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   Chapter 26 You Followed Me

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Yolande was stunned. She didn't expect that Bertram really wanted to talk to her, but she couldn't care so much. She had to leave the school right away, which was the most important!

Yolande nodded and strode out of the school. Bertram followed her and looked at her in bewilderment. In the past, Yolande always walked slowly and unhurriedly. What happened today?

Finally, she left the school and stood at the gate. Out of breath, she took out her phone and sent a message to that person.

'I have left the school. Don't worry. Don't forget what you promised me.'

Seeing that Yolande slowed down as soon as she left the school, Bertram was even more confused.

After sending the message, Bertram breathed a long sigh of relief and then had the energy to care about Bertram.

"What do you want to talk to me?"

Bertram looked at Yolande doubtfully, "what's up?"

"It's you who want to talk to me now," Yolande sneered. Since she had left the school, she was not afraid of anything for the time being. "It's none of your business."

Seeing that Yolande wouldn't say anything to him, Bertram said, "go to Time Coffee."

"No, thanks." Yolande refused without hesitation. She stared at Bertram and said, "I have nothing to talk with a man who can't even control himself."

"But I have something to tell you!"

As Bertram spoke, he grabbed Yolande and walked towards Time Coffee.

Yolande struggled, but there were many people looking at them on the road, so she pursed her lips.

"Let go of me. I'll go with you."

Bertram looked back at Yolande and let go of her. The two of them finally sat in the familiar seats Time Coffee again.

"Just say it. I have something else to do."

Sitting here, Yolande felt uncomfortable all over. Memories, sadness and anger could be seen everywhere.

"You are afraid of here," Bertram stared at Yolande, "you still can't let go of our feelings."

"Yes." Yolande nodded vigorously and said to Bertram, "I hate you."

"So you want my child with Cathy to die?" Bertram's eyes flashed with cruelty, which was unprecedented.

"Bertram!" Upon hearing Bertram's words, Yolande got angry. "She has admitted it. Did you make a mistake?"

"Baron threatened her!"

Yolande was stunned and looked at Bertram. The two looked at each other for four eyes and didn't speak for a long time.

"Bertram, say it again!"

"I say the same thing again." Looking at Yolande's face, Bertram became more reasonable and encouraged, "Baron went to see her. The two of them talked for a long time in the ward, and then took you there, and she changed her words. If Baron didn't threaten her, how could she change so quickly? "

Yolande sat down slowly and sneered, "are you stupid? Her mother is Jennifer, and she is the elder sister of Baron. It's ridiculous that Baron can threaten her! "

"Yolande, Do you really don't know the truth, or are you pretending to me that you don't?" Bertram looked at Yolande up and down and said, "everyone knows that in the Gu family, Baron is a man of his word. Don't tell me that you don't know your own husband."

Yolande was stunned. Bertram's words made sense. Sons were always the dominant in big families and daughters were always unpopular, but she still doubted.

'Did she deserve Baron's love?' Or did Baron have other thoughts? Just like Jennifer asked him to give her an explanation after he figured it out. He defended her just to give Jennifer a head-on blow?

Seeing that Yolande was stunned and thought he was right, Bertram couldn't help smiling. "Yolande, it seems that Baron..."

"Shut up!" When Bertram mentioned Baron's name, Yolande felt uncomfortable and interrupted him, "you have no right to say his name."

"Okay, I won't mention his name." Bertram smiled and said, "It seems that you and he have been protecting him for a long time..."

"What did you say?" With her eyes wide open, Yolande felt insulted and wanted to get up and leave at once, but what Bertram said next made her motionless.

"Isn't it?" Bertram looked at Yolande and said, "you have a relationship with each other for a long time. Otherwise, you wouldn't deliberately alienate me."

"Bertram, what do you want to say?" Yolande's voice was trembling. She was also looking at Bertram, her heart pounding. Did he know that she had a passionate night with him?

"Well, since you are so straightforward, I won't beat around the bush." Bertram couldn't wait to say, "I could have married into the Gu family with the baby in her belly, but you ruined my opportunity. To be fair, you created an opportunity for me."


Yolande looked at Bertram as if she didn't know the man in front of her. She had thought that Bertram would live an independent and noble life, but now he was such a man?

"Don't get me

wrong. I just want to prove my ability." Bertram said in a condescending manner, "I was born to need such a chance. Otherwise, even if I am a smart man, I have to live like a dog."

"Bertram, I want to ask you a question." Yolande looked at Bertram calmly.

Bertram nodded, "You asked."

"You are with me," Yolande wanted to ask, but she was afraid that the answer given by Bertram was not what she wanted, but she still couldn't resist the temptation of the answer. "Is it also for this opportunity?"

Bertram was stunned for a moment, with a strange expression in his eyes. Then he slowly reached out his hand to Yolande, who immediately withdrew her hand on the table and looked at him.

Bertram's hand froze awkwardly. He looked at Yolande and said, "I really love you when I'm with you. When I saw you with Baron, I found that the one I really love is you, but I lack everything he has. I hope you can get better happiness by his side, and I also want to be like him. When I meet happiness again, I can choose not to let go. "

Yolande looked at Bertram in a daze, as if she was moved to tears. She blinked her eyes, but in an instant, she stood up with a smile. "Bertram, do you think I will still believe you?"

"Yolande, don't leave!"

Bertram grabbed Yolande's hand. Yolande had already stood up, so she wouldn't be able to leave if he caught her.

"Let me go!" Yolande struggled, "Bertram, please behave yourself. I'm married. If I find a chance to succeed for you, I'm irresponsible for my marriage."

"I know you are afraid that Baron will misunderstand us," Bertram hurriedly let go of Yolande for fear of making things worse, "I believe that you must have other ways."

"I have no choice."

After saying that, Yolande turned around and left. She had never thought that the man she once loved most was like this, which made her feel sick.

After a long time, there was one more thing in Yolande's heart. Did he really threaten her?

Full of doubts, Yolande returned to the apartment and Alex opened the door for her.


"My lady," Alex saw that Yolande didn't look well. She hesitated for a while and finally said, "Mr. Baron is back."

Yolande was stunned. Baron had never come back at this time. Besides, he said that he had something important to deal with today, so he let her go to the graduation ceremony by herself. This was the first time that she went out alone since they got married.

Thinking of Bertram's words, Yolande looked up. Baron was sitting on the sofa in the hall with his back to the door. The familiar back warmed his heart. He slowly walked to Baron and greeted him with a smile.

"Come back so early..."

"Where have you been?"

Before Yolande could finish her words, she was interrupted by a cold voice and stared at her coldly.

"I..." Yolande was stunned. Seeing that there was something wrong with Baron, she couldn't help but feel nervous. She sat down opposite Baron and said, "I'm going to attend the graduation ceremony. I've told you this morning."

Baron stared at Yolande coldly, "really?"

Yolande couldn't help but lower her eyes. She was not good at lying. Once she lied, she was so nervous that she spoke incoherently and felt very guilty. Now facing Baron's rhetorical question, she was somewhat overwhelmed.

"Answer me," Baron's voice became gloomy, "where have you been?"

"I..." At first, Yolande felt guilty, but her guilt was somewhat dissipated by Baron's roar. She was his wife, and even nominally, he should not treat her like a prisoner. She raised her head suddenly and looked into his eyes. She made up her mind and said, "I said I was going to attend the graduation ceremony. What else do you want me to answer?"

With a click, a stack of photos were thrown on the table. The photos scattered and fell into Yolande's eyes. Her waist, which was originally upright, collapsed in an instant, and her face was deathly pale.

"Yolande, do you have twin sisters?"

Hearing Baron's sarcastic voice, Yolande shivered.

She didn't have twin sisters. The photos were full of her and Bertram. The two of them were in a normal relationship, but after being photographed, they became very intimate.

Yolande bit her lips and stared at Baron with a pale face.

He thought after Cathy's abortion. Their trust in each other has been slowly cultivated. But the opposite is true.

"Are you following me?" Yolande almost cried.

"I don't care." Taking a glance at the photo, with a look of disgust on his face, he said, "Although no one knows about our marriage, but if this thing is found out, you can't afford the consequences."

"I can explain..."

"No, thanks. I'm not interested." Baron interrupted Yolande and stood up, "remember your identity. Don't get yourself into trouble."

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