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   Chapter 21 It's So Suffering To Hold You

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"But, you don't believe me." Yolande was still unwilling to give up. Speaking of this, her tears were about to fall.

"Trust you? Is it so important?" Baron gripped Yolande's shoulder and said in a horribly calm voice.

"It is very important to me!" Yolande growled and then lowered her head. She had no right to say that.

"It doesn't matter whether I trust you or not." Baron snorted, "You give up so soon. It not like the style of you!"

Yolande stopped struggling in an instant. She looked at Baron, her lips trembling slightly, unable to say a word.

Seeing that Yolande finally calmed down, Baron held her in his arms again and walked slowly, without saying anything.

Sitting in the car, Baron didn't start the car immediately. The two remained silent for a long time before Yolande finally opened her mouth.

"Baron. Now, I don't even know what I did."

Baron turned his face slightly and looked at Yolande. He stretched out his hand, but Yolande didn't move. She looked at him fixedly. He gently wiped the tears on her face with his warm finger pulp, but didn't say anything to comfort her, as if he didn't care about all this.

"Baron, did you hear what I said?" Yolande held her head and shouted hysterically.

Baron stared at Yolande and told her with his eyes that he was listening.

"I hate her. She kept pestering me and asked me to forgive her and Bertram. At that time, she grabbed my hand. I was so excited that I wanted to get rid of her. I felt that I didn't use much strength. I really didn't know why she hit the railing and even lost her child seriously... "

The more she said, the more excited she became. Tears welled up again. She hated her so much that she gritted her teeth. However, she had never thought of letting her have a miscarriage. After all…… It was a baby!

Hearing what Yolande said and seeing that she finally gave vent to her anger, Baron held her in his arms, gently stroked her back and comforted her, "I'm here."

Tears streamed down her cheeks. Looking at Baron, Yolande felt warm in her heart. She didn't trust him and felt much relieved when he said "I'm here". "Baron..."

Baron rubbed her head and said, "Let's go back first."

Yolande nodded, but suddenly struggled and pushed Baron away. "No, if it's really me, I don't want you to do anything that makes you regret because of me."

Baron tightened his arms and held her in his arms. He patted Yolande's back gently and said, "Don't worry. I won't."

Yolande struggled feebly and closed her eyes. She wouldn't do something bad or do something bad for her. She didn't want to care about it anymore.

It was late when Baron and Yolande returned to the apartment. Alex had prepared dinner, but Yolande had been listless and had no appetite.

Looking at her absent-minded look, Baron didn't say anything but picked up some food for her.

Yolande was immersed in her own world and almost ignored him. For a long time, the food in her bowl didn't go down much.


Baron's cold voice suddenly came, and finally pulled back Yolande's thoughts. But she was also frightened to tremble. Then she looked at Baron and pursed her lips. "I'm not very hungry."

"Finish the food in front of you!"

Baron ordered coldly and went to eat, ignoring Yolande.

Yolande pursed her lips. When she saw the dishes piled up in front of her, her eyes widened. "Baron, there are so many dishes. Do you want to feed me to death?"

"You know you will be stuffed to death, not bad. You are alive at last." Baron said slowly with food in his hands.

"What do you mean?" Yolande's fighting capacity soared in an instant. She put down her chopsticks and looked at Baron, "I've never been dead. Besides, who can survive if I really die once?"

"If you die, I will bring you back to life." Baron looked at Yolande and said firmly.

Yolande was stunned. She felt warm in her heart for no reason. Was she so important? However, this was only an instant reaction. She then smiled softly, "come back to life and continue to be calculated by you?"

"You are right." Baron glanced at Yolande. An inexplicable emotion flashed through his eyes and disappeared in an instant. "I'm afraid you can't escape in this life."


Yolande thought Baron would refute. Seeing his resolute expression, she felt like she was going to punch the iron with all her strength, which made her rise. She was afraid to fight back, so she pursed her lips and began to eat.

The dishes piled up in front of her were still not eaten up. She put down her chopsticks feebly and begged for mercy, "Baron, I really can't eat any more. Please forgive me."

Baron had already finished eating. He leaned back in his chair and looked at Yolande. He knew that she had indee

d eaten a lot, so he nodded.

Seeing that Baron nodded his head, Yolande immediately regained her spirit. After dinner, she smiled and said, "Baron, you're the best."

The corners of Baron's mouth twitched, and he said disdainfully, "Sure enough, there is no problem that can't be solved by a meal."

"What?" After a short pause, Yolande realized that Baron was laughing at her carelessness. After dinner, she didn't want to think about what happened to her. She sighed and then smiled, "Yes, if one meal doesn't work, then two."

Now it was Baron's turn to be speechless. What a good way to solve the problem!

"Something that can't be solved in two meals," Yolande continued slowly, "then there's really nothing we can do. Even if we're always sad, what can we do?"

Hearing the low voice of Yolande, Baron's heart ached for no reason. Looking at her thin face, he wondered how much hardship he had suffered before to have such an awareness?

"Come with me!"

Yolande was in a state of emptiness. Hearing Baron's order, she thought he was going to do something, so she immediately stood up. Unexpectedly, Baron just took her back to the hall and sat face to face.

"Tell me what happened after you left the hall. Don't miss any details."

Yolande pursed her lips and leaned back with a sad smile. "You still don't believe me?"

Baron said coldly, "you must tell me the truth."

Staring at Baron for a long time, Yolande said slowly, "If you want to know, I'll tell you."

Baron heard that Yolande told him everything and reminded her from time to time if she had missed anything. Yolande was very uncomfortable, as if she was treated as a prisoner, and no one would feel comfortable.

"That's it." Yolande said indifferently, as if she was ready to bear all the consequences. She looked at Baron and said, "I've told you everything happened that day, and..."

"Anything else?" Baron keenly sensed that Yolande still had something to say, so he immediately asked, "Whether it's the truth or your suspicion, tell me."

Yolande chuckled, "I've told you everything. Do you still care?"

Baron said nothing.

"To be honest, I don't know how powerful I am to get rid of her, and I don't know what's the difference between a pregnant woman and a normal person, but from the feeling, I can't be so strong to get rid of her, and..."

"And what?" Baron sat up straight and asked with great interest.

"I met Bertram and Cathy in time. She seems to be drinking coffee. Pregnant women shouldn't drink coffee, right? Besides, at the dinner party that day, Cathy wore high heels, which seemed to be a little higher for pregnant women. "

All these things made her feel strange, but Yolande couldn't figure out what was going on.

Baron didn't say anything, but stared at Yolande intently. This little woman's observation was beyond his expectation.

"Well." Yolande laughed at herself, "even if these things are strange, what can we do?"

However, Baron frowned. He stood up slowly and said, "Have a good rest."

Yolande was stunned. She raised her head and looked at Baron. Was that all?

"This matter..." Yolande didn't know what Baron was going to do next. She bit her lips and hesitated, "If it's my fault, I would take the responsibility."

"This is your business, and also mine." Baron leaned over and approached Yolande, "what?"

Instantly, Yolande blushed. She immediately stood up and avoided being close to Baron. In front of this man, she always wanted to be set up unconsciously. She didn't want to really fall into the net.

Baron escorted Yolande to the door of the bedroom. WhenYolande entered, her heart thumped and she didn't dare to look back. But she felt that Baron didn't follow her in. She slowly turned around and saw that Baron was indeed standing by the railing and had no intention of coming in.

Yolande's heart beat faster. Tonight……

"Sleep tight," said BaronBaron indifferently, "I don't want to hear any bad sound in the middle of the night."

"Okay." Yolande nodded and put her hand on the door. She mumbled, "you..."

"Do you want me to hold you to sleep?" Baron strode to Yolande and whispered in her ear, "You know how hard it is to hold you and do nothing."

"Good night!"

Yolande's face flushed instantly. She murmured two words and was about to close the door.

However, Baron reached out to hold the door and gently kissed her forehead. The warm feeling was like a current spreading all over her body in an instant. She froze and even forgot to close the door.

Yolande widened her eyes and looked at Baron. What was he going to do? He……

Without thinking too much, Yolande slowly closed her eyes. They were husband and wife, and this was their agreement and her obligation!

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