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   Chapter 49 I Understand, My Husband.

Love Cage: Fall Into CEO's Love Trick By Luo Chengfeng Characters: 9809

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"Dare you play a game with me?" Baron turned his body slightly and squinted at Yolande, with a sense of provocation.

Yolande looked into Baron's eyes and blinked, "are you trying to goad me?"

Baron didn't say anything but looked at Yolande.

"I accept your suggestion no matter you try to goad me or not. I always like playing games, just like the one between me and Cathy."

Baron nodded slightly and took out a silk scarf from nowhere. "Dare you or not?"

Yolande was stunned. She wanted to cover her eyes and nodded slowly.

She had thought about the dark world, but she had never experienced it. Her hand clenched in spite of herself when the darkness was complete. Her palms were damp and strangely tense.

"Give up now," Baron seemed to feel the uneasiness of Yolande. He approached her ear and said in a sarcastic voice, "is it still too late?"

"Since you have agreed," said Yolande with a smile, "I won't give up."


Baron's voice suddenly left Yolande's side. Yolande couldn't help but hold her hands tighter. Then she heard the sound of the car engine. She secretly breathed a sigh of relief. Baron drove away.

The car was running steadily. Yolande sat quietly in the corner, motionless, as if she would be in danger if she moved a little. She pursed her lips tightly and covered her eyes. She seemed to be much better, and any sound would make her heart beat faster.

The car walked for a long time, as if it would go forever. Yolande's heart slowly rose to her throat. She wanted to call Baron, but she held it back. Since she accepted the game, she couldn't let him look down upon her.

However, when she couldn't see anything, Yolande's nervousness was beyond her imagination. She finally couldn't help but shout out.


Even Yolande couldn't believe her own voice. It was hoarse and trembling.

However, Yolande didn't get any response. The car was still driving. She curled up as if she had been abandoned. Her voice became hoarse.

"Where are you, Baron?"

"I'm here."

Baron's voice suddenly sounded, and Yolande seemed to have heard the sound of nature. She immediately sat up straight and waved her hands aimlessly. "Where are you?"

The car slowly stopped. His warm and dry hand gently held Yolande's confused hand. "I'm here."

"Baron, where are you taking me?" Yolande held Baron's hand tightly and didn't want to let go.

"What's wrong?" Baron whispered in a low and ironic voice, "Are you afraid?"

"I..." Yolande bit her lips and slowly loosened her grip on Baron's hand. "I'm not afraid."

"Then let's continue. We haven't arrived yet." said coldly in a still gloomy voice.

Yolande took a deep breath, let go of his hand, and slowly leaned back in her seat. Her petite body curled up, but the corners of her lips were obstinately compressed. There was a sense of unyielding between her eyebrows.

The corners of Baron's mouth moved. He start

to go again." Baron looked at Yolande intently.

Yolande sniffed and looked at her ankle. "So you can watch the sunrise with me?"

"I will do whatever you want." Staring at Yolande, Baron said, "I told you that if you marry me, you are responsible for dreaming and I am responsible for achieving it. Even if it can't be achieved now, it will definitely come true in the future."

Yolande looked into Baron's eyes. For a moment, she wanted to throw herself into the man's arms, but she restrained herself. They had just talked about the problem of another woman, and Baron did not deny the existence of Mika.

What was the relationship between them?

Yolande's heart hung in her throat and she was in a daze.

"What are you thinking about?" Baron reached out and smoothed the hair in front of her forehead, "it's almost lunch time. Let's go to have lunch."

It was not until then that Yolande came back to her senses. She nodded her head and allowed him to push her. She walked slowly on the slate road of the town. The jolt of the wheelchair turned into a kind of massage, which made her very comfortable. She just wanted to never stop at this moment!

However, there was always an end to the road. Baron pushed her to a clean restaurant and pushed her in without asking for her opinion.

However, Yolande didn't care about it at all. Baron had always been like this and had his own opinions. Moreover, she was indeed hungry, so she could eat whatever she liked. She was a little surprised. How could a person like Baron choose such a small restaurant for dinner? 'Shouldn't he choose the most luxurious hotel in peach blossom town?'

However, when Yolande walked into the small restaurant and saw the scene in front of her, she was shocked. She didn't say anything. She looked at everything in front of her with her clear eyes and smelt the surrounding smell.

She turned her head to look at Baron. This man really surprised her a lot.

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