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   Chapter 28 Crazy Girl, Loyal Fan

Love Cage: Fall Into CEO's Love Trick By Luo Chengfeng Characters: 9696

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Baron slowly picked up his phone and looked at it. He frowned slightly and then pushed it back to the hand of Yolande and continued to eat.

Seeing the calmness on Baron's face, Yolande couldn't calm down. "Hey, do you understand?"

Baron nodded, "So you want a divorce?"

"You are right." Yolande blinked and nodded naturally. "Divorce is good for both of us, especially for you. Why not?"

"What about you?" Baron looked at Yolande and asked, "do you want to threaten me to return the Mu Mansion to you like this man?"

Yolande pursed her lips. She knew it was a bit of robbery, but didn't Baron use despicable means to take away the Mu Mansion?

"I just want an eye for an eye."

Hearing what Yolande said, Baron nodded unexpectedly. "After divorce, where do you live, what to eat, drink, and wear? What about Alex?"

"It's none of your business." Yolande was stunned. She didn't expect that Baron would say something like that at this time. "With the Mu Mansion, I will be happy even if I live on air."

"I have only one choice?" Baron looked at Yolande up and down.

"Divorce is a matter between two people," Yolande shrugged helplessly. "If you don't want to, I have no choice. I have no time to sue for divorce."

"We have a second choice." He stood up.

Yolande widened her eyes and asked with great interest, "What?"

"Find the person who sent you the photo." Baron stared at Yolande and said, "All problems have been solved."

"Ha ha." Yolande chuckled, "that's really a good idea."

Baron frowned slightly. Seeing the disdainful look on Yolande's face, he was intrigued. "You don't believe me?"

"I believe you." Yolande nodded vigorously, "forcing me to divorce you is nothing more than your admirer. I definitely don't know who he is, and you must be very clear, so it's easy to find him. Then I'll ask you for help."

"You are quite relaxed," Baron looked at Yolande and smiled lightly. "Why do you trust me so much?"

"What can I do?" Yolande let out a long sigh, "a top class golden bachelor like you, you have so many loyal fans and so on. I don't have so much time to deal with them."

A strange emotion flashed through Baron's eyes, "Does it have anything to do with me to prevent you from attending the graduation ceremony?"

"Well..." Yolande forgot about her graduation ceremony and didn't know what to do. She looked at Baron and felt a little unconfident.

"Think it over," Baron turned around and left, "your loyal fan."

Baron's receding figure, Yolande breathed a sigh of relief. But what he said really reminded her. Was it really because of her?

Divorce seemed to be good for her, and it was a disaster for Baron!

Yolande bit her lips and thought about it seriously, but there was no result.

Before she married Baron, she had called all the men she knew. No one was willing to marry her, so she was forced to agree to Baron'

y. Nothing else."


After thinking for a while, Yolande wanted to ask more details. But before she could figure it out, Alex suddenly became excited. "I remember!"

"What's up?" Yolande was also excited and looked at Alex expectantly.

"She has gone abroad. Is this special?" Alex looked at Yolande expectantly, hoping to say something useful.

Yolande pursed her lips and nodded reluctantly. She knew that she had gone abroad. "Alex, can you be more specific?"

"More details?" Alex thought seriously, "it's a sudden thing for Miss Sweet to go abroad. It seems that she has done something wrong. She has to leave for a period of time, or she will be in trouble."

"Did you do something wrong?" Yolande didn't know. She held [刘妈]'s hand and asked, "what did you do wrong?"

"Well I don't know. " Alex shook her head and looked at Yolande with some embarrassment. "When they were talking about business, I went to bring some fruits. After listening to them and putting the fruits down, they drove me away."

Yolande nodded and thought, 'when Sweet went abroad, it was after a passionate night with Baron. Were these two really just coincidences?'

If not by coincidence, what is the connection between these two completely unrelated events?

"My lady?" Seeing that Yolande was still there, Alex called her tentatively.

"Okay." Yolande turned around and said, "thank you, Alex. Go to bed now. I have something to talk with him, so I'll wait a little longer. You can go to bed. It doesn't matter."

Seeing that Yolande insisted, Alex nodded and said, "if anything happens, please ask me to stand up. Don't do it yourself, okay?"

"Okay." Yolande nodded and smiled sweet, "thank you, Alex."

After taking a few steps, Alex looked back at Yolande and said, "Miss Yolande, don't wait too long."

Yolande nodded with a smile, leaned back on the sofa and sorted out the Sweet things of her in her mind.

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