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   Chapter 44 What Day Is It Today

Love Cage: Fall Into CEO's Love Trick By Luo Chengfeng Characters: 9791

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Yolande immediately covered her mouth with her hand, waiting for Baron, and said vaguely, "I said I'm fine, but that doesn't mean I can."

"What did you say?" Baron frowned, as if he couldn't hear clearly, but a faint smile played at the corners of his mouth.

Staring at Baron, Yolande carefully put down her hand. When she was about to speak, Baron kissed her lips and gently rubbed them, as if he was apologizing for what happened yesterday. Yolande trembled and quickly pushed him away.

"Didn't you say that you have a task today?"

Seeing that Yolande's face turned red, Baron decided not to make fun of her. After all, he did have a task today.

"Get up now. I'll wait for you downstairs."

Yolande nodded repeatedly. She finally saw Baron leave the room and considerately closed the door for her. Her mood instantly lit up. What happened yesterday was solved at once, and even their divorce was solved.

Baron was really a prince charming. He even used the power of FX Group for their marriage. It really surprised her. Wasn't it a deal between them?

Yolande couldn't figure out such a complicated thing. She shook her head and got up quickly. Although she didn't know what was going on, since they couldn't divorce and they had made a deal, she decided to live a good life.

When Yolande finished tidying up and went downstairs, breakfast was ready, and Baron was also waiting at the table. Her heart was filled with an inexplicable emotion, happy, excited, or sweet? All of them seemed to be a little, but not completely.

The two sat face to face and had breakfast. Yolande kept her head down, which confused Baron. Finally, he couldn't help but speak.

"What's wrong?"

Yolande was stunned and smiled. She just shook her head and said nothing.

Seeing the smile on Yolande's face, Baron stopped asking and reminded her, "dinner is ready. We are going out soon."

Yolande nodded and asked indifferently, "where are we going?"

Baron put down the bread in his hand and stared at Yolande, "what day is it today?"

Yolande blinked her eyes and racked her brain, but she still couldn't remember what day it was today. She could only shake her head with an embarrassed smile. "I don't know."

Baron raised his eyebrows and said, "Then I'll keep an expectation."

Yolande smiled indifferently and nodded, "okay."

When the two of them left the cloud garden, Yolande was in a good mood. It seemed that all the problems had been solved, and that person had not been found yet. She sat in the Maybach and left the Cloud Garden.

The car circled around the city, and almost all the scenery in the city had been seen. Yolande was a little surprised. It was rare for him to have such time to go to see the scenery. She was willing to accompany him.

Finally, the car stopped at Hayden Hotel. The two of them were familiar with the road and went straight to the rooftop restaurant. This time, bec

suddenly sounded, and the traffic was instantly jammed at the peak of the evening.

"My lady!"

When Yolande ran to the middle of the road, she was finally stopped by the traffic police. All the cars had surrounded her, and she could not rush out at all. If she continued to rampage, she would be the place where the traffic accident happened.

"Miss, what are you doing?" The policeman shouted and pulled Yolande.

"Car accident? Where was the car accident?" As soon as Yolande saw the police, she grabbed his arm and shook it crazily, as if she had seen a family member. "Tell me..."

"If you keep doing this, you will have a car accident!" the policeman said anxiously.

"No!" Yolande shook her head, incoherent and unable to explain clearly. She looked at the LED screen not far away, "Maybach, where is the Maybach car accident? Please tell me..."

The traffic police was almost driven crazy by Yolande. Fortunately, they heard the three words "Maybach". The accident of the luxury car had always been paid attention to. He happened to receive an order to guard against the traffic accident and quickly appease Yolande.

"Stay here and don't move. I'll give you the address."

Yolande seemed to grasp the last straw and nodded vigorously. She looked sadly at the traffic cop, listened to him asking questions on his walkie-talkie and clutching her dress as if she would break down if she stayed here another second.

"The injured in the car accident has been sent to the Peace Hospital..."

Before the policeman could finish his words, Yolande had already rushed out again, as if she had given up her life and rushed to the taxi after taxi.

The traffic police squeezed a sweat, but has been unable to stop her. She was relieved to see her get into a taxi.

Sitting in the car, Yolande clenched her fists and trembled.

Baron, you must be fine. What should I do if you are in trouble? How can I take back the Mu Mansion?

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