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   Chapter 23 Hook Up With A Rich Husband

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Yolande was stunned to see what had happened just now. Until now, she was still not completely awake. The voice of Cathy finally pulled her thoughts back and looked at her.

"Aunt, I'm sorry." Biting her lips, she glanced at Jennifer and said, "in order not to be scolded by my mother, I have no choice but to say that you pushed me and made me lose my child. I'm really sorry."

Yolande shook her head and didn't know what to say. "I'm fine. Have a good rest and take care of yourself."

"Thank you, aunt. Bertram and I feel sorry for you. Please forgive us."

"Let bygones be bygones." Hearing that, Yolande took a look at Baron and said, "I'm not afraid that you will laugh at me. If it weren't for those things, I wouldn't have been able to marry your uncle."

With a forced smile, she snuggled up to Jennifer and lowered her eyes.

"Sister, take good care of Cathy." Baron held Yolande tightly and said, "let's visit her again when we have time."

Jennifer nodded and sighed. She looked at Yolande deeply. Noticing the complex emotions in her eyes, Yolande pursed her lips and said, "sister, the most important thing is to take care of Cathy's health."

Looking at Yolande, Jennifer was a little grateful, but more complicated. She sent them away.

After leaving the ward, Yolande breathed a long sigh of relief. She looked up as if she had solved a big problem, and then looked at Baron.

Baron still looked indifferent, looking straight ahead, as if the storm just now did not exist at all.

"How did you do it, Baron?" Yolande looked at Baron with admiration.

"What?" Baron looked sideways at Yolande. When he saw her admiration in her eyes, he couldn't help smiling.

"I just want to hear those words from Cathy, then it should be the truth, right?" Yolande bit her lips and added.

"She was figured out something," said Baron in a low voice, as if he had done something ordinary. "Of course she will speak it out."

"What things?" Yolande asked, blinking her eyes.

Before Baron could answer, Yolande's phone rang. She took it out and looked at it with her eyes wide open. She couldn't help but look at Baron and answered it.

"Dad, what's up?"

Not knowing what was said on the phone, Yolande glanced at Baron again, "I'm afraid he doesn't have time..."

Baron raised his eyebrows and stared at Yolande, which made her a little embarrassed. She didn't know how to answer the phone, but answered "yes" and hung up soon.

"Use me as an excuse?" Baron looked down at her and said, "What?"

"Sweet is back," Yolande said casually, "Dad wants us to go back for dinner."

"You don't want to go back?" Baron held Yolande and walked side by side.

Yolande shook her head and murmured, "My dad just want your help. So we might as well not go."

Baron slowed down, "you don't want me to help he?"

Yolande pursed her lips and looked up at Baron, "I have nothing to do with the Mu family. My surname is mu. As for you, you have nothing to do with the Mu family. What can I do for you?"

Baron looked into Yolande's eyes and said in a relaxed tone, "then I won't go back."

"But..." Yolande hesitated.

When Baron was about to open the door for Yolande, he stopped and looked at her with scrutiny. "Any other questions?"

Yolande leaned against the car and lowered her head, "Dad said that grandpa still had something to deal with."

"I'll go with you." Baron opened the car door, with a strange expression in his eyes. After so many circles, he still had to go back. Since he had gone back, it was natural for him to help, wasn't it? 'She used grandpa as a shield.'

Yolande sat in with a disturbed look on her face. Baron sat beside her and said, "you just need to deal with all the things this time, okay?"

Yolande finally nodded and felt a little relaxed. Suddenly, she remembered something and took out her mobile phone.

"Are you sure about going back?" Baron started the car and asked casually.

"No." After Yolande put the phone back to her pocket, she looked at Baron seriously and said, "Baron, do you know? I don't have your number in my phone. "

"I know." Baron nodded calmly.

However, Yolande was even more surprised. "How do you know?"

"When I called you just now, you said 'hello'." Baron said confidently, "if you have saved my number, you shouldn't have greeted me like this."

"Yes, you are right." Yolande nodded and then stared at Baron mysteriously, "But you gave me your card. I called you too. I should have saved my phone number, right?"

"I want..." Baron glanced at Yolande to satisfy her curiosity, "it should be in the Civil Affairs Bureau. You deleted my number immediately after you knew

that you don't need to marry me."

"Ha ha." Yolande was a little disappointed. She sat back in the passenger seat and murmured, "Baron, don't be so smart."

Baron glanced at Yolande. Hearing the comment, he looked a little complacent. This was unprecedented, but he did not feel it at all.

On the way to the Mu Mansion, Yolande was very familiar with it. She curled up in the corner and looked at the scenery outside the window, only to find that she did not seem to go to the Mu's mansion. She could not help but take a look at Baron.

"Where are we going?"

Baron glanced at Yolande mysteriously and said nothing. The car stopped soon. Yolande found that they had arrived at the shopping mall last time. Before she could react, why did they come here again? Baron had already taken her to the gift shop.

"You don't need to buy gifts."

Yolande pulled at his sleeve with disdain. Her father and Jessie didn't deserve her gifts.

Baron rubbed Yolande's long hair and didn't say anything. He quickly picked out three gifts and signed the bill without asking for Yolande's opinion.

This time, there was only one principle to choose a gift, that was, to be domineering, so every gift was expensive!

Seeing so much money, Yolande felt heartbroken. She muttered, "buying gifts for them is a waste. They don't deserve it at all."

"This is an official visit, and your sister is back," Baron signed the bill and someone sent the gift to the car. He put his arm around Yolande's shoulder and said, "it should be decent enough."

Yolande was stunned. Looking at Baron, an idea came to her mind. Was Baron going to show off in front of the Mu family? Let them know how powerful her husband was!

She liked it!

Yolande smiled and nodded knowingly. The two reached an agreement.

As expected, in the Mu Mansion, Baron and Yolande sat down. At the sight of the gifts on the table, Ron and Jessie smiled with satisfaction. They looked at each other with satisfaction.

Seeing this scene, Baron and Yolande smiled at each other. Are you satisfied? Their goal was achieved!


As soon as she sat down, a sweet voice came downstairs. The woman in a cross legged Strapless short skirt was graceful and walked downstairs with a smile on her face.

"Long time no see. I miss you so much."

"Sweet." Seeing her sweet smile, Yolande was about to stand up, but she rolled her eyes and sat still. She looked at her and smiled, "I miss you too."

"Sister." Walking up to Yolande and Baron, Sweet looked at Baron and smiled mysteriously, "who is this? Why don't you introduce him to me?"

"Baron." Yolande glanced at Baron and held his arm, "your brother-in-law."

"Sister, you are so fast." Sweet looked at Yolande and Baron up and down and said, "I can't believe it when I heard it from my parents. Now I finally believe it when I see my brother-in-law."

Yolande smiled and glanced at the gift on the table. "Today, on the one hand, welcome home. On the other hand, it's an official visit for me and Baron. We have your gift to see if you like it."

"Sister, you always know my preferences." Sweet looked at the gift and smiled more happily. "How could I not like the gift you chose?"

The reunion of the family was like a happy scene. In the following dinner, Ron didn't mention the cooperation with the FX Group anymore. It was really father's kindness and son's filial piety!

As for the things that Ron said about Yolande's grandfather, they were all trivial matters. Yolande didn't care at all, and Ron didn't care at all. He just wanted Yolande to bring Baron back for dinner, so the matter was quickly handled.

After the matter was settled, Yolande invited her to see what she had brought back. The two sisters went upstairs to her room.

After closing the door, Sweet enthusiastically took out a lot of things to show them to Yolande. Yolande just glanced at them for two times and smiled without making any comments. The relationship between the two sisters was far from being intimate. They knew each other.

"Sister." Yolande leaned against the sofa and looked at her up and down. "There are only two of us now. If you have anything to say, just say it."

"Sister." Sweet seemed to be surprised. She didn't expect that Yolande would be so straightforward. She smiled, "actually, it's nothing. I'm just happy for you to find a rich husband."

"Hook up with a rich husband?" Thinking of the process of her marriage with Baron, Yolande gritted her teeth with hatred and sneered, "then I need more of your help."

"You are right." Sweet nodded seriously and looked into Yolande's eyes, "you really have to thank us, especially me."

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