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   Chapter 118 The First Meeting

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When Emily returned to the design department after handing out the materials, her phone rang. It was a message from Carl. "I'm sorry. I know you won't forgive me, but I just want to tell you that at the beginning, I came to know you for some bad purpose, but later I really treated you as a friend."

Emily closed the message and couldn't calm down for a long time.

Because Carl was removed, the company changed the new vice president, Mr. Lin, who was selected through the board of directors.

As soon as Mr. Lin took office, he immediately submitted the new development plan to the board of directors, intending to fully publicize the company.

For advertising effect.

After a discussion, they decided to cooperate with the famous painter, Steve to do the latest furniture design for the company.

This painter was very low-key. His works were exquisite and his personality was a little strange. It was not easy to invite him to participate in such a commercial activity.

It is said that when Steve was happy, he would paint for you for free, but when he was unhappy, you couldn't let him see you even if you offered him a few gold coins.

Mr. Lin kept pulling his relationships. Finally, he contacted the painter. To show his sincerity, he went to Austria in person. After Mr. Lin's repeated requests, Steve agreed to Mr. Lin's request, on the condition that his chief disciple should participate in the design.

Nine o'clock in the morning was a sensitive time for office workers, and was also the most lively time of the day in the company. Many employees were eager to clock in at this time.

At this time, a handsome man came to the gate of the company building. The well cut suit showed his slender figure. His legs were long and straight, and he walked leisurely with outstanding temperament, followed by two assistants.

As soon as the three of them entered the company, they attracted many people's attention.

The ladies couldn't help but discuss his identity and background, as well as his handsome face.

"Mr. James, would you like some coffee? Mr. Lin will be here soon." In the reception room, the secretary brought him a cup of coffee respectfully.

James nodded and took a sip of coffee gracefully.

After a while, Mr. Lin came over with a big smile on his face. He reached out his hand and said, "Mr. James, I've been waiting for you for a long time. Welcome."

"Mr. Lin, you're welcome. I hope we can have a pleasant cooperation." He politely reached out his hand to shake hands with him.

"Yes, yes, yes. Mr. James, I'll take you to our company now. " Mr. Lin said with a smile.

When the design department received the news that Mr. Lin was going to inspect and bring important guests to the Department, everyone could guess what was going on. They all cheered up and waited for Mr. Lin at their positions meticulously.

The exclusive elevator opened on the 17th floor. Mr. Lin led James into the design department. All the employees of the design department stood in two rows and bowed respectfully. "Mr. Lin."

Mr. Lin introduced, "This is M

or you to go to the pharmacy to buy a pregnancy test stick."

Hearing Mary's words, a flush of embarrassment appeared on her face. Although what she said was reasonable, she still felt embarrassed to buy that thing.

She felt uneasy and confused. Was she really pregnant?

After coming out of the bathroom and returning to the table, she was still uneasy. She picked up her phone and sent a message to Edward, "Will you come back tonight?"

She held her phone, knowing that he wouldn't reply because he wasn't used to texting, but she was still looking forward to something.

After dinner, everyone was discussing where to go for fun. Since Emily was not in the mood, she left early for the sake of her physical discomfort.

The night wind was a little cold. Walking alone on the street, she suddenly passed by a 24 hour adult products store. Mary's warning came to her mind again.

All of a sudden, her feet seemed to be heavy and it was difficult for her to walk.

After hesitating for a while, she plucked up her courage and walked into the shop. She said to the shop owner in a low voice, "Do you have a pregnancy test stick?"

The owner didn't hear it clearly and asked loudly, "What did you say?"

"Do you have a pregnancy test stick here?" she asked in a low voice.

"Pregnancy test stick? Yes! " The owner said the three words "pregnancy test stick" loudly, which made Emily blush.

"Ten Yuan for one. How many do you want?" The owner looked at her with disdain and saw her innocent appearance. She was young, and it was not too much to say that she was a student girl. The owner despised her in her heart. Young people nowadays acted recklessly at such a young age.

"Uh... Three please. " She hadn't used that thing, so she'd better buy more for insurance.

"Thirty." The owner gave her three pregnancy test sticks.

After paying the bill, she put the pregnancy test sticks into her bag and ran away in a hurry.

She took a bus back to Golden Osmanthus. After getting on the elevator, she found a black figure in the corridor.

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