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   Chapter 29 Are You Jealous

Love Cage: Fall Into CEO's Love Trick By Luo Chengfeng Characters: 10504

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Last time when she came back home, Sweet said that she needed to thank them for marrying Baron. But she didn't know what it meant.

The only intersection between her and Baron before their marriage was that night of passion. Was it related to that night?

That night's passion did make Yolande confused. Moreover, she had been avoiding that matter all the time. She didn't want to find out what had happened. It was a great shame for her!

Now she realized that she was a little abnormal that night.

That day, she was with Cathy and some friends for a weekend party. She never drank, and those people kept persuading her, saying that it was the last time she had been in high spirits in the four years of college.

Yolande only drank a lot, but even it was her first time to drink, she was not so drunk as to be almost unknown.

However, Sweet didn't attend the party that day!

Yolande felt a headache. She closed her eyes and wanted to have a rest. Maybe she really thought too much. And it was really late, so she fell asleep on the sofa.

The door gently rang, but it didn't wake up the sleeping Yolande. When he pushed the door open, he saw her sleeping on the sofa, taking off her coat and hanging it up. He frowned and walked over.

Yolande curled up like a kitten, curling up in the corner of the sofa. Her beautiful eyebrows were slightly wrinkled and the corners of her mouth were drooping. She looked a little annoyed.

'Was she waiting for him?'

A strange feeling surged in Baron's heart. He silently took a blanket and gently covered it on Yolande. When he glanced at the dishes on the table, he frowned and looked back at Yolande.

Why didn't she eat?

"Uh..." Yolande twitched her mouth and moved. She opened her eyes and sat up as soon as she saw him. "You're back?"

"You haven't eaten yet?" Baron stared at Yolande.

"I have something to tell you."

Yolande was so excited that she wanted to stand up and tell Baron her findings. But she had curled up for too long just now and her two legs were a little disobedient. She moved and pounced on him.

Baron opened his arms and put them around Yolande's waist. The two walked around. Baron took her to sit on the sofa, but Yolande sat on his laps.

Baron whispered in her ear, sounding bewitching.

"Are you seducing me?"

"No." Yolande shook her head and denied. She wanted to stay away from Baron, but he didn't want to let her go so soon. "Let go of me, I..."

"You want to have dinner with me?" Baron's voice was quite different, staring at Yolande's eyes.

"No." Still shaking her head, Yolande was anxious to tell Baron her findings. "I..."

However, Baron seemed not to be interested in what Yolande had found. He stood up and walked towards the table with her in his arms.

"What are you doing?" Yolande was startled. "Put me down."

Ignoring Yolande, Baron went straight to the table and put her on the chair. He looked at the dishes on the table and said, "I've cooked so many dishes. I missed them."

Yolande was not interested in those at all. She stared at Baron and said, "Baron, I have something to tell you."


e to think about it anymore, and Baron didn't allow her to think about it any more. He had reached out to hold the back of her head, raised her little face and looked into his eyes. Yolande even stopped breathing.

Sure enough, Baron was not easy to deal with. He was going to eat her up!

"Yolande, don't be silly."

Yolande was stunned. The warm lips pressed on hers. Before she could react, the soft touch disappeared again, inexplicably making her feel a sense of loss and regret.

"It's getting late. Go to bed," said Baron, rubbing Yolande's long hair. "Let Mu family see how good you are tomorrow."

Yolande nodded as if she was cursed. Then she saw that Baron had turned around and went back to his room.

Seeing Baron's figure disappear, Yolande suddenly woke up. She slammed the door, threw herself on the bed and wrapped herself with a thin quilt. She was extremely regretful.

'Why did she tell him about Sweet?' She could soon regain her freedom and even take back the Mu Mansion, but she gave the clues to others?

Fortunately, there was still tomorrow. If she went back to the Mu Mansion tomorrow and found anything, she would not tell him a word. Would Sweet say something in front of him?

Yolande made up her mind to get ready for bed. But she was not sleepy at all.

If Baron really tricked her to have sex with her just now, it would be a disaster for her. If she was pregnant, she would definitely not give up the child. Then she would never divorce him, let alone take back the Mu Mansion.

'What happened to him this time?' 'How could he let her go so easily?'

It seemed that no matter how cunning a fox was, he would doze off!

Thinking of this, Yolande became more confident. Maybe the problem could not be solved tomorrow. Baron could only divorce her and keep the FX Group. He also said that he would not gamble on the FX Group.

The more she thought about it, the more she felt that she should thank that person. Who was that person?

Yolande thought and fell asleep. The sun was rising high when she was awakened by a knock on the door.

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