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   Chapter 1 Have A Baby With Me

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"Miss Mu, congratulations! You're very healthy."

Seeing the doctor bow and smile at her, Yolande Mu snorted and left the check-up room.

'Do I need you to tell me if I'm healthy or not?' All she was here for was to accompany her best friend to have an abortion. The next thing she knew was that she was already surrounded by a group of men with black sunglasses.

Before she registered what just happened, she was being taken to have a physical examination.

However, her sternness didn't work on the men. In fact, her flirtations shot right pass them. Not only was she going to die from humiliation, but she was forced to sit through it all.

As she was forced to lie down on the table, she closed her eyes as she prepared herself for the shameful interrogation.

"Have you ever had a boyfriend?"

The doctor's words made her blush. Yolande Mu bit her lip and shook her head.

Yet, several pictures flashed in her mind, reminding her of what had happened to her that night. She was trapped by the person she trusted the most, and slept with a man she had never met. Until now, she still had no idea who the man was. Gritting her teeth in shame, Yolande Mu tried hard to hold back her tears.

She wished that the earth could swallow her right up.

Even as she left the consultation room, she clenched her fists and narrowed her eyes. 'What the hell is wrong with my luck?' she thought.


Yolande Mu held her forehead as her face twisted in pain. She waited for her luck to slap her right back in the face, but when she lifted her gaze, she found herself mesmerized. She was met with the most handsome man alive.

His features suited him. He had dark hair that swept over his forehead, framing his face almost perfectly. His jawline was so sharp that it could cut through butter.

There was something about his eyes that she found herself drawn to. He gave off a certain wave of arrogance, as if he was expecting everyone to bow in his path.

"Who are you? I don't know you."

Yolande Mu's anger had dissipated, but she still had her guard up. She eyed the man warily, trying to prepare for his next move.

The man stood in front of her, staring into her eyes. Suddenly, he bent down and pressed his lips against her ear. "For someone who didn't know who I am, you sure were enthusiastic when you climbed into my bed that night."

She froze. In fact, it felt as if lightning had struck her, rendering her still.

The man's warm breath fanned against her neck, bringing back memories from that night. Sweat dribbled down her forehead, and her face flushed instantly.

It felt as if she was stuck in some trance. Suddenly, everything started to click together, and she forced a smile into her lips. "Well, you forced me to get a general check-up," she snapped. "So I guess we're even."

She was incredibly sharp-tongued.

The man's lips twitched. He approached Yolande as if she was a commodity who he was about to take off the shelves. "Physical examinations are necessary. I'm a clean freak," he said. "I should know what I'm getting into."

"Asshole! I was a virgin and then you fucked me." Yolande balled her hands into small fists. "Now, you decided to insult me. Tell me, what the hell do you want?"

"I want you to have a baby with me."

His words was like lightning. Yolande's jaw dropped almost immediately as she went into a choking fit. She blinked rapidly, trying to get a hold of herself. "Your joke isn't funny."

The man's face turned cold, and his lips formed a thin line. If looks could kill, she would've already dropped dead.

Her smile froze as she smacked her lips together. "Do you really care so much about what had happened that night? Is it your first time?"

He ignored her mocking words. "Would you really refuse me and stay with another man?"

"I have a fiance." She smiled sweetly.

"Betram Wen? The one who fucked your best friend?" He sneered.

Yolande's face paled in an instant. Biting her lip, she raised her head stubbornly. "Sir, I don't care where you're getting at. I'll only marry the man I love, and I'll only provide a child for that man only."

"I'll make you fall in love with me." The man reached out and held her chin. His warm breath tickled the sides of her face. There was something about his eyes that drew her in, as if tempting her to fall into his arms.

"Um..." Yolande lowered her head quickly, trying to avoid his eyes. There was no way that she was going to fall for him j

ust because of his deadly stare. "You look amazing. I don't think I can match up." She decided to go a different approach.

"I already know that," he said with certainty. "Don't worry. I think you're suitable enough to carry my child."

Yolande licked her lips tentatively.

"Well, my IQ is very low. You'll have a very stupid child."

"My genes are not only excellent, but they're also very dominant. I'm sure I can make up for all your flaws." He shrugged.

Yolande gritted her teeth, having enough of all of the crap. "Look, I'm not good-looking. I don't have any influence in any sector of this goddamned city. Why do you want me to have your baby?"

"I already have everything you've just said." He stared at her. "All I need is you."

She froze. Suddenly, she reached out to touch the man's forehead. "Well, you don't have a fever. Are you crazy?"

"As long as you give birth, then you can dream all you want." He grabbed her hand and pulled her closer. "And I can fulfill whatever your heart desires."

Yolande burst into laughter. The crazy night she had experienced was more than enough. She then raised her gaze.

"I won't give birth to your child unless you're threatening my life.

Are we clear?" The man finally let go of her. In fact, she could even see pity flashing in his eyes.

She didn't expect that it would be that easy to get rid of him. Shrugging, she turned to leave, but she stopped when she heard him say something else,

"Give me a baby, and I will agree to any condition."

'How badly does he need a baby?'

Yolande turned and shook her head. "I don't need it."

"I'll be waiting for you to beg me," he called out.

She scoffed and continued walking. One night was enough. She had already sold her body to the devil, and she didn't want to go down the rabbit hole with him.

Beg him? That was impossible!

As she was striding away, her phone suddenly rang. Yolande took it out, glanced at the Caller ID, and shoved it back into her pockets.

Ever since that night, she had already distanced herself from Bertram Wen. She didn't expect that he would call up like this.

However, no matter how she tried to ignore it, her phone just kept ringing. Giving up, she finally answered.

In the Mu Mansion.

As soon as Yolande walked in, she could already tell something was wrong. Although her grandfather had just passed away, her family shouldn't be this quiet. Her father had just called her back. Was there something wrong?

"Dad, Aunt Jessie."

From a distance, she saw her father, Ron Mu, with a serious look on his face. Jessie Lin, the woman beside him, looked even much worse.

Yolande pursed her lips.

Before she could ask more, she saw documents scattered across the table.

'Grandpa's will?'

Yolande reached out for the documents. Her heart raced inside her chest.

'When did he construct a will?'

As she read through the paper, Yolande narrowed her eyes.

Suddenly she tore through the documents fiercely. She clenched her jaw and sprinkled it all over her father and Jessie Lin.

"You forged the will, didn't you?" she demanded.

Jessie Lin squared her shoulders and snorted.

"If you don't believe me, you can call Carl Lin."

Yolande took out her phone and dialed a number. "Of course I'll call him," she snapped. "Do you really think I'm that gullible?"

Her grandfather adored her. He wouldn't give her this problem.

Carl Lin was his grandfather's private lawyer. He was the one handling all of his legal affairs. Seeing that they both treated her very well, Yolande believed that he wouldn't collude with her father and Jessie Lin.

However, before Yolande even started, she could already hear Carl Lin sighing from the other end of the line. She paled completely.

"The old house of the Mu family is supposed to be your dowry, but the only requirement is that you get married immediately." Jessie Lin smirked. "Your grandfather is baffling indeed."

Yolande snorted. "It's a marriage. It's easy."

"You have a boyfriend?" Jessie was stunned before she smiled. "You mean Bertram?"


"If so," Jessie continued. "Then I have to tell you that he doesn't belong to you anymore, dear. He belongs to Cathy Ye, your best friend."

Yolande's heart twitched, but she allowed herself to smile. "Him? Of course not! I already knew of this."

"What?" Jessie's jaw dropped. She tried to suppress herself as she rolled her eyes. "Except for him, who else can you marry?"

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