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   Chapter 30 Baron, Stay Away From Me

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Before Yolande could respond, the door opened and Baron stood there.

"Hello!" Yolande wrapped herself tightly and rolled her eyes at Baron, "you finally know how to knock at the door, but I haven't said you can come in yet."

Baron glanced at Yolande and said, "If I don't come in now, we have to go to the Civil Affairs Bureau."

"Ah!" Yolande screamed and quickly took out her phone. When she saw the time, her face turned green. It was nine forty-five!

Yolande lifted the quilt and was about to get out of bed, but she heard a shrill voice, "you go out first."

Baron blinked an eye, have no intention to go out at all, leisurely said, "I've seen every part of your body."

Yolande almost wanted to die. "Baron, please go out first. I'll go downstairs right away."

"You still don't want a divorce!" Standing at the door, he looked at Yolande with a faint smile on his face.

Yolande was stunned and leaned against the bed like a deflated ball. She really wanted to slap herself two times.

Why was she in a hurry? If she missed the time and couldn't find a way to solve the problem, it was her chance to regain her freedom and take back the Mu Mansion!

Thinking of this, Yolande lay on the bed and looked at Baron. She stopped and smiled. She wanted to win back.

Looking at Yolande, Baron seemed to understand what she meant. With a sad face, he asked, "Do you want me to go out?"

Yolande leaned against the head of the bed lazily, "you can stay at home, but I won't get up if you don't go out."

"Will you get up if I go out?" Baron squinted at Yolande.

"It depends on my mood." Yolande blinked, "if you are in a good mood, you will light it up again. Maybe you can make it to the Civil Affairs Bureau and get off work in the evening."

Baron didn't say anything. With a weird smile, he walked towards Yolande slowly.

Yolande was chuckling at her plan. Seeing that he was walking towards her, she became nervous. "What are you doing?"

"I never thought of divorcing you," said coldly, as he was about to step to the bedside of Yolande in two steps. "You can't have the thought of divorcing me, either."

"I..." Seeing that Baron had come in front of her, Yolande wrapped herself tightly in the quilt and struggled, "why can't I have one?"

Baron didn't say anything. He answered Yolande's question with actions and reached out to pull her quilt. Yolande was frightened by his action and screamed.

"Baron. Don't come over, I'll get up."

"It's over so soon?" Baron looked regretful.

Yolande was speechless. She cursed Baron countless times in her heart, but she couldn't put on her clothes as he stood there.

Looking at the tangled expression of Yolande, Baron couldn't help smiling. He turned around and left, leaving a sentence.

"We'll set out in five minutes."

Seeing Baron leave, Yolande was finally relieved. But when she thought of leaving five minutes later, she quickly got up, packed up and ran downstairs.

Seeing the panic on Yolande's face, Baron said to her directly, "change your clothes before coming down!"

"You!" Yolande only said one word, and then nodded. She went to change her clothes obediently. Anyway, it was not her fault to be late.

It was already ten o'clock when Baron and Yolande got in the car. Yolande was overjoyed. They were determined to divorce!

Sitting in the car, Yolande looked out of the window, smiling at the corners of her eyes. She imagined a free life where she could go back to the Mu Mansion and no one could ever take it away from her again!

The cold wind blew on her face, making her feel comfortable, but not cold.

Seeing that Yolande was unprecedentedly relaxed, Baron couldn't help smiling. But Yolande didn't see it. He didn't know if she would regret the idea of divorce if she saw it.

The Mu Mansion was still the same. Yolande raised her head and looked at it. She always wanted to break away from here, but she came back here again and again. It seemed that it was really not the right time. She had to wait for her…… Make this place hers!

"Miss Yolande, you are back."

They called in advance to say that they would come back, so as soon as they appeared, Ron, Jessie, and even Sweet went out to welcome Baron and Yolande.

In the hall of Mu Mansion, when everyone took their seats, Ron looked at Yolande with a big smile on his face.

"Yolande, Mr. Baron is so busy. Why do you come to see us? We can't afford it."

Jessie agreed with Ron when he said so. Sweet looked at Yolande with an eerie smile on her lips.

Yolande pursed her lips and glanced at Baron without saying anything. She had learned her lesson. She didn't come to the Mu Mansion with a purpose, so she didn't need to do anything.

While she was thinking, Baron reached out and held her in his arms intimately. "This is Yolande's home. We should come back to have a look when we have time."

Yolande just wanted to laugh in her heart. It was hard for Baron to say something like that, but

she admired his calmness. Now it was ten twenty, which meant that he only had fifteen minutes to chatter here!

Ron and Jessie looked at each other and smiled more brightly. When they were about to speak, they heard what Baron said next.

"Yolande and I have something very important to do today,"

"What's the matter?" Hearing Baron's words, Ron immediately sat up straight and rubbed his hands, thinking that he finally made it through and could have something to do with the FX Group.

However, his eyes fell on Sweet and said indifferently, "We'd like to invite Miss. Sweet to dinner."

Ron was a little confused. He looked at her and tried to keep smiling. "She is still a child. It's her fortune that you and Yolande are willing to take care of her."

"I wonder if you would accept it?" Baron kept staring at Sweet and didn't relax.

Looking at Ron and Jessie, she smiled and said, "Of course I'll go. With my sister around, I'm not afraid that you'll eat me. "

"Sweet, it's not a big deal." Jessie immediately scolded and explained to Baron with a smile, "This child likes joking, Mr. Baron, please don't mind."

Without saying a word, Baron looked at Yolande and asked, "Can we go now?"

Yolande nodded. It had nothing to do with her. It didn't matter when she would leave, because it was ten twenty-five now. There were still ten minutes left. Everything was clear.

Sitting in the Maybach, Yolande was still in the passenger seat. She glanced at Baron and thought, 'today, he will drive by himself!'!

Yolande leaned against the car window leisurely, as if nothing had happened to her. But she was curious about what Baron would do. She looked at the time, and it was ten thirty. There were still five minutes left!

However, Baron was still calm, as if everything was under control, which greatly reduced the sense of certainty for Yolande. She was very clear that Baron had never done anything without confidence, which made her more curious about where his confidence was.

The Maybach left the Mu Mansion smoothly. Sweet was sensible and didn't say anything. She sat in the back seat alone. She had thought that Yolande would sit with her, but she didn't expect that she was still sitting in the passenger seat and ignored her.

While the car was driving, Yolande's eyes looked a little strange…… Civil Affairs Bureau? Divorce?

Yolande couldn't help but take a look at Baron. The ecstasy that should have appeared in her heart did not come as expected. Instead, she was a little nervous.

Baron didn't seem to notice the emotional change of Yolande at all. He looked straight ahead and the car was running steadily.

Just when she was wondering, she found it and changed her position. "Brother in law, this is not the Civil Affairs Bureau. You and sister..."

Before Sweet finished his words, Baron stopped the car and took a look at Yolande.

"Get off the car!"

Confused, Sweet watched Baron and Yolande get off the car, Yolande looked at the Bureau of civil affairs in front of him, full of doubts, and heard Baron's voice.

"Give me your phone!"

"Why?" Yolande was even more surprised and vigilantly protected her cell phone.

"Use this!" Baron took out a latest Apple phone, took the phone from Yolande, changed the card and handed it to her.

Yolande held the phone in a daze. Before she could react, she heard the sweet voice of her.

"Brother in law is so romantic. He is so domineering to give me a phone. Sister, you are so happy."

Yolande couldn't help but take a look at Baron. He turned around slightly and waved his hand. Her original phone drew a beautiful arc and flew towards the trash can.


Before Yolande could finish her words, the phone fell into the trash can with a bang.


Before Yolande could say anything else, Baron reached out and held her waist, "The thing you use should match your identity."

The three of them went back to the car. It seemed that something was wrong with her. Sweet didn't say anything and stayed quietly in the back seat.

Yolande rubbed her new phone and fixed her eyes on the time.

It was already Ten thirty-five!

But they didn't divorce!

Looking at Baron, Yolande pursed his lips and asked, "Baron, are you going to bet on FX Group?"

Baron didn't even look at her, "I won't!"

Yolande didn't ask any more questions. She knew that Baron had solved the problem, but she didn't know how to solve it. She could not help but feel a little sad.

Perhaps, this was her sorrow. She was always passive, always expecting Baron to be honest, but only hoping that she did not want to be his vassal!

"PA Hospital?" Sweet asked in surprise.

At first, Yolande was absent-minded. When she heard the voice, she immediately looked out and found that it was indeed a safe hospital. With the presence of Cathy, she couldn't help but glance at Baron.

With a frosty face, Baron turned a corner and parked the car. She didn't know what he was up to.

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