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   Chapter 22 Meeting With Cathy

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Yolande's hand was hanging by her side, and she couldn't control herself any more. When she was nowhere to be found, Baron reluctantly sent her away and took a step back.

"Good night."

Yolande suddenly closed the door, leaned against it and breathed lightly. After a long time, she took a deep breath and slowly calmed down. She was a lady, but now she was always flirted by him like a lustful woman. It was really unbelievable!

Depressed, Yolande threw herself on the bed and covered her head with the quilt. She was really tamed by Baron.

Although depressed, Yolande was still very sober. She realized a problem. At the beginning, Baron wanted a child, but now it was obvious that her period had completely left, and Baron still did not touch her.

'Wasn't it strange?'

Thinking of this, Yolande's eyes lit up again. Had Baron ever studied things like ovulation day? 'Does he waiting for the day when you are most likely to get pregnant?'

Oh, my God……

Yolande couldn't find a suitable word to describe him. As a careless person, she had already remembered her menstrual period very well. She even studied those things that were said to be unreliable, and…… He is a man?

Thinking of this, Yolande was speechless. She thought she'd better not think about it any more. Anyway, it was a good thing for her that he would never touch her.

However, Baron had said that he would never divorce her and never touch her. Then she would live as a widow for the rest of her life? Well, it doesn't seem to be good!

That passionate night came to her mind inexplicably. She couldn't help but have a fever on her face. She was really misled by Baron and always thought about those things.

With mixed feelings, Yolande shook her head and forced herself to sleep. She had to solve the problem of Cathy and keep fighting!

The morning sun shone on Yolande, and the delicious breakfast finally woke her up. She sat at the table and had breakfast. Alex told her that Baron had gone out early, but she still didn't tell her where he had gone.

Yolande nodded to show that she knew. It was not that she didn't care, but that she didn't need to know Baron's whereabouts. Just like yesterday, she suddenly remembered at this time that how could he arrive in time. Was he in the hospital?

However, Yolande didn't think too much. Alex chattered about something else.

"My lady, Do you know, Miss Sweet is back. "

"Sweet Mu? When did she come back? "

Yolande was surprised. Miss Sweet. Alex referred to the daughter of her father and Jessie, who asked her to call her Miss Sweet. Alex was used to calling Yolande's mother Miss Nancy. And calling her Miss Yolande.

"I'm here for what happened that day." Seeing that Yolande was interested, Alex was a little excited, but also a little regretful. "Unfortunately, I was brought here by Mr. Baron, but I didn't see her."

Yolande smiled, "Not to matter "

Thinking back, she was very sudden because Sweet to go abroad. The two of them were in the same school, and she was one year earlier than Sweet.

It seemed that the decision of going abroad was made overnight, and everything went smoothly. She went abroad in a hurry. At that time, she had classes at school, but she didn't even send her back. Although the two sisters didn't have a good relationship, it was still a little strange.

Now she came back, but it was still very sudden. And if Alex hadn't told her, she wouldn't have known.

According to Jessie's personality, it was a big deal for her daughter to go abroad, but she didn't. Now that she had come back from abroad, she should show off in a big way. It was strange that she didn't do that.

But what did it have to do with her?

Yolande snorted coldly. If she didn't go to those things, she would probably have the same surname with Mu family, and she didn't want to have anything to do with them for the rest of her life.

While Yolande was thinking, her phone suddenly rang. It was an unknown number!


"I'll wait for you outside. Let's go out now."

As soon as Yolande greeted, Baron's voice came into her ears. She could not help but widen her eyes. She did not save his phone number?

"Did you hear that?"

Yolande was in a daze and forgot to respond. Baron didn't hear Yolande's answer but asked.

"Yes, I did." Yolande nodded, "I'll be right there. I..."

Before she could ask more, Baron had hung up the phone. Yolande pursed her lips and thought, 'I'll see him soon. I won't ask anymore.'

Knowing that Baron had a sense of time, Yolande quickly changed her clothes and went out. When she saw the Maybach parking outside the apartment, she quickly walked over.

Opening the door and sitting in, Yolande asked in a hurry, "Where are we going?"

Baron started the car, "To solve t

he problem."

"Solve the problem?" Yolande was even more confused. "What's the problem?"

"We'll know when we get there."

With an expressionless face, Baron looked straight ahead. Yolande still wanted to ask, but she couldn't say anything more. She just sat quietly and looked at the scenery outside the window. For them, the best way to get along with each other was this.

If Baron didn't want to say, she wouldn't ask. If he wanted to say, she didn't need to ask.

The scenery outside the window became more and more familiar. Yolande's eyes widened, her hands slowly clasped together, the corners of her mouth slowly tightened, and then she couldn't help but speak.

"We…… Is it necessary to go to the hospital? "

Yolande lowered her head. The car was about to turn into the hospital. Yesterday, the reaction of Jennifer and Cathy was very fierce. Even if it was not her fault, it was not good for her to make them react so fiercely. She really didn't want to hurt her.

The car had been parked in the hospital. Baron looked at Yolande.

"Things have to be solved, right?"

Yolande raised her head slowly. When she met Baron's eyes, she felt warm inexplicably. She nodded obediently. They got out of the car and went straight to the ward of Cathy.

Standing at the door of the ward, Yolande still pursed her lips and looked at Baron. Thinking of what happened yesterday, she still had a lingering fear.

Baron held her in his arms, comforted her and knocked on the door.

"Come in, please."

It was still Jennifer's voice. When he opened the door, Yolande took a deep breath and followed him in.

"Baron," said Jennifer coldly when she saw him. But when she saw Yolande behind him, her expression immediately changed. "Why do you still bring her here? Don't you think it's enough to stimulate Cathy? "

Embarrassed, Yolande stood behind Baron and didn't know what to say. She looked at Baron helplessly. She had told Baron not to come here now. When they calmed down, she would come to visit them again. She would do whatever she wanted.

"Sister." Baron said in a low but determined voice. He glanced at her and said, "I think Cathy has something to tell you."

'What did he mean?' Yolande blinked. Was Baron talking nonsense with a fever? 'Jennifer and Cathy will talking something. Why should she be there?' Yolande thought.

As expected, after hearing Baron's words, Jennifer became more confused and anxious. "Why do you ask her to irritate me?"

"Mom, I'm sorry..." Suddenly, Cathy burst into tears.

"It's okay, Cathy." Seeing this, Jennifer turned around and held her in his arms to comfort her, "Don't be afraid. She can't do anything to you."

"Mom, listen to me." Shaking her head, she cried bitterly and apologized, "I'm sorry, I'm sorry..."

"My dear daughter, why do you feel sorry for me?" "It's my fault. I didn't protect you well and made you suffer so much," said Jennifer, tears welling up in her eyes.

"No, it's not like that." "Listen to me," said Cathy, shaking her head.

Jennifer nodded repeatedly, "Okay, okay, I'll listen to you."

"I'm sorry. I was pregnant before I got married with Bertram," said Cathy while crying. She threw herself into Jennifer's arms and choked with sobs. "I'm sorry to embarrass the Gu Family and the Ye Family. I'm sorry..."

"My daughter," Jennifer hugged her tightly. "I'm not an old fogyish person. As long as you think it's good for you young people, I won't say anything."

"Mom..." "I should have told you earlier. It wouldn't have happened. Why didn't you tell me earlier..."

"Cathy?" Confused, Jennifer held her shoulder and asked, "What did you say? What do you mean? "

"Mom, i I'm afraid that you can't accept my pregnancy without marriage and don't want a child. But I'm afraid that you know, so... "

"So..." Surprised, Jennifer widened her eyes and asked anxiously, "so what?"

"So, i..." "I bumped into the railing..."

"What?" Jennifer screamed and almost fainted. She pointed at her, "Cathy, you..."

"Mom!" Cathy cried, "I don't want to do. I'm afraid you will scold me. I'm really afraid..."

Jennifer looked at the weak look of her daughter. After all, she was her own daughter. She turned around, tears rustling down.

"Mom, I'm sorry. I'm so sorry..."

After hearing what she said, Jennifer felt sorry for her. She wiped away the tears on her face, turned around and looked at Cathy.

"Mom, you have forgiven me, haven't you?" said Cathy as she turned to look at Jennifer.

"Cathy, you are my daughter. Why did you say that?" Jennifer sighed and shook her head, "I'm worried about your health."

"Mom, I'm fine. Don't worry." Noticing that Jennifer calmed down a little, she turned to Baron and Yolande, who had been standing aside, and said, "aunt."

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