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   Chapter 24 Don't Cry, Have You Forgotten

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Confused, Yolande looked at her with a sweet smile and asked, "what do you mean?"

Sweet smiled, turned around, poured two glasses of wine and handed one to Yolande.

Yolande hesitated for a moment and shook her head. She still remembered that Baron wanted her to have a baby. Since he had agreed, she hoped to have a healthy baby. She'd better not drink too much.

"Sister, you always like drinking red wine." looking at Yolande from head to toe for a few seconds, Edward nodded thoughtfully, "you…… Are you pregnant? "


Before Yolande could finish her words, she heard her father calling her, "Yolande, Sweet."

Yolande had a lot of questions to ask, and she was not in the mood to stay any longer. She accompanied her back to the hall.

"Yolande, it's getting late." Baron looked at Yolande.

Yolande nodded, looked back at her with a meaningful look, and then said goodbye to them, "we're not disturbing. We're going back."

Ron, Jessie and Sweet had been sending them out until their car was started.

In the car, Yolande seemed very tired. She leaned against the seat and closed her eyes.

Baron noticed that there was something wrong with Yolande. He slowed down the car and tried to make it as steady as possible. Yolande felt his intention, but she didn't open her eyes because she had a lingering shadow in her heart.

You really have to thank us, especially me!

Sweet's words were like a thorn in her heart.

What did she mean? It was they who forced her into a corner that married Baron. Although Jack is indeed a top bachelor. But that doesn't mean she has to thank them.

After all, for her, marriage should be based on love, not one night stand!

one night stand!

If it weren't for that night, would he come to her and ask her to marry him?

Maybe he would let her marry him for the sake of the Mu Mansion, but she didn't know whether the Mu Mansion was his purpose or not.

They might not be strangers at all!

Yolande shook her head hard. Coincidentally, the car turned a corner, and her little head hit the door at once. The pain made her immediately cover her hand, and her little face twisted.

Hearing the sound of brake, Baron reached out his hand and held Yolande in his arms.

"Are you okay?"

"Nothing." Yolande threw herself into Baron's arms and sniffed his unique masculine breath. She couldn't help but feel sad, with tears in her eyes and choked with sobs as soon as she spoke.

Hearing such a voice, Baron immediately became nervous. He touched her head with his warm hand and asked, "Where did you hit? Does it hurt? "

"It doesn't hurt." Yolande wanted to calm herself down, but when she heard Baron's sweet words, tears were about to come out, which was even more serious in Baron's ears.

Baron put his arm around Yolande's shoulder. Yolande lowered her head and didn't want him to see her embarrassed. He pinched her chin to make her look into his eyes. Only then did he find that the woman in his arms had tears all over her face.

Baron felt nervous and was about to get off the car, "go to the hospital."

"No!" Yolande pulled Baron and shook her head.

"Of course I will,"

Baron still wanted to get off the car, but Yolande grabbed him with all her strength, but she could only shake her head desperately. "No, I really don't need it."


Baron wanted to say something more, but Yolande threw herself into his arms and held him tightly. "All right. Let me stay for a while."

Baron was stunned. The tears fell on Yolande's chest, and the burning feeling made his heart ache. He never knew that a woman's tears would make him so at a loss.

Resting her head on Baron's chest, Yolande shrugged her shoulders and cried sadly. She didn't know why she was so sad. Perhaps she had suffered a lot in the past, and now there was finally someone who could make her cry.

After a long time, Yolande finally stopped sobbing. She slowly raised her head and looked at Baron. Her eyes were red and swollen like two peaches.

"Don't cry," Baron looked at it and felt inexplicably irritable. "Have you forgotten?"

"I'm sorry." At first, Yolande was very grateful to Baron. He didn't move at all and cried for a long time in her arms. But when she was about to thank him, he was angry. Her gratitude was shattered, "I won't do it again."

Hearing the soft voice of Yolande, the impatience in Baron's heart vanished, but he still said resolutely, "go back and accept the punishment."

Hearing the punishment, Yolande was shocked. She was so moved that she blinked her eyes and asked, "What punishment?"

Baron glanced at Yolande with malicious eyes and said nothing.

Yolande swallowed when he saw the look in Baron's eyes. She had cried for a long time, and the punishment seemed to be not small. Yolande was so scared all the way to the apartment.

Back in the hall, Yolande stood there, still remembering to accept the punishment. She didn't even dare to sit down and lowered her head.


Sit down."

Baron loosened his tie, leaned against the sofa and looked at Yolande up and down.

Yolande sat down gingerly, but she still didn't dare to look up at Baron. What this man had done was always beyond her expectation. She couldn't imagine what the punishment would be today.

"What did she say to you?"

"What?" Yolande suddenly raised her head and met Baron's sharp eyes. She immediately lowered her head and asked in a low voice, "Who?"

"Sweet Mu." Baron hit the nail on the head.

Yolande's body froze. She pursed her lips and shook her head. "Nothing. We don't have a good relationship. We are just chatting."

Baron snorted, "This is the last chance, Yolande."

Yolande slowly raised her head and looked into his eyes. She was a little timid, but she still firmly shook her head. "Nothing."

Baron nodded hard and glared at Yolande, "go to sleep."

Seeing this, Yolande shivered. She tried to stand up, but Baron didn't respond. When she was about to go upstairs carefully, she heard Baron's hellish voice behind her.

"Yolande, you will regret it."

Yolande had a miserable evening, and Sweet's words puzzled her. Baron's words made her feel threatened. What could she do?

Unable to fall asleep, Yolande held her phone and read the message with her eyes wide open.

Oh my god! The graduation ceremony would be held tomorrow, and the message had been sent to her for several days. But until today, she suddenly realized that what Baron said was right. It was not easy for a careless person like her to live till now.

Yolande bit her lips. She finally didn't miss the graduation ceremony of the University, but she was a little depressed. How could she think of Baron? She was really speechless with him.

After tossing and turning for a long time, she finally fell asleep.However, he was soon awakened by the alarm and turned off the alarm with a sleepy face. She was about to go back to sleep when she woke up with a start. She's going to the graduation ceremony today!

Yolande quickly got up, washed her face and rinsed her mouth. It was rare to see Baron drinking tea leisurely.

"Good morning," Baron greeted.

"Good morning!" Yolande replied. The two of them had breakfast together.

At the table, Yolande was a little absent-minded when she was hesitating whether to talk about the graduation ceremony or not. Baron's voice came over.

"What's the matter?"

Surprised, Yolande looked up at Baron and blinked, "how do you know I'm in trouble?"

Jack glanced at her as if to say, I knew everything about you.

Yolande pursed her lips and said, "today, I'm going to attend the school's graduation ceremony."

With an expressionless face, Baron nodded and said, "I have something important to deal with. I can't send you there."

"Nothing." Yolande shook her head immediately, "Nothing, I can go there myself."

Baron looked at Yolande up and down and frowned, "Are you going to go like this?"

"Well..." Yolande looked at herself in simple casual clothes, which she had been wearing at school. "Can't I?"

"Graduation ceremony," Baron continued to have breakfast, "be more serious."

"Okay." Yolande pursed her lips and said, "I know."

After Baron finished eating, he stood up. Yolande also stood up and followed him, taking a coat and passing it to him.

Baron was stunned, as if he didn't expect that Yolande would do so, and then returned to normal. He put on his coat, changed his shoes, and reached out to hold Yolande in his arms.

Yolande was taken aback. Before she calmed down, Baron kissed her on the forehead, released her, turned around and went out.

"Congratulations! You graduated from college!"

The warmth on Yolande's forehead was still there. She slowly turned around and then she ate a few mouthfuls of rice. After thinking for a while, she went back to her bedroom and changed into a formal dress. Then she went downstairs, said goodbye to Alex and went to school.

Since she got the marriage certificate and packed up her things, she had never come back to school. Today she came to school again, feeling a little different.

Walking on the path, the breeze was light. It seemed that Yolande had returned to school, relaxed and cozy.

"Have you heard that there will be outstanding graduates from previous years at today's graduation ceremony?"

"Of course I have. It is said that he is the president of a multinational group now."

"Really? I suddenly feel that our school is so awesome! "

On the way, Yolande kept hearing such discussions. The big shot who was coming was getting more and more powerful, and she couldn't help but feel proud.

Of course, her curiosity was also completely aroused. It turned out that there was such a powerful person in the alma mater. She was also looking forward to this person. Who could it be?

Just then Yolande's cell phone rang. She took out her cell phone and looked at it. It turned out to be the instructor. She quickly answered the phone.

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