande. My God. You are grown up?"

"Aunt, do you remember me?" Looking at Reese's smile, Yolande was also happy in an instant.

"Oh, I remember. It's been twenty years." Reese look at Yolande, "What's wrong with your foot?"

"I'm fine. I just broke my ankle." Yolande was so happy that she forgot that her ankle was still broken. "Aunt, I'm back."

"It's good that you're back." Reese added, "Haven't you remembered? No wonder she was a little girl when she came here, only four or five years old. Now she has become a big girl. "

Ethan smiled sheepishly, "have a seat. I'll prepare some food for you."

Yolande nodded vigorously and said, "I still remember Uncle's cooking."

"I'm sure you can eat the original food." Hearing what Yolande said, Ethan was happy and said, "wait a minute."

Noticing Baron beside Yolande, Reese winked at her and asked, "Yolande, why don't you introduce him to me?"

"Oh, I almost forget." Yolande smiled sheepishly, "he is Baron."

"I'm her husband." Baron added, "Aunt."

Reese was stunned. She looked at Yolande and smiled unexpectedly. She patted her hand and said, "Yolande, are you embarrassed in front of me? Is this your honeymoon trip? "

"What?" Yolande was stunned. She could only smile more awkwardly and shake her head.

"We just got married. Yolande has been thinking about this place, so we come here to have a look." Baron said.

Hearing this, Reese was happy. She looked at Yolande and said, "Yolande, it's been so many years. When you left, I cried so hard that I was sad for a long time."

"So, I come back to s


"Aunt, these dishes are so delicious. Uncle is really good."

"I'm glad you like it." Reese smiled and said, "After you eat, just walk around. Let's eat later this evening, shall we?"

"Aunt." Yolande blinked like a spoiled child, "you are so considerate."

"Save your sweet mouth." Reese patted on Yolande's shoulder and said, "At that time, you just kept calling us uncle and aunt, called our hearts sweet."

"You are so kind to me." Yolande smiled happily.

Reese also burst into laughter, "if you are full, go for a walk. I'll clean it up and wait for you at night."

Yolande nodded. Baron stood up and pushed her out of the farmhouse.

They walked very slowly and lazily. Yolande simply leaned back a little, which made her feel more comfortable. But in this position, as long as she opened her eyes, she could see Baron's face, and she would inexplicably have a fever on her face. She could only close her eyes slightly, pretending not to see it.

The air here was so fresh that even the wind on her face brought the smell of flowers and plants, which made her intoxicated. But she knew clearly that she couldn't indulge herself in it.



The two of them asked and answered each other in a tacit manner. Yolande felt much more comfortable than in Hayden. At least they could be honest and talk like ordinary couples.

"Why did you bring me here?" Yolande said in a low voice. She didn't believe that she was so charming that Baron would do such a thing.

"I came when I felt like it"

Baron's answer was almost the same as no answer. Hearing that, Yolande didn't get angry. With a slight smile at the corners of her mouth, she asked, "have you solved the problem of the photos?"

"No problem for the time being." Baron answered.

"I know," Yolande took a deep breath and asked, "Our current situation?"

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