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   Chapter 116 Beauty In The Golden House

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Edward called his subordinate and ordered him to buy some clothes for men and women. At last, he added, "Plus a pair of glasses. Choose the most old-fashioned black frame glasses. The more old-fashioned, the better."

"Boss, what's the degrees for the glasses? What's brand should it be?"

Hearing that, Edward was stunned for a moment. "Buy the best of each degree."


When Emily woke up, the sun had risen. It was a new day.

"What would you like for breakfast?" Edward walked out of the bathroom in a bathrobe.

She sat on the bed in a daze. Perhaps she just got up and was not completely awake. Her black hair was a little messy, and her two beautiful eyebrows were slightly frowned. Her big black eyes were shining with watery light.

The white dress was torn apart by the fierce acts last night. The white shoulder belt fell on her arm, revealing her beautiful collarbone and half of the snow-white breasts.

It was so tempting.

A moment later, she noticed that Edward's eyes seemed to emit a faint green light. She subconsciously lowered her head, widened her eyes, and picked up the quilt to wrap her body.

"I've seen it many times. I've touched every part of your body." Edward's lips curled slightly, and a hint of playfulness passed by in his eyes.

Holding the quilt tightly, Emily opened her mouth and said, "The air is a little cold in the morning."

Hearing that, Edward could not help but laugh. Then he asked, "A glass of milk and an egg ham sandwich?"

Emily nodded, her heart beating fast. He still remembered her habits.

"Let's have a different taste this morning. I'll take you to eat the specialty food of Denmark."

Emily nodded, but she was still unwilling to get out of the quilt. She hesitated whether she should go into the bathroom and find a bath towel to put on her body first. Her clothes were so tattered now. It was all Edward's fault. Last night...

At this time, Edward's phone rang. It was his subordinate. He answered the phone and walked out of the room.

Seeing him leave, Emily turned her head to the door. Hearing his footsteps going far, she wrapped herself in the quilt and tiptoed to the bathroom.

"Don't go out!" Edward's voice suddenly sounded. She didn't expect that he would come back.

Emily was stunned and petrified. She stood on the floor with the quilt in her arms and was caught by him.

So embarrassed!

"Change your clothes before you go out!" Edward threw the clothes in his hands to her and put a box on the table. When the box was opened, inside it, there were many black-rimmed eyes, which were very old-fashioned.

He took out a pair of glasses and put it on her. It was the same as before. This pair of glasses well concealed her beauty, and his cold expression became a little relaxed.

A few seconds later, she felt uncomfortable and dizzy with her glasses on.

She reached out her hand and was about to take off the pair of glasses. Edward frowned unhappily and said, "Don't take off your

scene. A change of shifts became so interesting in the fairy kingdom. She seemed to see the appearance of the little soldier in Anderson's fairy tale.

This made her feel much better.

Francis didn't eat much at lunch. Edgar couldn't help but ask, "I don't like it. You enjoyed it a few days ago."

Looking at the colorful food on the table, Emily frowned. Western people had a habit of eating. Normally, they would eat seventy full and leave some room for the last dessert.

But she ate so much every day.

So Emily pursed her lips and said, "It's so very sweet. It's a little greasy. I'll have dental cavities."

Hearing that, Edward raised his eyebrows. The corners of his mouth curled up slightly. Other words of hers automatically flashed through his ears. He only remembered, "so very sweet.".

Emily looked at him up and down, rolled her eyes and asked cautiously with a playful look, "Are you really a member of the royal family?"

Hearing that, Edward frowned and said, "They can only be regarded as the distant relatives of the queen rather than the royal family."

"Oh, I see." Emily rolled her eyes again and an illusion appeared in her mind.

But unexpectedly, Edward said, "Why do you inquire about my family? Do you want to marry me?"

"Ahem... Ahem... " The sweet desert stuck in her throat, making her difficult to breathe.

Edward's face darkened. Was it so painful for her to marry him?

He reached out and patted her on the back. "I'm worried about you even when you eat. Have you grown up or not?"


Her heart raced and her face blushed. She coughed again.

"Why are you blushing? Are you feeling bad? " Edward kept asking. Seeing that Emily just coughed and didn't say anything, he almost called the doctor.

"Don't call the doctor. I'm fine." Emily stopped him and took a sip of water. "Just drink a little more water."

Hearing that, Edward raised his eyebrows and asked, "Am I handsome?"

"Poof -" a mouthful of water was spit out.

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