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   Chapter 47 Kissing Skill Need To Exercise

Love Cage: Fall Into CEO's Love Trick By Luo Chengfeng Characters: 9485

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Cathy couldn't help but tell Yolande everything about Mika.

Mika, the woman who was spoiled by Baron.

That was all Yolande remembered. She didn't remember anything else. Before she could finish her words, another phone call came.

"Cathy, thank you for your concern. I have a call. We can talk later."

After hanging up the phone, Yolande answered another phone and heard a soft voice.

"Yolande, how's your foot?"

"Nothing." Yolande was very happy to hear Jerry's voice. "Thank you so much on yesterday. I don't know what to say."

"Then don't say thanks." Hearing the brisk voice of Yolande, Jerry was also happy. "I made bone soup and sent it to you?"

Before Yolande could say anything, Jerry added, "is it convenient for you?"

"No, thank you, Jerry." Yolande smiled, "do you remember Alex?"

"Of course I remember," Jerry raised his voice when he heard Yolande mention Alex. "Every time she takes you back to your grandfather's house, how can I not remember?"

"She is at my home now." Hearing the excited voice of Jerry, Yolande pursed her lips and smiled.

"Isn't she in the Mu mansion?" Jerry was confused, "Is your aunt willing to let her go?"

"Aunt Alex will let her go, I don't know." Hearing Jerry's voice, Yolande felt a sense of accomplishment. "I invited her here anyway."

Jerry seemed to be stunned for a while, and then replied slowly, "I'm fine with her taking care of you."

"Okay." Yolande didn't care about his hesitation and nodded vigorously. "So, don't worry. During this period of recovery, I'm fine with everything. I'm afraid that when my feet recover, I'll be too fat to see."

"How could it be?" Jerry's voice returned to normal. "Yolande, you're too thin. It's heartbreaking to be thin. You'd better put on some weight."

Yolande was stunned and didn't know how to respond. She heard a knock on the door and frowned.

"Jerry, I have something to do..."

Before Yolande could finish her words, the door was pushed open, and a tall figure flashed in.

"Who's calling?" Seeing that Yolande was holding the phone, Baron frowned.

"It's from Cathy." Yolande blinked and said to the phone, "if there's nothing else, I'll hang up."

After hanging up the phone, Yolande frowned. The conflict last night was still vivid in her mind. Why did Baron seem as if nothing had happened?

"Get up!" Baron was holding a tray on which steaming hot soup smelled good.

Yolande glared at him and whispered, 'Aren't you supposed to be at work? Why are you still here?"

Sitting on the sofa, Baron said expressionlessly, "I don't go to work today."

"I've never seen such a capricious man," Yolande snorted. "It's better to be a CEO. You don't have to go to work so casually."

"You let me stay with you," Baron looked at Yolande and blinked, "Of course I will."

Yolande wa

n shock.

"Are you seducing me?" Baron frowned and teased Yolande even though he was hit hard.

"No." After saying that, Yolande's face turned red and purple. Now she was only wearing trousers and underwear, pouncing on Baron. The posture was really ambiguous. "I didn't..."

Looking at Yolande's flushed face, Baron couldn't help but raise his head and kiss her lips. The familiar soft touch instantly made him want more.


Yolande didn't expect that Baron would do such a thing at this time. She opened her eyes wide and reached out to push him away. However, Baron was lying on the ground, and she didn't have much strength to support herself with her feet. However, she was still gently pulled by Baron's arm to lie on his chest, without any strength to fight back.

When the long kiss ended, Yolande was still lying on his stomach, greedy for a moment of warmth.


The low smiling voice of Baron rang in the ear of Yolande, waking her up in an instant. Yolande immediately stood up and pursed her lips. She wanted to get rid of him, but her feet were still weak. Finally, he stood up and carried her back to the bed.

Looking at the hickey on Yolande's face, Baron Adam's apple bobbed. He immediately took the coat and put it on her. "If you keep doing this, I don't know what I will do."

It was not until then that Yolande woke up. She immediately put on her clothes, but still lowered her head. She was very angry with him, but why the kiss just now was not as resistant as she thought. Instead, she felt Yolande licked her lips.

Noticing this, Baron leaned over and kissed her on the lips again. Frightened, she leaned back and almost fell down again. Baron pulled her back and shook his head.

"You need to exercise!"

"What?" Yolande blinked.

"Kissing skill and endurance." Baron added, "Get up and go to the Civil Affairs Bureau."

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